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  • John
    Got a call from these wackos about a Bank of America account I never had.  Even after telling them I've never been with Bank of America and that I will never do business with Bank of America after all the horror stories I've heard about them, this woman still asks "How do you want to pay this balance? Check, credit card...?"   I know you dont need much experience to work at a collection agency, but this is nuts.  What part of "Ive never been with Bank of America or never will be" do you not understand?   Even more funnier is even though the person they are looking for is the same name as mine, but doesnt live in the same city or area code as me.  What kind of "investigators" are these people?  Will be filing a complaint with my state's attorney general's office.
  • Nate
    Keep getting calls from this number. We're on the Do Not Call Registry and don't answer unidentified calls. They never leave a message.
  • Steve
    Rebecca has been calling my # i have been ignoring it for over a month now but she does not stop.  I finally called back she is an investigator trying to locate my aunt who lives in North Carolina.  I told her I will give her the info that she needs if she will stop calling me.  She promissed that the calls will stop.
  • A Nony Mouse
    Theresa, as she calls herself, is getting quite cranky that I'm not returning her phone calls. OK, so you got a file on your desk. It's about someone I know. Well, then why don't you do YOUR job and leave me alone, or else, you get to pay me $1500 for me to do your job, and I get paid in advance!

    Sorry, I don't do other people's work. That's why she gets paid the small bucks.
  • Judy
    Someone named Terea has been calling me every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  I did finally call back and it turns out she works for a private investigator.  She told me she is working for the irs and I owe some back taxes.  I knew I owed the taxes but I did not know they would hire a pi to find me.  I did work out an arrangement with her.  So I guess I won't go to jail.
  • Steve F
    This Rebecca person has been calling me.  When I called her back i found out she is an investigator wanted infromation on a fight I was a witness to at a ball game last year.

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