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  • Steve F
    This Rebecca person has been calling me.  When I called her back i found out she is an investigator wanted infromation on a fight I was a witness to at a ball game last year.
  • A Nony Mouse
    Theresa, as she calls herself, is getting quite cranky that I'm not returning her phone calls. OK, so you got a file on your desk. It's about someone I know. Well, then why don't you do YOUR job and leave me alone, or else, you get to pay me $1500 for me to do your job, and I get paid in advance!

    Sorry, I don't do other people's work. That's why she gets paid the small bucks.
  • Samantha Godwin
    They have been calling me for years. It's a scam. I bank with Wells Fargo, they verified that it was a scam. they gave me back the money these so called collectors took from me. Do not fall for it!
  • Jeff W
    Someone has been calling me from this number asking for location information.  They are private investigators.  It is about a car accident I caused last year.
  • Don
    Someone named Kelli has been calling me for over 2 weeks now.  I finally called her back yesterday,she is working for some private investigator.  She told me that there is a lawsuit being filled against me and she has been hired to locate me for the courts.  She wanted a good service address.
  • Ester
    Gina has called me over and over for more then a month.  I called back today she is trying to find my old neighbor from about 2 years ago.  I told her I have no idea how to reach him.  I think he is in Ohio now

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