• Anonymous
    March 19, 2020
    Caller: Scotiabank

    Had a FREE gift for me. A $5,000 insurance policy. Ya right. Nothing's free.

    BTW, sounde like a call centre. Hear all kinds of workers talking in background. IF, - Scotiabank, shame on them. A call centre in operation during the pandemic. Disgusting...
  • den
    March 5, 2020
    better yet just block the number this is what i do every time i get some of those it take about 10 sec
  • Anonymous
    December 3, 2020
    Just read through all the comments. They just called. I never pick up if I don't recognize the number. I'm registered on the DNC (do not call) list in Canada and still they call. I will be looking to report them to the Canadian DNC agency with is Government and enforces FCC regulations. Maybe they'll be able to shut them up for good.
  • Anonymous
    March 5, 2020
    i have no clue who this person just called and didnt even answer to see who it is wish they stop calling me

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  • Rachel
    If you search the internet you will find a ton  of complaints and blogs on Optima and Call-Net. (416) 581-1076 and (416) 915-7933)I responded by emailing both companies and copying the DO NOT CALL folks and ScotiaBank  info @ the-cma.org and  mail.president @ scotiabank.com.

    I did give them my name, town, and phone number but obviously will not post that info here. Anonymous probably won't leave you with much credibility so best to own your response! Think of other cool numbers to give the bank instead of your own..Prison...Another telemarketing Company...Chat lines..I made my changes online and it took literally  afew seconds. Have fun! (FYI-The banks don't NEED your home number. They can call you at work during business hours if it's a legitimate concern. Your home number is used primarily to hussle you for other services.)

    Here is my solution.....

    "You have called my home repeatedly and I understand from a little internet research that you Optima Marketing and the equally annoying Call-Net Communications say that you are making courtesy calls for ScotiaBank.

    I so appreciate Scotiabank's interest in wasting my time this way that I have contacted Scotiabank's service centre to let them know my home phone number has changed and I have given them my ScotiaBank manager's direct line. I'm sure they will appreciate the courtesy hang-ups just as much as I do.

    The phone number you are currently calling is now on the CMA Do Not Contact list and you might want to start thinking about honouring it.


    Rachel XXX

    P.S. I have posted my method of dealing with the likes of you on a number of blogs and reaction seems to be favourable.  I really can't understand why ScotiaBank would employ such a seedy marketing technique but I hope they enjoy the feedback if the internet picks up on the potential for fun times by giving out your employers' direct lines."
  • anon
    They are getting the phone numbers from the clients who hire them.   So for example if you are getting calls from someone saying they are from scotia bank then the client is scotia bank.    The client would also have told them what to say and do on the call.   To a call center its a numbers game.   an agent will call 300-400 numbers and maybe get 1-3 sales in a day.   Its the 1-3 sales that count and not the people who hang up or say they aren't interested.   The clients dont care they know people will be ticked off.   The agents just usually laugh and move on to the next number, unless its someone who has morals and quits.   And the reason they are so pushy is because its all hard selling.  They are told if they dont get any sales they lose their job.  So they do everything they can to get a sale.
  • calledbythemtoo
    Stacks of good information about Optoma at http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-(416) 581-1076. read the 9 pages before posting the same thing as everyone else.
  • Marie
    apr 2nd at 5:56p

    I'm in Hamilton, ON
  • MacGregrrrr
    These scum-sucking parasites phoned again today (Optima).My goal is to find out their home phone numbers, and then phone them at approximately the same time they phone me.(as they say, "turnabout is fair play")Here's what my e-mails to them said:1.  Remove my home phone number from your database immediately, and confirm to me that you have completed this action.2.  I have filed a formal complaint with the CRTC, since you have not provided me with the option of replying to your voicemail and opting out of your parasitic harassment.3.  I look forward to contacting you at your residence during your leisure time (or better yet, at some disproportionately inconvient time when my phone call will disrupt your life and incovenience you as much as you have done so to me today) to discuss this further.
  • Mark Rowland
    Repeated calls from this number; but never leave a voice message.

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