• d
    November 10, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Thornhill, Canada
    d&a collection agency. theyre leeches , and they are extremely unprofessional and RUDE. they called me saying it was urgent and very important and they were asking for someone with my name, i said yes, thats me, and then they asked me to confirm my identity by giving them some information about me such as my address, postal code, and some stuff about my credit... i asked them who they were and she said "before i tell you any of my information im going to need you to confirm your identity by giving me some information" . I asked for their license number so that i could see if they were a registered agency or not and she refused once again.

    BY LAW youre supposed to recieve a letter in the mail FIRST before any calls are made! i recieved the letter later on, and they said that they mailed it a long time ago.
    they are very persistent and quite rude.

    at the time, i had not yet paid my cancelation fee to a school which I had dropped out of and after wards I contacted the school and I asked about whether or not they contacted D&A collection agency and they said they didnt know what i was talking about, but they said that it could be possible a collection agency in general to have that information about me not paying, and so i asked do i send my money to them? or directly to the school? and she said " pay directly to the school"
  • John
    February 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    Just got a call from 905-507-8889, they are Collection Agency according to the information on internet and complaints. Do not rush to talk and/or pay as suggested by "shiela" on May15,2013 on this forum for this maybe a collector from that harassing corp. those leaches are visible everywhere, get yourself call blocker like http://cprcallblocker.com/ ebay has as well, and for cell phone software
    Good luck to kick their butt.
  • Hs
    March 7, 2017
    Brampton, Canada
    Got a call at 8am on my cell phone saying calling from TD! Lies.
  • vilma
    June 17, 2016
    Toronto, Canada
    The are crazy as hell - They tried to get me to pay a bill that been paid already and even after I showed them proof.. The are still calling!
  • Krista
    May 11, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Duncan, Canada
    They are incredibly rude and unwilling to work with you or deal in a proper manner. My ex used up a line of credit on a mutual bank account, but I signed off first and RBC got the line of credit paid off by this company obviously, as now almost 4 yrs later they are harassing me because my ex declared bankruptcy. This company is relentless, rude and unprofessional. Im not giving them a dime. Im unable too anyway.
  • Someone. who actually knows what they are talking about.
    May 14, 2015
    Brampton, Canada
    NO AGENT WOULD EVER ASK FOR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, WHOEVER ASKED YOU REPORT IT! BECAUSE THATS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL THEY COULD BE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR CARD. The only info the people should ever discuss is your full name, Birthdate , and the reason they are calling, which is most likely discussing an outstanding bill. And they would never discuss credit card numbers with anyone. Report anyone who does.
  • Pissed Off
    May 19, 2017
    Fort Saskatchewan, Canada
    These rejects have my number that a low life who can't pay their bills gave them. I asked to be removed from their call list. 10 months later they are still calling me.
  • GD
    May 11, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Port Moody, Canada
    These guys are calling our company stating that we owe fees for KiJiJi advertising, which we have already paid for on our credit card (to KiJiJi Canada) These low life's are scammers... big time... and VERY RUDE.
  • Joan
    August 31, 2016
    Chatham, Canada
    If there are these many complaints against a given number, there should be a mechanism whereby the service provider is forced to suspend services. Also, if the service provider continues to provide the service, one should be able to go after them with harrassment charges as the service they are providing is injurous to others. Would be so nice to set up such a mechanism to stop scams, etc.
  • Exidor
    July 5, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Victoria, Canada
    These D & A complete a**holes, " can I say a**holes, too late, I said it, have been harassing a friend of mine. Note, it is my friends land line phone. They are calling asking for me. I have never used his number for anything, reference, or otherwise. They are calling about a debt, and asking for " someone " with my name. My friend told them, I know a person with that same name, however, he does not live here, and this is NOT his number. Also the debt they describe is a company, and a large amount, I have zero involvement with. They continue to call, and often. As others have said in this forum, completely violating the collections act, of any Canadian province. My friend has threatened them with legal action, etc, yet they still persist. This company should be held accountable. Anyone want to start a joint / group harassment law suit. Screw you D & A, you are a unethical organization. See you in court Pricks !
  • Stephanie
    January 13, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Vaughan, Canada
    This company called me this morning claiming to be Allstate Insurance. 905-507-8889.They were looking for another family member. They insisted my family member does not have insurance coverage and needs to speak to them to fix his policy right away. Lying and impersonating another company!! Luckily I googled the number right away.
    They are trying to collect on an issue from 5 years ago for a company that was closed down due to an illness in the family. Do not talk with them or get information because they will call you continuously.
  • Professional Debtor
    March 25, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Goderich, Canada
    They knowingly break the law, namely the Debt Collection and Settlement Act (Ontario) by contacting you in a manner that costs you money (calling a cell phone, ILLEGAL). They also try to collect on debt that the Limitations Act (Ontario) says are no longer legally enforceable, as no payments have been made in over 2 years.
  • shiela
    May 15, 2013
    Rockland, Canada
    Keeps calling looking for someone else. Had this number for 8 years they still wont give up. Whoever T.L. Cote is, pay your bill. I'm sick of them calling
  • It's me, really me
    March 26, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Kitchener, Canada
    Getting calls from this number and another from d and a collections. What a bunch of morons. I knew they were a joke immediately since they are trying to collect on a non-legal debt by not fulfilling their responsibilities under the law. lol Sometimes they call, sometimes they don't; usually the latter. I'm having fun with these idiots now. Gee, I hope they don't start calling 416-573-7329
  • MF
    July 5, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Ottawa, Canada
    Just got a call from this D&A Corp. Asked for me and a woman (I have no idea to). Asked me questions about an address which was in Brantford and I live in Ottawa and have never lived outside Ottawa or have been married. When I asked who they were she kept asking me questions on a woman I don’t know and address I never lived at. The caller then rudely hung up on me when I asked questions??

    Obviously they are searching for another person with my name and going through the while entire Ontario phone book.

    If D&A Corp is reading this, do your homework before bugging others. This call today gives a whole new meaning to Skip Tracers.

Sample complaints we have found for 905-507-8889

  • Colonel Smith
    This is part of a governmerntal agency, that is part of the Ministry of Finance.  Their people are trying to find ways to raise funds for governmenmt foreign office, embassy staff to hold wild orgy amd coke parties.   Mainley with dealing with oil and gas bigwigs, trying to get longterm contracts, and foreign investment.  The expensive parties have all the fixings. Strippers, contraband, foreign accounts being deposited vast amounts of funds under fake assumed names for future even bigger yaht parties and mile high club orgies. The government will stop at nothing to raise funds for these parties.
  • Me
    Okay I got it!!! If you get a call, asking you to call back
    888-395-1147...this is who they are.
    D & A Collections Corp.
    for more info:
  • Colette Goyer
    Bonjour J'ai recus une lettre en anglais pie je lit pas anglais je voudrait bien le compres avant de prend une diccision. Vous pouvait comminiquer avec m. Frank Tricoci ext 6220. il ma telephone a la maison pour me dire que j'ai dette, j'ai repondu de mavoier une lettre suite a notre conversation telephone. m.Tricoci il voir tres bien que parler pas anglais encore mion de le lire.Vous pouvait lui dire de me envoir la lettre en francais s.v.p  et un Merci.Colette Goyer [email protected]
  • Chessed Off
    Too many of these nuisance callers, Please try to eliminate tele-marketing on residential phone lines.  Thanks!
  • anyd
    I keep getting a call no one talks just hangs up. ... pervert?
  • Me
    Not sure who this is...but was looking for a former employee too.  I thought it sounded like D & Dave Corporation.  The guy who left the message was speaking very fast.  Who are these people?

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