• Anonymous
    October 1, 2019
    Debt collector
    Caller: ARO

    They’ve been calling me everyday including holidays for the past few months. I answered once and they they said that I owe money. I asked to who and they wouldn’t tell me. They wanted to verify that I was who they said I was. I said tell me who I owe money to. Wouldn’t tell me. I told them either tell me who I owe money to and why I owe them money or stop calling me. Never told me. I haven’t answered one of their calls since then. They will even call after business hours.
  • Anonymous
    August 17, 2018
    welcome to collections pay your bills!!!
  • Anonymous
    August 17, 2018
    usually you are in collections pay your bill
  • Anonymous
    July 24, 2018
    Debt collector
    Caller: ARO

    be harassed by ARO for no reason
  • Wizard
    July 14, 2017
    They call me asking my date of birth for Security Reasons.If I say I am not going to give it than they want my address. They are calling my cell phone also. I do not have a land line had to give it up to save money. They know my situation and still keep calling.

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  • afakename
    tell them not to call me anymore. because my telephone number is for me, a new fido customer. any time they call me , fido charge me 40 cent. anyway if I own them something, I cannot send it to them using my cellphone. So they had better find a new and inteligent way.
  • credit
    Do you want me to post my credit card numbers online too?

    Get a life.
    I do not have any collections outstanding, but these idiots are phoning me trying to collect money from my Next Door Neighbor. They use reverse directory to find the closest addresses and then start phoning people in the neighborhood. How "greasy" is this?
    Having the neighborhood become privy to your most personal affairs?
    This company has "NO" morals.....
    DO YOUR JOB... Get out of your desk and make the trip yourself. Stop trying to ruin people's lives by including the entire neighborhood in your debt collection!
    I'm phoning as many complaint boards as I can right now as they have on 3 separate occasions contacted me 'explaining clearly' that they know that this is not the right address but were hoping that I could either have the person contact them or that I might provide them with a current contact number.
  • awsome
    thank you so much for posting that now i can pass that info on to my lawyer
    and hopefully they will stop calling me.

    in my case, they have the wrong number and ive had to change it 3x in the last month.
    i dont even have a listed number and the name the account is under isnt even close to the name of the person they keep calling for.
    they call me at least 13x a day starting at 7am even on a sunday.
    not to mention the girl that calls is rude and swears at me and threatens me,
    im so sick of it.
  • The tax man
    Is this that Same credit that fraudulent corrupt central banks charge interest on money that doesn't exist ? How about you dirt balls learn about fractional reserve currency, how the money supply is expanded on? Which most of you collectivist f**gots at ARO have no clue about, way aboue your 10 dollar an hour job. The post by what looks like an ARO employee openly describes harassing Canadians, you call people even though you don't have correct info? How do you people even have a job? How can you continually make mistakes that are illegal ? Enjoy the rest of your time trying to get money back for the same people poisoning your food, you water, your children, s*** now you people at ARO can pay the same bankers a carbon tax on living. Great job people at ARO its robots like you who are destroying the world.
  • Yvegal
    Sounds to me you are a victim of identity theft.  I would do a credit check on yourself.  Try Transunion.  If it shows, you can dispute that.  Also, if nothing shows, you know they are a scam.There are a lot of collection agencies that are scammers!

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