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  • Annoyed
    Also had a call from this number several times. Lived in Hong Kong previously and it was possible to have these calls stopped through an ombudsmen, but it seems we don't have that luxury in Canada. Why is that?
  • pissed
    Very noisy call from Sammy, appeared to be a telemarketer, but the yelling and screaming in the back ground drowned out all other conversation.  He hung up on me when I said I didn't know him and couldn't hear him.  Hopefully wont call again.
  • Nick Dickerson
    I just got a ring from this number, which means this punk is doing random cold calls because, you see, no one actually has my cel#. Nice to see my suspicion is right here!
  • avina
    Got a call from 250-714-0921.  Couldn't find my phone so didn't answer.  Waited for a message but there wasn't one.  Looked the number up on line and from the comments either a telemarketer or someone making random calls.
  • Annoyed
    Canada, BC, 250-714-0921 - A woman, calling herself MIA, business consultant. "Hi, how are ya".a) I don't know you, I am not going to tell you how I am, b) WHERE did you get my number, I'm not in the phonebook.c) here is no business, never was.d) I am spreading your number across the internet, just to give you an idea how it is when you are bothered all the time with stupid calls from strangers.e) STOP CALLING private people, dimwits. If you want to call businesses, then do so. There are enough around, just do your homework.
  • Victor
    UNKNOWN caller

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