• Vic
    June 14, 2017
    Montréal, Canada
    1-800-650-9951 is NOT a Bell service. This is an automatic robot caller operated by scammers. I confirmed with Bell services. They do not know this stupid robot caller. When I called them back, 1-800-650-9951 they gave me my worng postal code and address. All this to COLLECT YOUR CORRECT INFOS and CREDIT CARD number to acquit that bull sh*t phone bill.

    Besides an application on the net, nothing will stop those scammers with probably a list of names and numbers that they brought from an inside job.

    Damn scammers!
  • BEN
    November 30, 2017
    Saint-laurent, Canada
    i want to who the f*ck is this call ?
  • D M
    September 5, 2017
    Alliston, Canada
    so someone @ 1 800-650-9951 called while i was at work. Just called me back no answer on the other side of the phone so I hangup. Waiting too see if they call me back,. Hope their ready I may just have to use a whistle . lol I am not happy with these people calling me. I am not with Bell, and I may give this number too the O.P.P this time
  • Mike
    August 30, 2017
    Mississauga, Canada
    I have received a few messages from this number. This morning I picked up and gave them a hard time as to what they wanted from me.
    Then amazingly they said they wanted to talk to ( gave me my daughter's full name who in on ROGERS). No explanation . They said they could not divulge .
    I suspected it was a scam of some sort and this site bears that to be true. Thanks.
  • TATD
    July 11, 2017
    called Bell, was told it was Bell Mobility Telemarketers........they apparently have removed my name & # and placed me on the do not call list
    TOTAL BS that Bell can access my # for this purpose

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  • Lisa
    It's Bell Canada collections.  My number (not name) was given as a contact in case a bill was not paid.  They don't verify this information at the point they collect it.Thank you all for your posts.  I wouldn't have called had I not read your information.
  • Michael Oz
    I continue to get calls from this number for which the directries tell me itn doesn't exist
  • robohack
    apparently according to posts on another site this number is a collection agency, probably acting for Bell Canada.

    What's the least likely way to reach someone with an important message?  The way these guys do!

    It's a completely automated message asking for a call back.  They have a voice generator try to read the name, and to give a reference number.  They start the call by insisting "this is not a telemarketing call".  Right.  Idiots.  Nobody in their right mind would ever believe them, and certainly anyone who calls them back to do anything but complain is asking for trouble and worse simply reinforcing the idea that this kind of crap is OK.

    Please don't call them back to do anything but complain to them.
  • Le castor
    1. Premier appel annonçant un important message «de la part» de Bell Canada et me demandant de faire le «9»; après plus rien que le signal de tonalité.

    2.  Deuxième appel avec le même stratagème, mais cette fois après avoir fait le «9», une personne me demande à parler avec une ancienne connaissance qui n'habite pas chez moi.  Elle me dit que cette connaisance a donné mon numéro comme référence et si je voulais bien lui faire un message (numéro à rappeler et numéro de dossier). J'ai dit que je ferai ce message si cette ancienne connaissance me rappelait.  La persone a répondu: «bien sur !».  (Je comprends maintenant ce que ce «bien sur !» voudra dire).

    3. Un peu avant 9h00 ce matin, un nouvel appel «important de la part de Bell Canada».  Ça commence...
  • Sick of Bell anything
    They are complete a***s, all of them!
  • robohack

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