• Pde
    February 18, 2016
    Received several calls from (604) 676-4107. Asked politely to not receive any more calls. After several more, politely asked if they would suck my d*ck if I answered the questions. The person hung up. I went back to watching my movie.
  • Anonymous
    February 26, 2018
  • TH
    November 3, 2017
    Scammers from nigeria!!
  • Tom
    October 24, 2017
    Received a call from this number and the guy on the other side said that he was calling on behalf of City of Vancouver which is weird because he called me at 8:40 pm. He wanted me to participate in some kind of transportation survey but I said that I wasn't interested then he politely answered that is not a problem and hung up.
  • gord
    August 14, 2017
    now they are calling Kamloops- I ignored and googled the number as it did not have a contact lable- happy to find a site like this- I reported the number as Survey and then blocked them on my Galaxy. I like that my Galaxy keeps track of these reports as one CALL was listed today as EXTORTION.
  • Nick
    October 31, 2016
    These clowns called me on my way home from work. Had loud music playing, suddenly phone rings, I am driving so can't see if it's a family member or anyone else so I just click answer . Suddenly I have some guy trying to hook me up with a survey at %80 volume at a stoplight. Queue embarassment and the red "hangup" button
  • stan
    October 3, 2016
    yes , block this, but you get messages
  • Lisa S.
    February 2, 2016
    I got a call saying that they were conducting a survey. I asked them what the survey was about and they said that I'd find out later. I said that I didn't want to participate and they told me that I had to, so I told them to f*ck off.
  • Jim
    December 29, 2015
    That is so cruel you ass! She is working a hell job on minimum wage and does not need people banging their phones! I work in research, she couldnt tell you because it would change your answers and make the research invalid.
  • Gonzo
    July 6, 2013
    I got a call from this (604) 676-4197 saying that it was a survey. I asked her what the purpose of the survey was & she said that I will find out later as I answer her questions. So I said, thank you, I am not interested & I banged the phone.
  • Vancity
    March 22, 2013

    I am pretty sure it's a scam/random survey. Kinda weird how they called my company's HelpDesk and requested to speak with a specific individual.
  • Manders
    January 9, 2013
    I've had several calls from this #, no one at the other end and a busy signal when I returned the call
  • pissedoff
    November 9, 2012
    Same thing...keep getting disturbed by calls at night...try to call the number back-can't. I WILL find out and then it's going to be receprocated.
  • Okanagan Resident
    August 15, 2012
    I got a call late Tuesday evening too! Didn't answer, but still stupid that a Vancouver company is calling into the Okanagan Valley.

Sample complaints we have found for (604) 676-4107

  • LM
    "Tried to phone you, text or phone me back", I had no idea of who this was so used your site, thanks now I know 'they are onto me!!'
  • GG
    These guys called at various times of the day very annoying called back no answer Scam callers
  • Lola MacCulloch
    This company has called me at least 6 times and once to late at night for me, no message is left.  I do not answer calls when I don't know the company and it doesn't leave a message.  Do not call me anymore.  If it is in regard to a survey which was sent to me, I will not be completing it, totally ridiculous and out of touch with reality.  One question was how many light bulbs do I have in each room and what type, that is where I ended it and the survey went into my recycling bln I have absolutely no time for such nonsense, typical survey.  In plain words I do not do them.  It isn't worth anything to me especially entering my name in some contests which I could win $1000 renovations or something like that.
  • Vancouverite
    Mustel ResearchDidn't bother to pick up.
  • J
    Got calls from this number 3 days straight in a row. One time I yelled at the phone to leave me alone and hanged up on them. Next day they called twice.I used the Block the Number feature on my phone to block them. They show up as Mustel Research which hires "home interviewers" to work from the "comfort of their home". They certainly do not respect the comfort zones of others. Sick!
  • Cliff
    no message.  caller I'd said British Columbia.

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