• Carlo
    March 13, 2019
    Debt collector
    Caller: I don't know

    Same complaint - same number from Mississauga. Many calls. - (905) 366-0206
  • Jenn
    October 19, 2017
    Debt collector
    Scam scam don't give any information!!!
  • Aimee
    July 4, 2016
    A couple of calls from this number; didn't answer and don't get messages, so I don't know who they purport to be.
    Patricia is absolutely right. Real companies don't behave like the above stories.

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  • SL Kovacs
    Back int 2008, I had a membership with Priemier Fitness cancelled.  I was recommended by the Bank I deal with to stop payments on any and all transactions with Premier.  I however did allow the remaining payments for personal training to be taken out of a credit card until it was paid off.  Soon after that, I began to receive "collections" letters from Premier threatening to send me to collections.  Each of these "letters/notices" had different amounts and indicated that I had to pay within 10 days (but usually the these letters were received by me 2 days before the 10 day cut-off and the postage date was usually 5 days earlier).

    Anyways, the last straw came in late 2009 when they sent me a "collections" letter that was signed by a Hinna, who coincidently had an incorrect phone extension...they have 5 digit extension numbers and this one had only 4 numbers). I immediately called Premier head office and blasted them over the phone and never heard anything until today.

    On August 17th, I received a voice mail regarding a legal matter by NCRR.  First thought was that lawyers DO NOT correspond via telephone.

    I called the number and found out that it was to National Credit Recovery.

    A VERY young sounding girl answered the phone. I asked her what the issue was and she told me it was regarding Premier Fitness for a collections amount of $387.00

    I promptly told her that this claim was fraudulent and that Premier cannot send people to any collections agencies as THEY ARE DEEPLY IN COLLECTIONS THEMSELVES! (basis of conflict of interest).

    This young girl got very angry with me as I told her the facts and SHE hung up on me only to call me back a few minutes later demanding the name of my lawyer (I did tell her that I would be notifiying my lawyer).  I gave her my lawyer's information.  She then proceeded to tell me that I was acting like a child (HOW IRONIC considering that she didn't seem like she could have even graduated high school yet).

    By the way, I did notify my lawyer and by LAW the company in question MUST notify you of any delinquincies within 30 days and must offer 60 days to make restitution!  Additionally, any claims over 2 years or 24 months (especially when consistent information has been absent) has no legal bearing for collections activity.  The company can technically take you to small claims court, but depending upon the amount, it is not very lucrative from a monetary standpoint.


    I agree with all previous posts...how come after 3 years, Premier is sending people to "3rd Party Collections". As well, this NCRR is a new collections agency and should have known about Premier's shady reputation and public fraudulent activities from the beginning.

    I should also note that I did call back to NRCC and spoke to another representative who took all my information and indicated that she would be passing along my legal information to her "manager". Will keep you posted.
  • Bill
    It is all a big SCAM, and a joke.Bill.
  • AVH
    Seems this company is a scam - they may have a 'pretty' website but its mis leading! I JUST received a call and answerd the phone only to be greeted with an automated machine, asking me to call this number back (905) 366-0204) regarding a time sensitive legal matter! I immediately researched and ALL information leads to a scam. There is even a U-tube video of how irrate the 'collectors' get when you call them out or ask for more information - they are NOT at all professional - if intimidation is there means of collecting, they have it all wrong - the simply are trying to scam you! If it was time sensitive why is it automated asking ME to call a LONG DISTANCE number back? Why was it not a LIVE person calling to instantly speak to me if I'm such a bad debt payer? And, further more, why can I not clear a debt with the debting company - why does it have to go to them?? its all a little strange and I'm very skeptical of this type of call!!! On to the next they are - watch and be aware of this number :)
  • credit expert
    Information on collection agenciesA collection agency is a company that intervenes to recover money owed by people in debt. Your creditors ? the people to whom you owe money ? pay these agencies to recover the amounts you owe them. If you owe money to a company or a supplier and have not recently sent in your payment, that company or supplier can turn your file over to a collection agency. Here are some useful tips:?You must be notified in writing that your file has been given to a collection agency. Don't panic. The agency is trying to recover the money you owe its client.?If possible, pay the amount you owe.?If you are unable to pay it all at once, contact the agency and explain.?If you reach an agreement with the agency, get it in writing.?Never send cash. Make sure that you obtain a receipt for your payment from the agency.Do you feel you have been treated unfairly by a collection agency? Although the regulations differ slightly across Canada, a collection agency is usually only allowed to do certain things. Find out more so that you will be able to protect yourself from aggressive debt collectors The complete list of what debt collectors can and cannot do, as well as contact information, are available in the Canadian Consumer Handbook.For example, a representative of a collection agency must not make telephone calls of such a nature or frequency as to constitute harassment of you or your family. There are certain times when a representative must not call you at all (which vary from one province or territory to another).Specific rules by province / territoryYou can view the specific rules that apply to collection agencies where you live. Click on your province or territory to access the information from the appropriate government agency regarding collection agencies' practices:........................NCRI is nothing but a scam......
  • tiger
    if you get a phone call from NCR  report them right away to the ministry
  • MIKE
    Collection agency located in mississauga, ontario canadathere website: www. Ncri. Ca

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