• Jason
    June 28, 2017
    It is HomeDepot people! The web order department. If you have ordered something recently online, they will call because they have issues processing your payment.
  • Wind customer
    August 1, 2012
    I had asked question for my Wind service on their Web, their agent had called me and CLID was (905) 593-7200.
    So it must be Wind call Centre number.
  • Anonymous
    November 20, 2017
    Laminate flooring installation that I've never ordered. I'm thinking wrong number
  • Lexxi
    September 25, 2018
    Scam call
    Caller: Identified themselves as Home Depot

    These people called me about an order that I received 5 months ago. The item was delivered and the charge went thru my credit card. The person calling wanted me to identify my address and could not tell me what it is that I bought that they are questioning. Yet he still insisted Home Depot had a problem with my account. If they don't have this information, I think it is a scam. I hang up on them.
  • Anonymous
    March 31, 2018
    Nuisance call
    This number is Home Depots Web Ordering number. I had an issue with an order and they called to tell me why and its all taken care of, problem with that is they called 8 times in 4 days telling the exact same thing each time and each time there was the drawn out confirm your information blah blah blah that takes 4 to 8 minutes to get through. When I asked the guy on the 8th call why they keep calling and after telling him yes I know and understand (again) he wouldnt go off script and told me that I dont understand the reason for his calling. Only solution I can see to this problem is never order via the web for Home Depot ever again.
  • Tina
    May 20, 2015
    Call display said Rogers Communication but it was Home Depot wanting to ask a few questions regarding a kitchen counter installation they arranged.
  • dude in toronto
    January 18, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Guy called asking for wind mobile credit card payment. Voice sounded as if it was distorted through some modifier. Highly suspect.

Sample complaints we have found for (905) 593-7200

  • Charles
    I got a call from this number on the weekend when I was away and noticed it on my "recent callers" list on my iPhone.  They didn't leave a message.  Nothing to report - just logging this call here on this website to let others know that people from this number are still calling - July 12 2013.  BTW - I'm with Bell.
  • toronto security expert
    random call from someone who refused to identify and authenticate themselves.  THESE ARE THE TACTICS OF CRIMINALS.  NUKE THEM!!!!!
  • Kimberly
    I am with WIND and this number rang me. All I heard was a beep on the other end. I think they have tried to contact me before with a text.
  • Raj
    Yeah, they just phoned me after I had a technical issue today.  Yup, starting from just before midnight on NYE all the way through until 5 pm on New Year's Day, I couldn't return any of the greetings I was getting in texts or phone calls.  Anyway, they are calling to fix a problem usually.
  • Aro
    I just got a call from that number 5 hours ago while at work. I had the phone on silent so I missed the call. They didn't leave a voicemail and didn't respond to texts and if I call it just rings and rings and rings...no cell phone provider I know lets a call ring this much so this must be a land line somewhere.I'm with Wind so it could be Wind. I know I reported a problem I was having with their service a while ago and maybe this is someone calling me back but I don't see why they wouldn't leave a message or a text or an email or mail me something I don't know...Regardless, if anyone calls ME and then asks ME for personal information I would always decline. I would only give it out if I call THEM and if its a number I believe is legit. I don't even care if the number shows up as bell or wind or whatever company they say they are from because you can spoof those numbers pretty easily. I mean just look at the website Prankowl...you can make it seems like any one number is calling another.
  • Lydia
    Its Koodo. I was wobderibg the same thing. They kept calling me back to back. I am a Koodo customer and they were trying to work out an issue I have. So if you say this is Wind too, are they the same company? Or have the same company running their customer service?

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