• Anonymous
    March 7, 2020
    Caller: (416) 977-0608

    they keep calling I know its a scam so I never answer. They are so very annoying I decline the call. would you believe even though they must know its voice mail they leave a message saying press 5 for an officer? Is this really necessary this is harassment
  • Anonymous
    August 14, 2020
    same cra scam
  • Anonymous
    June 15, 2019
    Scam call
    Why do they keep calling how do they have her information and I was this even legal that they can just call and do this repeatedly if you were I did it to somebody we would be arrested how is this not harassment and intimidation almost even extortion
  • Franco
    September 19, 2018
    A pain in the ass with these numbers why does Bell or others not have a way of stopping this - in this day and age - I get pissed off - they are nasty as well...
  • Anonymous
    March 13, 2018
    stay away
  • Anonymous
    January 25, 2018
    Says they're from Revenue Canada & a case has been opened against me. They leave a (613) number to call. If I don't call, I'll be arrested.
  • tc
    July 14, 2017
    These a**holes are are crooks avoid at all costs.
  • tc
    July 13, 2017
    Fraud / Scammers after your privacy and money .... be careful. When they call use a loud whistle!

Sample complaints we have found for (416) 977-0608

  • Jannet
    They do the same here. Last night it was 10:00 pm
  • Jo Ann St. Germaine
    They call two to three times a day, won't leave a message.
  • Survey Says
    These clowns call me all the time now. Out of the blue. Keep calling. So much for the "do not call" list. Seems that was just a way to get your phone number confirmed as "live"
  • cat74tea
    Pls do not call me!!!!
  • moe
    http://www.telepoll.net/contact/index.htmlThis is telepoll's website...I suggest someone start flooding theirmailbox with spam and or repeat lettersabout the calling tatics.Also they have a list of folks that uses the service they provide...I would google those names and companiesand do the same...to them. I mean ya have to fight fire with fireIf you P*ss them off, then maybe they wont be so happy with the service they provide anymore.. thus loosing money and we all know its about ...THE MONEY...You will also see the phone extentions for the folks at the top... but you will might not ever get them But I'd keep trying!... BUT look at them, it shows ext#200,201, 222, 223 etc. Now not all are listed so if you hit 205 who do you get or 218 who is that...What I'm getting to, is if you have time to call all these different ext lines at random, you can talk to someone different every time... DO NOT CALL NAMES, THATS SLANDER they record all this stuff and can use it in court againest you if they want to... Try to have them remove your number politlyfirst... this will take you farther than cussing... but if you must.Just make sure you you use the F word allot,that gets under folks skin... they are told to keep cool... but some will break and start to fuss back... when they do ...dont give them ground...just Scream F you and hang up... this wont give them a chance to attack back... making them even more P*ssed...But remember... Those folks are just picking up after the computer calls you... and they are people too. They are just try'n to make a living doing something I SURE would not want to do. They are mothers,fathers,sons,daughters,brothers,sisters and grandkids. They are just the low folks,the workers. So they have very little control there. I'm sure they would rather be working some place else... but times are hard, and finding a job is even harder State side or Ca. Just keep this in mind before you attack.  I get more done being nice, but how you butter your bread is up to you.Like I said I'd go after the folks in charge... They are the ones making the BIG BUCKS not the poor workers.. working long hours hearing people cuss them all day.Gosh that would suck.If enough folks did this when they have nothing better to dobut to pound these folks with the same stuff they do us and if lines are busy they are loosing money and time...And Time Is Money to these folks BIG TIME.I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST but I'm sure this dont apply outside the US. As they still call me, when most will take me off the list when I inform them I am on the list and by LAW I can receive money every time they call me AFTER I have told them to take me off the list...I say MOST not all... But these A holes dont ever stop. Sometimes calling 3 times in a row with int 5 min's... most everyday. Just my thoughts on this (416) 977-0608 BS.
  • Grumpy from Thunder Bay
    "Enough is enough Telepoll Canada", how many times do they have to call in one day, 4 times already.It is telephone harassment at its best with these pestering calls which I never answer, and yes they call on Sunday's at all hours.

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