• Kal
    April 11, 2015
    I got a call from both numbers
    (416) 504-6641 and (416) 363-5905
    Looked them up and found this page. Seems this scam is common. I'll save the numbers in my phone as "scam" and answer my phone identifying myself as a police officer with the fraud squad next time. Bet they don't call after that.
    December 11, 2016
    This Scun Bag did the same y calling and waisting time,just told him to go F%@K Himself... Notice you cant call him back,number is spoofed!
  • Arthur
    September 3, 2016
    3:30 in the morning waking up my kids, @$$hat!
  • Nelly
    July 11, 2016
    Got a call from (416) 504-6641 saying they wanted to refund me for the $299 I had paid them in 2014. I said, "oh good, can I get your name and number?" Then he said, "get lost" and hung up. I like the idea of identifying the number as scam and then answering "fraud squad" ;)
  • Anonymous
    May 14, 2016
    Got 7 calls starting at 3:01am to 6:21am. I had the ringer off so I didn't notice. How rude of them to call and bother people at that time. Jerks.
  • Mikhail
    March 28, 2016
    11:30 at night received call from the number, pick it up , some one try to send fax to my cellphone, call them back not a chance, Ops they just call again same nipping sound.
  • Abjaowmsks
    November 21, 2015
    This number called me randomly at like 4am but I was asleep and when I called back this morning it was "busy"
    October 18, 2014
    Got a call from (416) 504-6641 wants my credit card info gave him my number then wanted exp dt gave him 10/89 he wants valid exp dt advised him to fix his computer as that is a valid exp date and that card expired

Sample complaints we have found for (416) 504-6641

  • Marisa
    Looking for owner info.
  • Claudia
    My 70 year old mother just rec'd a call from this number. It was a person with a strong Indian accent. They said they were from Canada Revenue investigating her. Said they needed information or she could go to jail. My mom told them she didn't understand english well and would need a number to have her kids call back. The man on the phone got mad but eventually gave a her this number 903 213 5577.
  • Peter
    I have been getting repeated calls from someone claiming to be from Window Tech Support regarding, at first a virus then when asked to speak to an supervisor a trojan, which had become attached to my computer and would cause the emanate shut down of my hard drive. It was claimed that they received an error report from my computer. When i ask how it got past Windows Essential Security, i was told that trojans are not detected but the antivirus software. Then when i asked how it managed to get in through the firewall... the supervisor because flustered and ultimately terminated the call when i asked if she new was a firewall was. I did ask the initial representative for a number i could call back in order to verify it was actually Microsoft calling and was given 1-845-263-1532. When i mentioned that i did not recognize the number as a toll free number, the rep began to speak unintelligibly which is why i asked for the supervisor. The area code is in New York city and a google search tells me the number belongs to WSAS Tech a "PC Technical Support" service company offering plans as low as $79.95 a month.   I suggest you contact your local BBB (better business bureau) because this is clearly bbb..... bogus beyond belief.
  • iji
    Same here...got a call from (416) 504-6641 and right after another call from unknown number....
  • leb
    And yet again...waiting for me to log into computer apparently
  • jma
    Have had calls from this number with the usual "there is something wrong with your Windows, we will fix it". When I laughed and asked them if anyone fell for this scam they swore at me and hung up. Tonight no one said anything. Instead it sounded like I was being transferred from person to person, and the background was very noisy. I guess they aren't competent enough to transfer me to a live person. Good thing I didn't let them fix my computer :)

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