• Anonymous
    November 28, 2017
    Waterloo, Canada
    they keep calling on my cell which hardly anyone knows the number. I never call from my cell. Ignore them and blocked them, Any number who calls repeatedly gets blocked.
  • Super Grover
    March 21, 2017
    Windsor, Canada
    While the message left states they're Total Debt Recovery from the Ministry of Ontario an online search shows this 800 number is in Kansas. I have never answered one of their calls as I'm certain this is a scam.
  • Sandy
    August 26, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Port Elgin, Canada
    I am a 57 year old woman who graduated in 1977 from university, never had a student loan but I can't get this agency to stop calling & harassing me - have contacted Ministry of Finance but they don't seem to have any answers either. What next?
  • Maria
    July 29, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    The keep calling every other day. I spoke to them and explained I was not the owner of the debt. They assured that they would take the number out, but they continue calling over and over again. It's to the point of harassment.
  • WindsorGirl
    May 10, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Windsor, Canada
    Total Credit Recovery (or TCR). The number given to return their call is 1-800-727-4145. The number they call from is always hidden ("Private Caller") and long distance. I tend to not answer solicitations. They do however leave a message and say to call back and that they are open until 5pm. I had debt from College back in 1997/8 but then claimed bankruptcy in 2002 due to losing my kidneys and living on a machine. However due to a stupid Canadian law about College loans between 1995 and 2000 it could not be included. It has been 12 years since College and they just started calling me last year. I did not qualify for medical forgiveness because they said I only would qualify if I had ended up on a dialysis machine within 7 months after finishing College. What a screwed up system! If I knew the system and was corrupt I could have simply stayed in College and all this debt would have been cleared. But I was trying to be responsible. I had even paid off half my debt in 3 years until I lost my job due to my health..

    Anyway it seems their tactic is to automatically think you are trying to evade them so they don't want to tell you who they are looking for. That way you cannot deny you are who they are looking for. They ask what your name is. Any advice?

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  • MM
    This is actually the call-back number given when I answer the phone; I am told I must call back by 10:05 the next morning.  It is a recorded message.  They call frequently, usually in the evening.  When I call back, it goes right to voicemail, repeatedly.  One day I got so annoyed I just kept calling.  Eventually I got through to someone.  He refused to identify himself or his company, he said they deal with "personal matters".  He said he'd stop calling me if I'd tell him who I was, but I refused to provide information to someone who wouldn't identify himself.My advice: clearly a fraudulent call, ignore it or call the police it it reaches the point of harassment.  DO NOT EVER provide them with personal information.
  • Krume
  • Snow wolf
    Hate this call! It always calls me and plays the prerecorded message. If I did not answer it, it will leave a voicemail, S***
  • Cathy
    Stop scamming people who don't have debt. Stop calling me and harassing me. I WILL get all of you in trouble you bunch of no good low lifes!  Get a real job.
  • Ural Faqeed
    They called and left a message to call back. Gave them a call and the woman said it was a business matter. I gave them false info and they refused to talk to me. I guessed that if they were scammers they would have just started with the scam. They kept calling and calling so I finally called them back and gave the right information. Turns out it was for my goddamn student loans! I was pissed that it went to a collection agency, but I was able to get a small settlement out of them and pay it off right away. It was really easy and it they never f***ed my credit. They are a**holes if you don't confirm your ID, but once I did, I am glad I did it! They saved my credit score and saved me a couple of hundred dollars!
  • Moth******er
    I am glad to have voip phone and ability to block all this s*** right out. All they had to do is call once and get on my black list.No more Bell,Telus and other s*** for me. Haha.Die moth******ers !!!

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