• Ann
    July 8, 2017
    Non-profit Organization
    Schomberg, Canada
    I've been getting these calls for years and they are on behalf of charities so I really don't mind. Whether it's cancer or heart disease or some other horrific health issue, it's important to me to support causes that contribute to research, treatment and health care. Everyone in their lifetime will be affected by cancer or heart disease. if it's not you it will be someone close to you. I don't know a single person that hasn't lost a loved one to cancer unfortunately.
  • Fed up yours
    November 4, 2017
    Saint Lucia
    Scumbags call me often. Don't answer! my number is registered DO NOT CALL, obviously a meaningless gesture by government. dnc list is useless, toothless, and a waste of taxpayer funds. Fire them
  • sickofit
    January 16, 2017
    Guelph, Canada
    They call and call. We never answer any calls. If you need to reach us you can leave a message. If we want to answer we will. We pay for our phone service and don't want to have people like these scammers on our phone line.

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  • MEI
    Charitable lotteries/organizations are exempt from my dnc list, just kindly ask them to remove you from their list! Second they only call up till 9 p. M. You should not receive more then one call in the day unless whoever answered said the person will be home later or a call back was requested! Third if they do leave you a voicemail its in regards to your order so kindly call back asap to avoid it being canceled and you getting upset over it being canceled!
  • Ed
    They're at it again. These morons should be shut down.  Called at 8:29 and 8:30 pm.  Twice in 1 minute!  Leave me alone.
  • Silly Sally
    I actually was on the web-site looking to see what the prizes were like. The following day they called me on my cell phone, which means they accessed my information from my computer.  I only use my cell phone for on-line forms and was very upset. When I brought this to the gentleman's attention, he hung up on me. So that was my first clue. I will be bringing this to the media's attention.
  • TorontoGirl
    I got a call from this number today but I didn't answer.  My number is on the Do Not Call List but these f**king telemarketers still call me.   The number belongs to:

    Miratel Inc - 200-2501 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 2P1.  Telephone: 866-647-2835  Telephone:   416-650-7850  Fax: 416-650-7851  Website: http://www.miratelinc.com/

    I use Blackberry and i've downloaded their CALL CONTROL.  The application automatically drops the call from numbers I've listed on my Block List.  My cellphone doesn't even ring. I just see a missed call icon on the top screen.  Now i have to add this number to my Block List. Try this app, it really works and it's free!!
  • R. Sole
    These mofos keep on calling although I am on DNC list.  Looking at other comments they are telemarketers, not a charity.  Leave me alone. I have lodged a formal complaint with CRTC and have blocked number on phone.
  • Shay
    I too have received a series of calls and messages are never left. I am trying to work on my master's studies and the phone interruptions are driving me crazy. This evening I called the number, punched in 4 to speak with a customer service representative.  They indicated the call was likely based on the Cancer Society Lottery. I respectfully asked them to remove my contact number from their files. Low and behold; they had my address on file as well.  I originally thought they were calling about the Heart and Stroke lottery as previously noted in a posting.  At any rate, I routinely purchase tickets for the Cancer and Heart and Stroke lotteries, only to have these repeated calls reminding me to purchase tickets after the fact.  I do not know why there is such disconnect between the lottery records and that of the tele-marketers? I would sincerely appreciate them deleting the contact information for folks who have already purchased.  But, who am I?

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