• Michael
    April 17, 2018
    Unsolicited call
    At 8 AM on April 17 2018 I got a call from (416) 343-7050. Message left was just some noise. When I called the number, I got the old "number is no longer in service"...That night at 1:09 AM I heard a bang on my door. I come out and there is a police officer standing at my door, his car in my driveway. He says "Do you have a problem with your phone?" I said "I don't know and I don't care, its 1 AM and I was sleeping". He said that he had a message on his "system" that I had a problem with my phone and because I can't call 911 he had to advise me of this. We got into an argument and I said to him that I didn't think it was necessary for him to be banging on my door in the middle of the night about my phone. Anyways it turned out that my phone was actually just fine.
    Next day I called the police and gave them my story. They were able to check it and told me that someone called 911 from my number and than the call was disconnected. In those situations police are obligated to visit the residence to make sure that everything is OK.
    My experience with (416) 343-7050 is similar to many other comments and that's why I posted it. It has to do with the police and 911 calls. Unfortunately the cops were unwilling to pursue this with me to try and figure this out so I think this will continue to happen.
    I think its time that CRTC or the govt. or somebody got after Bell and Rogers and got them to properly police their networks.
    It should not be possible for anyone to call from a number "that is no longer in service"!? This nuisance that millions of customers have to endure should end. Of course Bell and Rogers have really no incentive to fix this. Not only it would cost them money but also they would not be making as much money from selling unlisted numbers and call display services. Corporate greed wins again and consumers lose. Its a disgrace.
  • Rg
    September 22, 2016
    Just got a call from this number around 2am!
    When I try to call back the call doesn't go through
  • liz
    July 6, 2016
    Its Toronto Police Parking Enforcement. Typically they only call you when they have arrived at your place because you have placed a call to them for some parking infraction on your property.
    The reason they dont answer if you call back is because you need to go through switch board. This number does not accept incoming calls.
  • Jennifer Dudding
    September 9, 2015
    I just received a call from this number, but I did not pick it up.
    I have a Mobilicity phone and it shows that I made an Emergency call using 112, which is doubtful since my phone was in my pocket and turned off.
    I tried calling the number back, and received message "wireless number is unavailable at this time, please try again later"...
  • doesnt matter
    December 25, 2014
    I just got call from (416) 343-7050 , i tried calling back but getting busy signal , call doesn't go anywhere.

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  • j man
    I got a call this evening, same thing, "this is the toronto police dept 911 services, we got a call from this cell #. Is everything ok?"  I hope this is not a scam of some sort.  I called it back and nothing, I got a busy signal. I think will call the police dept. and report this #.
  • just because
    Got a called from this number right after midnight more or less 1am just got out from dinner with a friend and walking to the car, when suddenly the phone ring wasn't going to answer because i just purchase my new hand set about two days ago so no one has my number and i haven't made any calls from it etc.... but when i did all i heard was hi you called 911 is everything ok i was like hu... i am sorry proberly the phone got pressed so i ended the call but i was thinking my phone was locked i check my caller id to find out i didnt dial any 911 number. so i dial a 911 number just to see if it would show in my caller id and i did so i was wondering how they can say i called when it doesnt show.
  • c
    Definitely the Toronto Police Services. I had personally called 911 for personal reason and they followed back 2 hours later with this phone number.
  • Sanaa
    They called me too saying that I called 911... I checked my history & my phone never called though ...WTF?
  • Sergio
    Toronto Police Service.The Emergency Call button on the blackberry triggers it. The phone may come unlocked and accidentally dial it. It has happened a few times to me. The people on the other line are very nice tho.Always felt embarrassed while talking to them.
  • mike
    i got a call from this number (416) 343-7050 and ask me if i dialled 911i told her no i didn't ....y are they calling me...i didnt dialed 911 and when i return called this number its disconnected right away..

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