• Annoyed
    March 14, 2018
    They called twice and I didn't pick up. Third time they left a message and said it was Hyundai inviting me to a spring event. Ya right... grrrr.

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  • Agent
    I work for a telcom agency in billing, and we have seen this as well. I can't say whether it is a legit company or not, but I can say that they send the invoice to your provider (Bell, for instance), and Bell is legally obligated to add it to your bill as per CRTC rules. As per those same rules when you callin to get it removed, they are supposed to defend these charges as if they are their own. This is to protect legit long distance rebillers (Like Yak and Sears) who do the same thing when you use their service. But again, under those same laws, after defending and determining they are not legit for that bill, your provider is supposed to be able to deny the call back to the company, in this case Levendo. They can then come after you for the charges, but they are removed from your provider bill.

    My advice is call in and repeatedly deny the call. The agent you speak with is only doing their job in fighting it, but they will relent. If it shows up again, over another bill or multiple usage, again by CRTC rules, the provider can't deny the call. If that ends up being the case, call the RCMP.
  • Scott
    I just sent this to the CRTC's complaint service on the net at...

    my message said....
    Maybe you are already aware of complaints regarding a company called Levendo. We received a $4.51 charge on our Bell home phone bill for directory service that we never placed? The number shows up as (905) 555-1212/">(905) 555-1212.
    Bell credited the charge and also said that we may be billed directly by Fastrack Global Billing for the charge. I'm assuming they handle the billing for this Levendo company:

    After researching Levendo on the net, this appears to be a widespread scam as you can see by discussion groups such as these, all usually with 555-1212 but with various area codes:
    http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-(519) 555-1212
    http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/(905) 555-1212

    Could you please investigate this matter further as I suspect there are many people who never even noticed the charges and paid it unknowingly.

    Appreciate the assistance,
    ScottCaller: Levendo
    Reply !
  • Andrea
    This is a very complicated and elaborate scam that I'm incapable (so far) of solving.Just spent half an hour on the phone with Bell Canada.  Told them I was billed $4.51 from a "customer dialed" (me) call to Directory Assistance LEVENDO (ON (905) 555-1212) on Nov. 25, 2010 and that I had made no such call.  This was AFTER I had seen this site and confirmed to myself that this was indeed some kind of scam.At first, the girl from Bell insisted the call was made from my phone and suggested that a "visitor" to my home did it.  I tried to tell her about this site and that I was not the only one complaining about this number.  She then looked up the number on 411.Ca and said it was a legitimate company.  I asked to speak to her supervisor and she put me on hold for 20 minutes.She came back, told me that they would refund me the $4.51 on my next bill, but that if it happens again, I will be charged.  I was also told that this call didn't go through Bell, but through another provider called Fast Track Global and their number 1-+1 866-340-4990.  She said that Bell reimburses Fast Track for all charges going through them.I checked out Fast Track Global and came up with this:http://www.callcenterdirectory.net/call-cente ... lobal-2220.htmlI also Googled 1-+1 866-340-4990 and got a call center called Express Connect.Tried phoning the above number, but it was after 5 p.m. and got voice mail, told to leave my name and number.  I did not, but plan to phone them back on Monday.I have no idea how this scam works and just hope it doesn't happen again.  If anyone can figure this out, please post it here.
  • jack lewis
    I got bills from BELL too about (905) 555-1212, this is scam, why BELL do this? Be alert!
  • SugarBrown
    I have a same problem.  It was ridiculous & hassle.  Bell tried to get this from the customer who forgot to call Bell Billing Dept.  Bell should not bill me on somethings that I did not use.
  • Aline
    My last Bell Canada bill has contained 12 calls x 2.00$ with carrier Triton Global Allentowndate October 17,2011- one day..number called 484 223 4884 .The carrier and number are unknown to me.Bell Canada rep ignore my complaint.

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