• Anonymous
    December 21, 2019
    Caller: 788 8588

    Received call asking if I refused treatment, I indicate, yes , but did not want to hear that I was there for 5 hours and that I would have to wait another hour before an bladder test need to be performed when there are two doctors attending to me, however, they were earlier shooting the sh*t, while I was still waiting to see-you the same two doctors.
  • Anonymous
    July 20, 2019
    Caller: Don’t know

    Phone number not recognized. Left message saying my first name and it is after hours to call back. All family accounted for. Didn’t return call
  • Garbie
    May 26, 2019
    Scam call
    Caller: (204) 788-8588

    I’ve blocked it and still get repeated calls. Says it’s my area code. I have never answered it and from the look of the complaint comments above, I sure won’t. So glad I had call display.
  • Anonymous
    March 20, 2018
    United States
    This number has called me several times. I have never been to the hospital nor have I been out if the state I live in. How can we stop these calls. I blocked them and they still call at all hours. I was woke up at midnight from this number. Most annoying person on earth. STOP CALLING ME!
  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2018
    Scam call
    Some lady named Joan just called me after I came back from Victoria Urgent care to ask about my experience. When I said I was very unhappy there she just hang up on me....rude!

Sample complaints we have found for (204) 788-8588

  • David wilson
    After just a couple of hours and investigation . It's Ipsos Reid located at 900-363 Carlton near broadway. I worked there for two days and it was an awfull company . Get tuis they hunt down people for collection companies and other things . Or some nut job at there company . When I answered this is Ipsos Reid I didn't hear much and they didn't call back. Internet is a powerfulthing. They hunt you down and get paid for it how sick
  • Bobby
    Yes, used for all Winnipeg, and Brandon hospitals a WRHA number with many uses. As if someone calls from a hospital, you leave emerg, with out being seen, they call, but can only talk to the patient as its the law of the Personal health Information act. (PHIA). Some people don't want others to know there in emerge or urgent Care for personal reasons, same reason a message can't be left. Also If you are a patient, use one of the emerg. phones to call someone this # will also appear, but can not be called back.
  • Chris
    This is also the number used for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's after hours service.  

    My girlfriend works as a healthcare aide and often gets calls from this number when her schedule is changed or during emergencies.  Perhaps some people getting calls from this number receive home care services?
  • drea
    hi i received the same call, did you find out who this call came from 788-8588
  • Inspectorgadget
    "Lorin" asked to speak to my wife. Since I was on long distance I asked him to leave a message. He refused citing confidential matters. I asked him the subject he wanted to talk to my wife-he refused and hungup.
  • david
    Hospital call backs for southern MB. mainly Winnipeg and Brandon. leave an ER without seeing a Dr. they call, Someone using a patient phone this # appears, a nurse calling you, etc... Appointment reminders, even for Cancer care Manitoba. A general one number does it all type thing to keep confidentiality and follow privacy rules. Not aloud to leave messages and can only talk to the one there calling for. like a Dr. cant give info. without specific consent from the patient, neither can the people calling from (204) 778-8588, as it is about that specific patient. They will call for up to 24 hours if you ditch the emergency room, to see if your alright, or have gotten treatment somewhere else.

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