• Carlo
    March 13, 2019
    Debt collector
    Caller: I don't know

    Same complaint - same number from Mississauga. Many calls. - (905) 366-0206
  • Jenn
    October 19, 2017
    Debt collector
    Scam scam don't give any information!!!
  • Aimee
    July 4, 2016
    A couple of calls from this number; didn't answer and don't get messages, so I don't know who they purport to be.
    Patricia is absolutely right. Real companies don't behave like the above stories.

Sample complaints we have found for (905) 366-0206

  • Bill
    It is all a big SCAM, and a joke.Bill.
  • Bill
    It is all a big SCAM, and a joke.
  • Kurx
    Yeah, just another debt-scavenger, shady possible scam.  They buy up bad debt for pennies on the dollar and try to collect on it. They've called me many times on a debt that was long paid off. I used to take their calls. The calls vary from pleasant and nice to  threatening "we're going to send you these DOCUMENTS and you better take them RIGHT to your LAWYER or we're going to PROCEED with this in the NECESSARY VENUE!!"Ask them to prove that you owe them money. If they ask for your address, you probably don't. If they really were working with the bank or the store that they claim to "represent," they would know that. If you tell them "I have no problem paying my debts, but I'm not in the habit of just giving money to people who call me out of nowhere and tell me to give them money," they'll usually stutter a bit on that and continue to try to get you to pay them something. Lots of words like "formal proceedings" and "on behalf of our client." The "office of [insert Jewish-sounding name so if you're a racist you assume he's a lawyer]" and "due to the finding of non-compliance of your contract."  It's all just a big dance around the fact that there is no lawyer, no lawsuit, no court date, no legal anything and I owe them nothing. You probably don't, either.When you ask them what the "documents" are, they tell you it's a list of your debts... repeated requests to send these "documents" to me resulted in them not sending anything but calling me three days later threatening to "take the appropriate actions."  "When I asked them what the "appropriate actions" were, I actually got the answer of "you don't even want to know what we could accuse you of." So the answer is "nothing."I finally got this supposed "document" (I gave them a rented mailbox that I'd been using for eBay exchanges). It looked like something your dad could do in MS Word in about 3 minutes using a template with information that ANYONE with access to the internet could get in about 15 minutes. Essentially just a print of a couple defaulted store cards from the 90s when I was in college. Both written off.Now I ignore them.
  • credit expert
    The compnay owner buys bed debts from a company call credit adjuster.
  • Henry
    [This post has been removed]
  • AVH
    Seems this company is a scam - they may have a 'pretty' website but its mis leading! I JUST received a call and answerd the phone only to be greeted with an automated machine, asking me to call this number back (905) 366-0204) regarding a time sensitive legal matter! I immediately researched and ALL information leads to a scam. There is even a U-tube video of how irrate the 'collectors' get when you call them out or ask for more information - they are NOT at all professional - if intimidation is there means of collecting, they have it all wrong - the simply are trying to scam you! If it was time sensitive why is it automated asking ME to call a LONG DISTANCE number back? Why was it not a LIVE person calling to instantly speak to me if I'm such a bad debt payer? And, further more, why can I not clear a debt with the debting company - why does it have to go to them?? its all a little strange and I'm very skeptical of this type of call!!! On to the next they are - watch and be aware of this number :)

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