• Anonymous
    September 12, 2018
    a woman told me that I called her and asked me what I need? when I asked her what is her name and from what company she is calling me she replied that she just calling me back because i called her...sic! more - by two days somebody called me few times (private number & unknown) to my cell and finally when I tried to answer somebody cut call
  • Anonymous
    April 9, 2020
    Some lady called and freaked out and accused me of calling husband and saying I was having an affair. I could hear him calling her crazy in background. I have never called this number in my life. She said the number was on her call display mid afternoon.
    I told her perhaps someone dialed a wrong number and she would not shut up. I hung up on her, Would not stop calling for many days. I feel sorry for her man.
  • Anonymous
    July 27, 2019
    Nuisance call
    I received a call from a, to be put mildly, annoyed sounding lady asking my name and what business I had with calling her several times; and when she answered I apparently just breathed until she hung up. I did no such thing. In my life. I wouldn’t give her my name - so she threatened that my life will never be as it was. ****CLICK****
    For the next week, every day, consecutively, unknown name/#’s call me incessantly is and if I answered (I had a deep tone of frustration) this man would laugh and tell me how weak a woman I am to let a harmless call conjure such an unnecessary negativity. As amusing as this was, I tried reporting him but cops can’t do anything without a Valid number.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t provide any solutions
    Wish y’all the best

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