• Michael
    April 17, 2018
    Unsolicited call
    At 8 AM on April 17 2018 I got a call from (416) 343-7050. Message left was just some noise. When I called the number, I got the old "number is no longer in service"...That night at 1:09 AM I heard a bang on my door. I come out and there is a police officer standing at my door, his car in my driveway. He says "Do you have a problem with your phone?" I said "I don't know and I don't care, its 1 AM and I was sleeping". He said that he had a message on his "system" that I had a problem with my phone and because I can't call 911 he had to advise me of this. We got into an argument and I said to him that I didn't think it was necessary for him to be banging on my door in the middle of the night about my phone. Anyways it turned out that my phone was actually just fine.
    Next day I called the police and gave them my story. They were able to check it and told me that someone called 911 from my number and than the call was disconnected. In those situations police are obligated to visit the residence to make sure that everything is OK.
    My experience with (416) 343-7050 is similar to many other comments and that's why I posted it. It has to do with the police and 911 calls. Unfortunately the cops were unwilling to pursue this with me to try and figure this out so I think this will continue to happen.
    I think its time that CRTC or the govt. or somebody got after Bell and Rogers and got them to properly police their networks.
    It should not be possible for anyone to call from a number "that is no longer in service"!? This nuisance that millions of customers have to endure should end. Of course Bell and Rogers have really no incentive to fix this. Not only it would cost them money but also they would not be making as much money from selling unlisted numbers and call display services. Corporate greed wins again and consumers lose. Its a disgrace.
  • Rg
    September 22, 2016
    Just got a call from this number around 2am!
    When I try to call back the call doesn't go through
  • liz
    July 6, 2016
    Its Toronto Police Parking Enforcement. Typically they only call you when they have arrived at your place because you have placed a call to them for some parking infraction on your property.
    The reason they dont answer if you call back is because you need to go through switch board. This number does not accept incoming calls.
  • Jennifer Dudding
    September 9, 2015
    I just received a call from this number, but I did not pick it up.
    I have a Mobilicity phone and it shows that I made an Emergency call using 112, which is doubtful since my phone was in my pocket and turned off.
    I tried calling the number back, and received message "wireless number is unavailable at this time, please try again later"...
  • doesnt matter
    December 25, 2014
    I just got call from (416) 343-7050 , i tried calling back but getting busy signal , call doesn't go anywhere.

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  • Deepanwita
    got a call from (416) 343-7050 . Asked if I have any emergencies ...??? What was that ?
  • Ahmed
    this number is associated with area code 202 these washed out cons they offer bogus trip they just want to get credit card number i am sick and tired of getting call from this number
  • pheonix
    I don't know where you guys are getting the theory that this is a cops number cause I got 13 calls in a row from them just now in the past hour.... No messages nothing.... Every time I called it bk the call was either dropped, lost, busy or beeps.... And for the past 20 min its been telling me that "the network is currently busy please redial the number and try again" but its in the automated girls voice from rogers.... And when I called the cops they told me (after 45 mins of being on hold and transfered n s**t) that they didn't know the number or couldn't find any information on it..... And even if it was the cops number... Or anything to do with them.... Do you really think they'll tell us??? Like come on.... I've lived in toronto pretty much all my life and I'm sorry but no effin cop on the gta force is gunna tell you if it was their f*** up or intentional on their part... Their too proud to admit theve made a mistake and too smart to admit that they were tracking, checking up on, or even investigating you.... Trust me I should know.... Lol cops are smart man... But predictable... I've been in many situations to learn this... I aint saying no more... So believe me when I tell you that it aint no po-po!!!! Someone is doing some serious f*ckery.... And to tell ya the truth... I'm scared for my kids... I've had this number call me before a few months ago... But I had a different number... There was heavy breathing for a few weeks... Then they were telling me they were gunna kill me n my kids... N rape us n s**t... Now I'm a single mother of a 3 year old son and a 9 month old daughter.... So I called the cops... Whoever it was knew mine n my kids name, eherre I lived, and everything.... They tried tracking the number n came up with nothing.... It was like it was a ghost line!!!! Someone is seriously f***ing around.... I know this is going to sound bad but I'm actually glad its not just me this is happening to.... Its a bit comforting none the less.... I wish I could make that sound better then it does... But all I have to say is be carefull and if this kind of s**t happens to you... There is really nothing you can do about it.... Trust me I've tried...
  • Lynda
    I received a call from this number last night at 4am, but didn't answer. At around 2:30am I came home from a wedding with a friend who was beligerently drunk and uncooperative, became a bit physical with me and insulting, wouldn't leave when I asked him to so I warned him several times I would call police but he wouldn't leave so I finally did. I gave them his description and he walked away after I locked my door. I went to sleep shortly after and at 4:11am I received a call from this number but I assumed it was my drunk friend calling me from a payphone so I didn't answer. Have not received any other calls from the number, which I find odd if they are some dispatch line checking up on 911 callers, because if I didn't answer, wouldn't it be safe to assume something happened to me? Pathetic follow-up if thats what it really is.
  • just because
    Got a called from this number right after midnight more or less 1am just got out from dinner with a friend and walking to the car, when suddenly the phone ring wasn't going to answer because i just purchase my new hand set about two days ago so no one has my number and i haven't made any calls from it etc.... but when i did all i heard was hi you called 911 is everything ok i was like hu... i am sorry proberly the phone got pressed so i ended the call but i was thinking my phone was locked i check my caller id to find out i didnt dial any 911 number. so i dial a 911 number just to see if it would show in my caller id and i did so i was wondering how they can say i called when it doesnt show.
  • Artic
    It happened to me too I was at the movies and it dialed 911. I'm not sure if I should call the police department there.

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