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    May 9, 2017
    Event Reminder
    Calgary, Canada
    Shaw Communications courtesy call reminding us of an appointment that we had booked.
  • N/A
    February 8, 2013
    Calgary, Canada
    @ "Thieves!" I get it's telemarketing and it's annoying, but there is no way for Shaw Cable to determine you're home via an "active cable signal." The problem with this theory is that people like myself leave our machines on throughout the day (be it PC, cable box, whatever). PCs can also be remotely accessed and set to download information via remote desktop, which means I could start a movie, or video game to download on my PC without having to be at my PC. So no, that does not happen, there's no way Shaw Cable can tell you're home short of showing up to your door or making a phone call to ask if you are (Source: several years working in IT, Networking & Security). The billing issue is also completely plausible. When you pay a bill through your bank or through online payments, the amount is immediately deducted from the account, however can take between 3-5 business days to post the recipient's account (this is something your bank should inform you of, either at the teller or through a message on their website). Based on that alone one can surmise that this is the cause of your issue, considering payment is being made only two days prior to the due date. Unless of course you make a direct payment at a Shaw establishment, in which case you need to pull your bank statements, provide them with the evidence and demand a credit.

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  • Sherrie
    1-888-472-2222 keeps calling me and hanging  upReally fed upIt is an anonymous call as well
  • Minnie391
    I keep getting these calls, too.  I don't deal with Shaw, have never dealt with Shaw, and after this, will never, never deal with Shaw.  My internet is with MTS, and my satellite is with Bell, and no complaints with either of them.  I'll be sure to pass on my recommendations (and guess what they are!!) to all my friends and family!
  • Enila Litneg
    Who is calling me at my home with the above number?  What does the caller want?  Thank you for your help.
  • wes
    hi get back to me 604-217-3694
  • John R
    I wouldn't be too sure. I worked in a call centre and often people who thought they were paid up were actually behind 2 months. Common cause was an unknown missed payment or an expired or cancelled credit card. Payments also take 2-4 days to go through from a bank to a company. Just sayin'.
  • buff
    Got my 500th call tonight from 888-472-2222, and it has been 4.5 years since SHAW said they would put a note on my account to stop telemarketing calls.  Yes, four and one-half years.  The rep, some dips**t from Kelowna, tries to sell me an integrated home package of cable, internet and phone.  I always say no, he always says he will put a note on my account...you get the picture.  What a lying poopsock!  I hate SHAW so much that I would pay for Mike Duffy's cable just so he could blather at them.

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