• Suzanne
    March 2, 2017
    United States
    This lady just called my boss and asked to speak with him. When I said he was not available she wanted to know if he was in the office. I told her again that he was unavailable. She asked when he would be available and I checked his calendar and said that I could schedule a call in approximately 2 weeks and she stated that she must talk to him today. Said she was from some company called Ahron (sp). Probably a marketing call. I put her in voicemail. I feel that if it were "urgent" that she would have shared a bit more.

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  • Mad
    I have been getting calls from this for the last 6 months, it happens about once every other week and continues the entire day, it consists of constant beeping. They call all times of night and day and leave voicemails if I don't answer.  EXTREMELY ANNOYING.  ATT can't do anything about it, it has always showed up as unknown until the other day it showed up as (514) 958-0000. This needs to stop.
  • FT
    I live in vancouver bc and get a call everyday from these idiots ..... Beeep....Beeeeep.....Beeep.  Is there anyway to stop it?  I am about to snap!
  • If I find you I'll kill you
    Plant Test PQ losers must have a way to know when a fax originated from a phone line.  Yesterday I sent the first (and only) fax from a dedicated line I've had for well over 6 months and within 12 hours I received an attempted fax (my fax was offline where it will remain) from them.  I declare JIHAD on these telemarketers!  Seriously, you must contact your local congressmen and tell them we need legislation that forces ALL CALLERS to reveal who they are and where they are, and allowing for unlimited call-blocking from the recipient side.

    Another way to hurt these schmucks is to simply NEVER DO BUSINESS from faxed offered or cold-calls.  ALL TELEMARKETING would go away if people would simply say NO all the time.  It's the idiots who think they can get a free trip to Orlando or the Bahamas that keep the other idiots calling and disturbing the rest of us!
  • Vancouver
    Fax machine calls everyday.  Telus will do nothing.  Filed a complaint with the CRTC - will see if that helps.

    Telus says it is a generic number telemarketers use - it cannot be blocked or traced.  Only solution is to change my phone number.  I don't believe that.  We will see if Telus is lying or not.
  • Tahnee
    They are faxing my telephone number.
  • home phone - not medical
    They (Aapex health supplies.com) have called our home phone for months trying to leave a fax:  I let the fax come through and the removal number states it is:                                     +1 866-486-9741.  I tried it and we will see what happensNote: on the flyer; the fax number is +1 877-325-7757 and phone number is +1 877-325-7756

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