• Respect my Privacy
    March 24, 2016
    I received phone call specifically asking for the owner of the house at 9 pm. I asked who was calling and was told that was Weedman.
    I used Weedman in 2011. And of course, the service is not good and I did not go back.
    I made compliant and called Weedman at (416) 269-8333 in 2011 and 2012 that do NOT call me and do NOT give away my info to any other parties.
    It is 2016. I still receive calls from Weedman.
  • Mary
    January 17, 2014
    This number belongs to the Weed Man in Whitby, Ont...and his address is 1450 Hopkina St. postal code is: L1N 9R6
    This sick freak calls me 2-3 times per day, every day since spring (2013) the only day he forgot to call was Christmas Day, ( he must have had a heart for a change)
    I don't answer any phone calls that I don't recognize anymore because he calls through other numbers>>>>I have reported it to Bell Canada and I have put my name on the: Do Not Call List...what a joke this: Do Not Call List is!!!
    I have at least 20 numbers that call our number and I don't answer them>>> by the way the Weeds Man's name is H. Hussein !! Thank God for Google!!
    Yes, he was our Weedman company that took care of our lawn but, we tried to call him 3 times to leave a message that we no longer needed his service and the message on his phone said: this number is no longer taking any messages>>> we assumed he went out of business...then one day while I was out of the house...he sprayed chemicals on our lawn with out confirming as to weather we still wanted their service or not.....left me a bill and I am not paying for something I did not want>>>>>> I even put a block on their emails and I send back their bills un-open....
    My conclusion >>> this company will spray your lawn just to harass you till you pay for something you did not order...well I am not paying...it's the principal that I stand for.....so will someone please put a stop to these every day phone calls???
    I am not a well lady and need surgery and quite frankly< I am about to give up my land line phones and rely on my cell phone just like my adult children do!!!!
  • Rob
    February 2, 2013
    Calls every day - hangs up if answered - Feb 2 2013
  • Anonymous
    March 21, 2020
    Caller: sales

    Sat, Mar 21/2020 picked up call. no response
    Again! (905) 668-5166 Weedman! We hate Weedman. VERY BAD attitude. BAD services. No point to call. STOP calling people.
    Weedman should google themselves and wont be surprise to find all the negative comments.
    My neighbour used to use Weedman. Yesterday, I saw them switch to another company, as mine.
  • Pissed
    May 1, 2012
    Put them on do not call reg. Still calls.
  • iHateTeleMarketer
    March 10, 2020
    Caller: Weedman

    Called, again and again. NO. Never get from Weedman again. BAD SERVICES. Had Weedman before.
    My household NEVER buy anything from telemarketer.
  • Anonymous
    February 8, 2020
    Caller: Weedman in Whitby (looked up from google)

    Called again and again! Very annoying. This is NOT a right way to do business.
    Used them years ago. EXTREMELY BAD services.
    Do NOT use them. Once they are on, you can never get rid of them.
    They renew your contract without asking you.
    I had bought services from another companies after getting a few quotes and did not choose them. I asked for a quote, and they came to spray my lawn.
    The other company just sprayed my lawn where all weed and feed pellets was on the lawn, Weedman trespassed my property, sprayed lawn and invoiced me.
    BAD selling techniques.
  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2020
    Caller: googled and found that it is weedman in whitby

    Called Tue, Jan28/2020. Though I have voice mail box, no message.
    I had a BAD experience with Whitby Weedman in 2015. I called 5 weed control companies for quotations. Whitby Weedman came, trespassed my property, sprayed chemical on my property without my approval. Then they billed me. I went to the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, called Weedman headquarter to complain.
  • PB
    January 22, 2020
    Caller: Weed man!

    I used them in 2012.. did nothing to actually help my lawn. Sometimes they even said they came when they didn’t!! Tried to get me to pay for something they didn’t do! Have called 100000 times since then even tho I have told them to stop calling!!!
  • Anonymous
    March 28, 2018
    I am trying to call them to cancel service but there contact number (905) 668-5166 is blocked, so no one can reach them. it is very difficult to contact them.
  • Chahal
    January 28, 2016
    He just called me today he got my number from someone I think I told him this number belong to peel police lol hope he don't call back
  • James
    June 16, 2015
    get multiple calls per day from this number
  • Mrs. Kay
    April 27, 2015
    This number has called 13x but has never left a message. Since I dont recognize the number, I dont answer the phone. Today he happened to get me. I had originally signed up with them when they came door to door but I called to cancel the service before they started. He said he has been calling to get me to come back. I told him he has called me 13x and he said "I guess your popular." I have asked him to stop calling. How do I make him stop??
  • Brian
    April 27, 2015
    They still do that as of now... I just blocked them and I hope it works
  • Mike 50
    May 14, 2014
    I will charge them with harassment ,if this continues.
  • Laura
    May 22, 2013
    Prank Call
    Ok everyone here is a phone number that you can call and complain. I called got transferred and left message on machine. Maybe if they get enough calls that might get through to them. Also filed 2 complaints with the Do Not Call List, they call 3 times after and legal action will be they have to pay $500.00
    (905) 823-8550. I'm in Durham region and get calls from both of these numbers (905) 668-5166 and (289) 278-1034
  • Weedman Sucks
    September 18, 2012
    Yes its weed man calling, we have also paid for the service over $300.00 and they are 100% useless. They use a good product however they do not know how to apply it correctly or are in too much of a hurry to apply it correctly.

    We have called them back on countless occasions and still they can’t apply it correctly to our lawn. We are cancelling our service from them and in the future we will use a local lawn service that actually cares enough to apply the product correctly to the lawn to get good results.
    Weed man is a sheer waste of time and more importantly money, the worst part is the last time they we at my property they came back to re-apply the product and it worked, i was shocked to see that if i stand over them to ensure they apply it that there product will actually work, then i asked the man if he applied it to the other parts of my lawn and he said YES. Here is the issue the other parts of the lawn had weeds and they did not die however in the area i watched him apply those chemicals the weeds died.
    So there can only be one conclusion, he lied and did not actually apply the product to the areas of the lawn he said he did, or at the very least did not apply them correctly. Here is the worst part is he was on my property because i was NOT satisfied with the service and he did not care one bit to unsure i was a satisfied customer. This is the 5th time this year i have called them back for a re application and still they can’t get it right.
    Do yourself a huge favor and do not EVER order service from Weedman.com or any of their subsidiaries. They are all useless and you would be far better off using Scott’s lawn care products and do it yourself.
    Unsatisfied Weed man customer
    Stouffville, Ontario Canada.

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  • D.J.
    I'm getting a call from the same nr......what is the point of the call. I mean if it's weedman why r they calling at night?
  • M
    I am travelling internationally, my calls get forwarded to me, and this number and another number (289) 278-1034 has been calling 3 to 4 times each week. I am fed up of telling them (when I was at home) that I will not need their services - their calls have to stop.
  • louise29
    YES, its the fricken WEEDMAN.. & they are very anoying.... Piece of craper !!
  • E
    They have been calling for months at all hours of the day and evening.. The only way I could get them to stop was to pretend I didn't speak English when I answered the phone.. Even then they were very rude..But they haven't called since...
  • loiy
    no one says anything

    phuq ov
  • loiy
    no one says anything phuq ov

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