• Louise
    February 25, 2020
    Caller: Debt Recovery (905) 366-0206

    They called me this morning around 10:15am (Tues Feb 25, 2020) and left a voicemail message asking me to call them back. They identified themselves as "Debt Recovery" I have a few issues with this call:
    (1) They called me Lucy (my name is Louise)
    (2) I have no outstanding debts that I know of.
    (3) I am not going to incur a long-distance charge by calling them back. If they were a reputable company, they would have a 1-800 number.
  • Bay
    October 23, 2019
    Caller: (905) 366-0205

    Called me twice this morning I didn’t answer because I was trying to feed my 2 daughters then received an email saying to go to bmo bank make a payment of $140 because my bank charged them the nsf fee and I had a loan for a vehicle I had 4 years ago which I’m pretty sure insurance paid it off after hitting a deer on my way to work one morning. And I called this guy out on it being a scam and he got all snooty with me about it saying “good for you for doing your research”. Claiming he’s a debt collector and before when I spoke with them apparently they have a docket number and everything for this loan I haven’t paid back and threatened to take legal action
  • Carlo
    March 13, 2019
    Debt collector
    Caller: I don't know

    Same complaint - same number from Mississauga. Many calls. - (905) 366-0206
  • Jenn
    October 19, 2017
    Debt collector
    Scam scam don't give any information!!!
  • Aimee
    July 4, 2016
    A couple of calls from this number; didn't answer and don't get messages, so I don't know who they purport to be.
    Patricia is absolutely right. Real companies don't behave like the above stories.

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  • Kate
    They have been calling me for about a month on and off. I finally decided to call them back and see whats going on. Turns out its not a scam. They are not very polite actually a little rude, but I found out I had a bill of around $60 that I thought I had paid and in actual fact I did not.So I informed them I would pay it and then i was told to call them back after I did. For me it was worth to call them back, instead of worrying about who and why someone was calling.Thanks for reading
  • John
    I use skype for my landline even though it is a USA number they still call me all the time, I figured out that in Skype you can BLOCK the number.They know my name in the recorded message and call at all hours - now they are zappedMust be a scam
  • Violete

    I just received the same message from (905) 366-3483 and seems it is a scam. The message stated that is an NCR filed again me and that I should call back imediatelly otherwise they will proceed with action.
  • Jeff
    Making claims that a company is a scam based on your personal opinion is silly at best. Research the name with the BBB or any government agency and it shows clearly who they are. I base things on facts real companies have to be registered and licensed with the government.
  • Bill
    It is all a big SCAM, and a joke.
  • Bobby gill
    Yes these ppl are bunch of liars.that started calling in jan and still calling me.when u pick up the phone it's from Alberta or from Nova Scotia. I just hear automated voice machine starting the message with my name.the  best part is i dont even have the credit card for which they are calling me for since I became a resident last year of this country. ive tried  government and non government agencies but these just dont stop.i think they are scammers...A collection should send u a legal documentation abt the debt and so does te creditor.but since u haven't even used or heard abt this credit card I haven't revived any letter from either the bank or the collection agency prior to the calls .Only thing that is left is that these people are scammers.Ppl be aware NCR is scamming ppl...

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