• Anonymous
    February 6, 2018
    United States
    Keep calling a harassing me about a debt with MDG which I don’t know anything about
  • titsally
    August 3, 2017
    thanks apreciate the message being burnt twice by these scumbags garbage equipment ... with extras i never gave permission to ..
  • Julie
    February 28, 2013
    I got an email from Michelle Smit from Stephen Walters Professional Corporation, the address that she provided me leads to a BMA Management Consultants, same address and suite number but different phone numbers.

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  • DVToby3
    New name same scam- Rosanne calling from Steven Walker Law Office with the same threatening phone calls regarding a claim against me. No letter prior to calling. I'll let her speak to my answering machine for now. Call back number (905) 296-3537
  • Segs22
    We live in Alberta and I've never personally HEARD of Premier fitness yet this B*TCH called and tried to collect money on an outstanding gym fee threatening with legal action....hmmmmmmm....have never heard of Premier fitness so how do I 'owe' to a company that I've never heard of in another province!  What a scumbag!
  • dintje
    My ex-mother in law got three calls from this "law firm" for me saying it was in regards to and "extreme health claim" . I owe nobody nothing and have no idea what they are talking about. Her first name was Ann @ the phone number (905) 296-3537. I googled Steve Walters Law office in Hamilton, and there is no such office. I'm grateful for this site and all information. Just thought I would add my story. I will be reporting them to the Government and Law Society as suggested. I also phoned them and told them the same if the calls don't stop. Let's see where that goes. Thanks all, for ur stories and info. I don't understand how these people sleep at night. :)
  • cant figure it
    Has any one ever delt with or had issues with MDG computers? been getting calls for the (905) 296-3647 # geuss who Michelle Smit I have been arguing with MDG for months they say 1600$ I say 1000$ MDG needs to be audited and investigated!
  • lisa
    if anyone is having problems with this michelle from steven  walters law firm. she has be contacting me constantly about a debt from mdg computers. it has gotten to the point where she has contacted me so much by phone, i had to tell her to contact me via mail only . she completly ignored my request to do so. I contacted consumer protection agency about her and what she has done. the lady checked into the name of the law firm and they arent even a liscensed collection agency
    so if anyone is having any other problems with this michelle that works for this law firm/ collection agency just give consumer protection a call and put a complaint in and they will take the neccesary steps for this company

    hope this information helps people
  • SK
    since my last post I have received yet another call from "michelle".I refused to answer the call and her voicemail stated that she had not recieved my payment via mail and had a deadline for the 27th and the day she called is the 26th.I was never provided a forwarding mail address to send a payment in the first place!! I have  been in touch with the bradford exchange and they had acknowledged that they had put forth my account to 2 different collection agencies. One I have received formal letters from requesting payment and clearly stating the client they represent and the amount and that I could forward payment to themselves or be in contact with the client. The other however, is another story. The bradford exchange had provided me with a name of "Inter Canada Credit" and a phone number of 1-+1 888-738-7277. When I tried to call this so called reputable collections company I was connected with a REWARDS CENTER????? I tried the # again and the same thing. I then contacted the bradford exchange once again to confirm the # and it was in fact the one they had listed. The only other information they could give me was an email address and a mailing address of

    875 main ST west
    Hamilton Ontario L8R 4R1

    During my conversation with the rep from the bradford exchange I was assured that I could always make payment with them, which was stated by Michelle that I could not. I then went online to look up this "Inter Canada Credit" and saw this plain website that my 10 year old could manufacture with that same 800 number. As I read through some of there pages I found this and I quote
    "There is no such thing as a mailing queue in our office. Every single file will receive attention from a recovery officer, and every debtor will be contacted by telephone if they can be located.We believe letters and written notice should supplement our staff, not the opposite." Which could potentially explain why no previous correspondance and the direct call from her.So I went to the pages of paying my debt and the payment requests were by credit card and western union, or a money order could be sent to an address similar to that the bradford exchange company had provided but with a slightly different postal code.????????hmmmm. Still having my hackles up I have phoned and paid the Bradford Exchange directly and I am not sure what to make of this "michelle" if she is the real thing or not and how the Stephen Walters law office and Inter Canada Credit are potentially linked.I do however know that should she contact me again she will be in for a very rude and abrupt fouled language conversation.

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