• James
    June 23, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Hamilton, Canada
    These people from CCA and 866-958-5850 are annoying to say the least. Their attempts to track people down are invasion and deceptive. I dont know how they operate in canada seeing how we have harassment laws, which they are harassing me as well as others on this post.
    What we all need to do is...
    Use their number on a Kijiji Ad, use their extensions, and list the Ad, "relentless ass*oles for hire, we will harass anyone you know or dont know, even if they dont owe money". I'd love to see them get spammed or annoyed as how they've done to us.
    I also got the wpg number, and rough sounding voice recording.
    Wish someone would go blow them up! They are the scourge of society!!!
  • Anonymous
    November 14, 2017
    Edmonton, Canada
    This lady has left two messages on my phone so far, she knows part of my name, she says it is important to call her back at 1-866-958-5850 ext. 543, and that is all. She does not leave her name, company, or what she wants. I am not calling someone who having something important like she says, does not leave her name at all.
  • Anonymous
    October 4, 2017
    Toronto, Canada
    Keeps calling asking for a person that I don't know - I've called back to tell them I don't know who they are looking for - then proceeded to ask me a LOT of personal questions etc.
    I told her that I am not the person they called for - and to please stop calling my phone number.
    It hasn't stopped!!!!!!
    Ticked off!!!
  • jacquie
    April 19, 2017
    Edmonton, Canada
    I don't have debts.....don't know why they called.....and left a message for me to call them....I didn't call
  • MaryAnn
    February 14, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Winkler, Canada
    this debt is actually manitoba hydro who have obtained a judgement to put on my deceased brother's estate and they have also hired this collection agency to collect I am a denior and after my bills I have 460.00 left over for food a month that does not go very far for 2 people my husband is also disabled I refuse to do anything about this debt until manitoba hydro dismisses the judgement on the property and I will not talk to any collection agency about this I will deal with manitoba hydro only I have told them this they keep calling.
  • dontcare
    January 24, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Winnipeg, Canada
    Pay your bills and you have no worries.. if its a wrong number call back and they take it off.. collection agency do abide by the laws..
    ive dealt with them and no more calls removed my #
    people who owe money are those who get annoyed.. haha
  • last name Annable
    August 30, 2016
    Grimsby, Canada
    they don't ask for a specific person, just leave a number to call and ext.number. no one here owes a cent to anyone, been retired for 20 yrs, no credit cards, no mortgage..
  • Snoopy
    October 1, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    They are a pain in the behind and they need to stop calling my number cause the person they are looking for does not have the number they are calling anymore!!!!!
  • Foz
    April 14, 2015
    Cobourg, Canada
    I just added her to speed dial. Too bad i don;t have friends by the name of Sara and/or Carey. I'd ask her to get hold of them for me.
    This is going to give me hours of amusement.
    Thank you. ;)
  • Kalclus
    March 18, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Edmonton, Canada
    They called me using 204-220-2204 which is in Winnipeg, but they left the 866-958-5850 number to call. Extension 731. It's a collection agency based in the US. How they got my number I don't know. They were looking for somebody who has never lived here.
  • mad
    March 17, 2015
    they call every morning but I was unable to call back so I blocked the number. the way I see it if I cant call them then they have No right to call me but they still call tho.. shows up as missed call.
    how do we kill them?
  • j.m
    February 1, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    alling without a message and not one time but many times and it is for somebody else but they will not listen to me
  • Beverly Dahl
    January 19, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Kindersley, Canada
    Somehow this organization got my cellular phone number and a woman, Sara Carey, wanted me to call someone with same last name as mine, to convince that person to return a call to her. I asked how my number was obtained (as I don't freely give my cellular number out); her answer was vague, misleading. The persistence of the woman was downright annoying. Afterwards I searched CCA and found it is Commercial Credit Adjusters, probably a collection agency. Finally I told her I wasn't a telephone messaging service. Sara Carey should be hounded by somebody, so if anyone's interested, call her at 1-866-958-5850, extension 476; File AE5843.

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  • Really
    Wow, unprofessional. The messages I get don't tell me who they are or who they are looking for. I call back and they hang up. Can I block this number?
  • ReadUp
    Don't Pay Them! what kind of crap advice is this. These people call me all the time yet there is no action against my credit rating. And If I had followed your advice and gave them any amount of money I would have then been liable for the entire amount they were asking for. These people work on the principle of intimidation and if the law was in there favour you would have been sued already.There bully's trying to collect on debts that are already written off. Ignore them. If its not on your credit report it really doesn't exist.
  • JN
    machine calls and won't stop. Was not invited, phones my cell
  • Kanadian
    Buggers called my parents. Apparently just going down the list of names in the phone book. So happens I have the same name as this debtor they are after. Same company as reported - CCA - Commercial Credit Adjusters - www.cca.ca. I work in the industry on the creditors side of things so I have heard of them before. In the past they have had a really bad rep. I called back the number left 1-866-958-5850 - the caller ID they called from was 204-272-2060 - the collector who I reached was ok - not bad to deal with at all. Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity and he advised he would take my folks off their contact list. I was ready for a fight as I am well versed in the law of collections and know what they can and can not do... Turns out I had my claws and fangs out for nothing - still never hurts to be prepared - sword drawn :p
  • lil lady
    Wow not impressed with these people, you call tell me it's an important matter and to call them back. I call back no one answers, Bull S***. I just got this new number and soo not sure why they are calling me. Wish it would stop if anyone knows how to stop it would love for you to tell me.
  • jaswant, from Saskatoon
    Thanks Guys. I thought they sounded phoney! This is a second such call in one week. Some Natilie Alexender from 204-480-5063 (Brandon Manitoba area code) left a message telling there is important information regarding "jaswinder" and left 866-958-5850 extension 529 to call back with a reference#10224.

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