• Anti-Rob
    April 20, 2019
    Debt collector
    Caller: Collections OR Collections impersonator.

    To: Rob - I have zero sympathy for you. You legitimately owed money to a company. I don't care what the service was like, that's not their problem at all - it's yours.

    Stop being a little sissy and pay your bills. Thats your problem that you got yourself involved in an expensive phone contract. Stop purchasing items you know you can't afford to pay off.
  • Anonymous
    March 2, 2019
    (416) 482-7691
    (289) 403-9779
    these numbers call you, deny or dont answer, iy just begins a path of robocalls. auto block the numbers. Claims they are a collections agent from Rogers and wanted to patch me thru to an agent. 7 years plus and a $52 balance has escalated to over $800.00 Pffff.
  • Anonymous
    February 25, 2019
    No dealings with a credit dept, calls 3/4 times a day don’t answer
  • canuck
    February 20, 2019
    Caller: cvb collections

    They've been calling me over and over for last 2 year.s.

    It is CBV Collections ....A Fraudulent "Boiler Room"
    an Operation which harasses people over the phone .

    They extort money while pretending to be legitimate
    business and having legitimate claims.

    They frequently change phone numbers
    (a fraudulent activity on its own) so you cannot simply
    block their number.

    They operate from Markham and from
    British Columbia...Purely Criminal activity.....relying
    on extortion from those gullible enough to pay the

    I think the best way to deal with them is to call them
    over and over with obscenities and demand to remove
    your phone number from they calling list.. They try to
    fish for personal information about you. Never give
    them your name.or anything else....
    The number to remove from their calling list they
    can see on their display.

    And the phone number they can get from their display
    so they have it anyway. Never give them your name.
    or anything else....

    Flooding them with the calls actually prevents them
    from working... They cannot do anything legally

    if you use obscenities.....Call them every few seconds
    until they remove your number from their calling

    Try to enjoy this kind of reverse harassment....it is
    truly healing for the psyche after 10th call.....

    Most of the women in cbv call centre are aged
    worn off pro**itutes agreeing to work for half
    of minimum wage out of desperation.
    The owner is their pimp.

    They are used to all sorts of name calling so be creative
    with the language you use...

    And then It is truly fun when you hear them more
    and more frustrated. and stressed out.
    This is the best way to bankrupt this fraudulent

    It would be very useful be to post online the details
    of the owner and the callers for everybody to see
    Perhaps some more frustrated ppl would act on

    The other is bringing complaint to police..If enough
    complaints will be brought the police will take a look
    on them and file criminal charges against those MOFO's.


    TIC TOC TIC TOC.....

    I know you read this.....This is only beginning, you *POS*
  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2019
    Very odd that they would persist for a disconnection charge for seven YEARS that a company said I owed for cancelling their service.
    Firstly, a disconnection charge is just a pathetic means of exhorting additional revenue out of a captive market and secondly, out of principle I refuse to pay it!
    If anything, persistence just reinforces my resolve to never ever deal with this company again and also ensures that I will continuously tell everyone I know about the numerous issues I had, that my Rogers bills frequently had ‘bill creep’, that new invented charges would suddenly appear, channels that were previously free suddenly cost money and a whole host of other nefarious b.s.
    Do what I do and just block each caller- it goes straight to voicemail and then it can be deleted after listening to the first few seconds to figure out who called.
  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2019
    Caller: CBV Collections

    A collection service that calls constantly. Claiming i owe them money. I just hung up the phone. I now don`t answer these call i would recommend you to do the same.
  • Anonymous
    January 31, 2019
    Caller: cbv

    keep calling all day 7 days a week if so important leave a f----------king message you ignorant people, believe that is what normal decent people would do not sure why your even calling get a life

Sample complaints we have found for (416) 482-7691

  • kitty
    Business Contact and Profile

    Name: CBV Collections Services Ltd.

    Phone: (416) 482-7691

    Address: 100 Sheppard Avenue East

    Toronto, ON M2N 6N5

    File Open Date: November 2009

    Type of Business: Call Centres

    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
  • Jenne
    These people are obnoxiously rude. Pathetically rude. Ive never ran across such rude telemarketers in my life. They call from 7am to 10 at night asking for someone who doesnt live here. I have told them time and time again that they have the wrong number and they get all huffy, accuse me of lying and hang up on me! Then they call me all over again the next morning and say the same thing. I finally got fed up and began calling them to see if I can get a manager, but NO ONE PICKS UP THE PHONE!! Its always a voice mail, and this morning, I finally got fed up and i called them back and left a mega pissed f- bomb mssg telling them to stop f'n calling they have the wrong f'n number. and yes they ARE rude. i called them b***hes tooand GUESS WHAT? They havent called since. ROFL
  • Really
    These clowns keep trying to call me saying I owe money....Funny ha ha on them....I have nothing in my name(all in my husbands)  I declared bankrupcy over 7 years ago... I'd really like to know how you got this number for me as the cell phone number you called is also in my husbands name....
  • lolz
    clearly answered your own question. anything in your husbands name they will find. they even found my basement apartment i pay with cash. dont even know how
  • krustytheklown
    Got a robocall from these clowns at 7:36am, that stated "Stay on the line for an important message about your credit". Turns out its a collection agency known as CVB Collections.  I called them back and got a hold of an actual person, whom I promptly told to stop calling me at inappropriate hours or I would report them.

    And then I got the "please stop giving me attitude, sir" line and she hung up.
  • Michael
    Certain it's debt collection company (off work 3-years so have lots of them). This one doesn't adhere to 2-3 calls per week non-annoy regulations.  I set my phone private so the go straight to voicemail but I still have calling logs.  Today they called 110 times between 0910 & 2032.  Same Mon-Sat. Sometimes they call only minutes apart.  After initial weeks with messages they just crash dial me now (or so they think).

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