• Annoyed
    March 14, 2018
    They called twice and I didn't pick up. Third time they left a message and said it was Hyundai inviting me to a spring event. Ya right... grrrr.

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  • Agent
    I work for a telcom agency in billing, and we have seen this as well. I can't say whether it is a legit company or not, but I can say that they send the invoice to your provider (Bell, for instance), and Bell is legally obligated to add it to your bill as per CRTC rules. As per those same rules when you callin to get it removed, they are supposed to defend these charges as if they are their own. This is to protect legit long distance rebillers (Like Yak and Sears) who do the same thing when you use their service. But again, under those same laws, after defending and determining they are not legit for that bill, your provider is supposed to be able to deny the call back to the company, in this case Levendo. They can then come after you for the charges, but they are removed from your provider bill.My advice is call in and repeatedly deny the call. The agent you speak with is only doing their job in fighting it, but they will relent. If it shows up again, over another bill or multiple usage, again by CRTC rules, the provider can't deny the call. If that ends up being the case, call the RCMP.
  • SugarBrown
    I have a same problem.  It was ridiculous & hassle.  Bell tried to get this from the customer who forgot to call Bell Billing Dept.  Bell should not bill me on somethings that I did not use.
  • Ricfontaine
  • Ricfontaine
    This is a scam and Bell seems to think they can collect this money for the scammers.  I hope everyone complains to Bell and the Crtc to have this stopped.
  • spitfire
    After checking the "services" that Fast Track Global provide, one is "customer verification"So, as  Bell Tel. customer, If I phone Bell and ask for a change in my service,Upgrade, downgrade etc, we all play "20 questions"...name, date of birth,address, mothers maiden name yadda yadda, to "verify"  we are that customer. WHAT IF, in fact, I am not talking to an "actual" Bell Tel. employee, but rather an employee of Fast Track Global? They have "verified" me as a Bell customer, and charge Bell tel. for doing so, and Bell tel. tacks that  onto our bill. We are dealing with parasites. Bell tel being one of the biggest ones.Just my opinion
  • agnes
    my mom also got this also, they told her that someone called directry assistance for this. she never did

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