• rose
    March 20, 2017
    I am getting the exact same messages on my phone saying their a lawyer for Steven Walters
  • Mary
    January 20, 2015
    this number is really annoying. Keep claiming that I have a debt that does not exist. Report them to consumer Ontario
  • Laurie
    October 31, 2013
    Debt Collector
    I got a call from this number and she told me she was in Cambridge Ontario, and I could either mail or drop off the money to her personally, but I had to do it by the end of the week. I said I would go pay the hospital, and she said I wasn't allowed to do that. I do owe for a ambulance, but it wasn't that long ago that I should be in collections for it.

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  • After doing a bit of research, I found the website.  It provides no info, but address and phone.


    Remember, if the firm is acting as a debt collector, they ned to show you 1) proof that they have the debt legally 2) they are licensed to act as a debt collector in Ontario 3) that the person you are speaking to is a licensed debt collector in Ontario.  Once they have sent you all the info, as for all documentation they have on you, you are entitled to that.

    After that, go through it with a fine toothed comb, and any mistake can potentially negate their claim.

    http://www.ehow.com/how_4924865_deal-collecti ... l#ixzz14tX0iUbq
  • unknownperson
    i keep gettin called by this place says her name is rose and she from stephen walters law office just a recordin when called back.. dam collections ppl. isnt it against the law to pretend ur a law office???????
  • me 80
    I have no idea why we are getting calls from this number.  We don't know who it is or what it could be about.  The messages are for my boyfriend.  He doesn't give our home number out to anyone.  The calls also started just a few weeks after the phone number was connected and he didn't even know the number.
  • FYI
    Yes it is against the law to say your a lawyer when your not or lead somebody to believe your a lawyer or a law firm when you are not.

    However despite what the person above had mentioned, this is not a collection agency and is in fact a law office and a registered lawyer.

    Ignoring the calls will only end up in your being brought to court. Law offices are not required to follow the procedures of a collection agency. If you have any further questions as to who this is or anything else you should contact them directly. I am posting the information below for you to use.

    Just remember if a law office is contacting you they have good reason to and 99.9% of the time have what they need in order to sue you or they wouldn't bother taking on the case file. The best thing to do is contact them and speak with them and see what you can do to deal with the issue at hand...I think you will be pleased to find out that they are not going to bite you and that as with anyone else are always willing to work with you.

    Stephen Walters
    8 Main Street East
    L8N 1E8
    (905) 296-3537
  • SheRocks
    Why are u calling me, I dont know anyone in hamilton, I live in Belleville Ont., And especially dont need to hear from lawyers office, instead of threatening, let me know who your "so called client" is, when u leave a message, maybe it is from a past in my life.....
  • all the time
    I had a call too from this number. I got a name to call back, and a number. But it came up unnamed on my id. I could only get out of my voice mail that she left....Stephen Walters=====office.I haven't called back.

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