• KJ
    January 30, 2017
    Scammed for skin care product called Image Revive (good reviews all over google). Same # called me before I filled out the on-line application. Got the product that didn't do anything. Called on day 14 as I noticed a charge pending for $161.35. They said the 14 day trial was over and I owed them for the product (1.5 mls) even though it took 3 days delivery. Credit company alerted and now you are too. Block this number!
  • Andre
    December 29, 2016
    Keeps calling but never leaves a message. Clearly this number belongs to a fraudster
  • Jan
    March 24, 2016
    I have had 5 phone calls so far today! I am not answering it but was curious enough to check if there were any other reports. I have the number blocked though I still see it has called after the fact. Glad I checked! It's been a day with several other numbers that aren't familiar. Must be a blitz or something because they have got to be from the same place given the close proximity time wise!
  • Caroline
    March 17, 2016
    Called me and told me I got in a minor accident. I just told him I never got into an accident and my car was brand new. He giggled kind of nervously and I just hung up. My father knew wright away and told me to hang up.
  • Andy
    March 15, 2016
    So we put up our house for sale recently, and these people call saying they want to come see our house. Don't know if they will actually show up. But this number has been calling our number for a year now from time to time. I know it's some Indian people who can use the indian accent really well but can also use a Canadian accent.
  • PRA pretends to be Revenue Canada!
    March 8, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Same company called my cell with an unknown number (but could see PRA on the caller ID!) and ask for my former married name (1995!)in the USA when I was a teen back then I accumulated a few cc but paired them off. As of 1996 I was back to my middle name and had perfect credit since then. Now I move back to Canada and for some reasons they are asking for my former name. As I am curious but don't want to fall into their game I said that I was a friend of hers but she now lives abroad.

    They said that they where from Revenue Canada and that they tried to send her a check of $46 but it was returned and they needed the full address of the person they where asking for (my former married name from 1995!). I said well give me your phone number and I will have her call you back but as I said she lives abroad and we only Skype once in a while so that is all the info I have. She said that they only have call out numbers! As I was on the phone I googled Revenue Canada and told her I have the number and will call her back as my cell battery was dying. She said that her number was not associated with the revenue Canada phone number on the site!!?? WHAT??!!

    This viper argued with me, I played her game, I needed to know how far they would go, pretending to be a revenue Canada agent is fraud, isn't it??!!

    Before hanging up she again said, remember this is very important and I am from Revenue Canada, we have a check for her, I will call you back next week to give you time to get her info!!

    She gave me her name (can't remember) and I did call Revenue Canada, no one of that name, of course! I have told the RC of this situation, they toke the info down, I was told it is indeed very illegal to pretend to be a Gov agent in deceit to get money out of me no matter if we owe them money!!

    I usually don't post online much but I feel people needs to know, as she sounded very convincing and now with tax time around the corner it makes people believe it could be for real!
    Caller: PRA collection agency
  • Deb
    March 7, 2016
    I received this call early in the morning. Said they were calling from Microsoft, then a long pause. I have since checked here and blocked the number
  • Vince
    January 30, 2016
    Called this morning, no message left.
  • ROSS
    December 18, 2015
    CALL THIS # 1 +1 855-219-4509 FOR MICROSOFT SUPPORT
    I called then hung up when he started to ask questions of my full name and email address
    then he called back from (613) 237-8429 trying to get me to login in and give him control of my computer 3 times. BEST ADVICE JUST HANG UP HE IS A SCAM ARTIST
  • Cas
    December 16, 2015
    Did not answer call from this number. Today is December 16, 2015.
  • Rich
    December 1, 2015
    Told me I have PC virus.. No computer so not possible!! Lol

Sample complaints we have found for (613) 237-8429

  • Jack
    A guys with Indian accent called from this number for Duct Clean Service,I tried to continue the conversation with him:Him "it is xxxx from yyyy duct cleaning service"me "what service?"Him "cleaning duct at a flat rate"me "how much is the flat rate?"Him "before I tell you about the flat rate, can you tell me how many rooms in the house?"me "ten"Him "how many square feet?"me "5000 sqft"Him "how many furnaces in the house?"me "1000"he hang up ........
  • drudd
    I got this number, dont reconise it
  • Jean Seguin
    I had a call at 8 o'clock todaytell me that I had virus in my operating system. He ask me to use the Windows and the letter R key simultanously and to put a command in the Run Windows EVEMGR I think......I told the Indian guy that my computer freeze and that I need to go to the bathroom.....and it was not the case but i suspect a arnark......
  • Microsoft my $&@!%
    Saturday morning, a woman with an Indian accent called me from this number.   She identified herself as a Microsoft employee, then warned us that a malicious virus has infected our computer.   We threatened to call the police and tell them about her fraudulence.   She said "go ahead" then hung up.
  • Bad Morning
    I got a call from this number at 6:24 a.m. Did not answer my hellos then hung up.
  • Jessie
    Its from a prank call site.  At the end whoever dialed you number from that site "prankdial.com" the person can tape your call and yeah it's annoying.  They're recordings.

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