• Anonymous
    February 25, 2019
  • vik
    March 29, 2016
    guess, they not just called me but left a voice mail to call them back , .... ??

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  • MTLresident
    Once again, at 10:11 this morning (Feb3/14), we received another one of those calls from EOS NCN. I called and spoke to an agent asking the reason of their call and why when we answered, they hung up. The agent said that "they have problems with their telephone system when they log in in the morning and that it could happen".... yeah, right! He wanted to know our phone number. I was the one who hung up!
  • Eric
    J'ai attendu sur la ligne et quelqu'un ma répond après 30 seconde. Ses une agence de recouvrement.
  • boubou
    Me too, same here, yesterday evening, no idea who it is.
  • NewsJournal
    the phone number (514) 850-2763 is for NCR.  they are a collect agency.  dont talk to them, just hang up or ignore their calls.a collect agency has no legal right against you.  they would need to get an order of a court to be able to do what so ever.  Until, they do get a court order, they can only harrass you like they do.  never give them your name or any infos. never admit that you own money to who ever.just don't tell them nothing.if they keep on doing their harrasment, here is what you do:first, if you send them a registered letter asking that they stop calling. it is the law.  they will them just send you ordinairy letter...don t even botter opening their letters.  you can put them directly to your garbage.secondo, you make a complaint with your government consummer protection agency for harassment.you can also go open a complaint for harassment with your local police.in a lot of case, they won't get a judgement from a court because, it would cost them more in fees than the actual debt.also, they buy "debt package" from pools.  Usually, they can't even get all the required documents to get in court. they buy package for pennies on the dollar.  The employees of collections agency don t even know about the law.  they have the obligation to give you their name, phone, adress and their collection agency permit.  you ask them when they call, they will get mad and start telling you b***s*** story...they will go over the law to scare you.for a good laught, you can tell thim that you don't own them money. tell them, to get a court order.  but still, for large debt...they could do. before they do.  if won t be in the hands of collection agency, but with a lawyer.  Again, you don t own nothing to them.  same song, get an jugement from a court. Collection agencies and lawyers don't decide for yourself.  they don't make the rules.
  • ADAM
    Stop Calling Here Now.
  • NewsJournal

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