• Tired of This
    March 9, 2017
    Halifax, Canada
    I was getting a lot of calls from another phone number which was a scam. When I stopped answering the phone they stopped. Now I think they are calling from this number.

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  • Ronni
    They call and no one says anything. We call back and they ask our account number. When you refuse to give it to them they ask for a name. The name i gave is actually from bell or virgin i have both and they can't find it. Imagine that.idiots..my husband called them back and they gave him the run around and wouldn't say who they work for only that they are affiliated with bell and virgin mobile. Just threaten to call police if they call again..
  • Tickedoff
    Its Virgin Mobile Collections calling me about someone I dont even know!  I dont know the person, I am not a VM customer, I dont even know anybody who is.  The first call I told them they were in error and politely asked to have my number taken off thier call list;  I was assured that was done.  Since then I have gotten about a dozen calls at all hours of the day, from some very, very rude people. We are shift workers with small children, s u can imagine the trouble this causes! The minute I begin to complain, they hang up on me.  i ask for a supervisor, i get the runaround, they hang up on me!  I took to calling them back, but they say they is nothing they can do because they dont know which virgin mobile number i am calling about!  I called VM's main customer service line and lodged a formal complaint, BUT THEY STILL CANT TAKE ME OFF THE CONTACT LIST CAUSE THEY DONT KNOW THE VM phone number or customer im calling about.  They gave me a file number for my complaint told me that the next time the collections dept calls me, ask them what VM number they are calling about, and then call customer service back with that number to have MY PHONE NUMBER removed from that account.  U following me here?  So they call again, they REFUSE to tell me the VM number they are calling about, and surprise, hang up on me after calling me a very nasty name.   AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!   To date I has wasted 4 hours of my time dealing with this nonsense.  If you are having problems with this number heres what I recommend:
    1) Never ever even consider using virgin moble as a cell service provider. I cant imagine voluntarily getting involved in such rudeness, ignorance and disorganization.
    2) Lodge a formal complaint with Virgin Mobile at 866-999-4151, file a complaint with YOUR service provide re: harrasing phone calls, and file a complaint with the CRTC(Canada) or FCC(USA)
    3) document every call, date time and name of the operator calling you.
    4) ask your phone company to block calls from this number, some have services such as *60.
    5) If u r really twisted, got lots of time to waste, and a good imagination;  turn it around on them and utilize thier calls as an inexpensive form of live entertainment; play with them a bit.  They hang up really easy, but u could always cal back!  (-;
  • fergie
    no message, just repeat calls
  • Mr Mad
    Bunch of f***ers they are saying I gave my number as a contact number they are from rogers cellphone! WTF I don't own a f***ing roger phone I'm with telus ! REally tired of this b***s*** drives me really crazy. They told me to complain when they call cuz they can't do s**t sounds really wrong and unprofessionnel so what to do now f***.
  • 877-745-7721
    I called the number back. They said they are Virgin Mobile, Rogers Mobile, and some other mobile service provider collections department. I use none of these providers.  They said some Lynn Parrot gave my telephone number as her contact number. They called 10 a.m. yesterday morning and said absolutely nothing, then hung up.  They called back at 3 p.m. and a male asked for Lynn. I told him he had the wrong number. He hung up.  They called at 10 a.m. this morning. After numerous 'hello's' they said nothing again, then hung up. At 3 p.m. they called back. After numerous 'hello's' and a long (maybe a minute and a half to two minute) pause a female asked for Lynn. I said again I told you yesterday you have the wrong telephone number. She said hang on a minute. Do you know Lynn Parrot. I said if I told you had the wrong number, and no I do not know Lynn, I surely do not know Lynn Parrot.  She got very rude and said well do you know any Lynn's?  I told her she was harrassing me, and could she please remove my number from the calling list. She said if I gave her my name (first and last) she would remove my number. I told her I would not be giving her any information being as she did not identify herself, or whom she was calling for.  I asked her this information and she said well I could tell you my name, but I won't until you tell me your name. Again I told her listen I do not know any Lynn, there is no Lynn here, nor will there be, nor was there, and that she was just harrassing me. She started yelling at me telling me that she did was NOT going to remove my number from her list then hung up on me.  I did report this number and her call to my own home telephone provider, and I did call 877-945-7721 to report her call. The lady was polite enough and all and assured me that my number has been put on a DO NOT CALL list. We shall see.  She did say that they were calling from Virgin Mobile collections and gave her name, and said that Lynn Parrot had gave my number. She then asked me how do you spell Lynn Parrot, to which I told her you tell me, your number originally called me. I do not know this person remember, so how do I know how to spell it. Apparently they should. Anyway, this is  crank call/harrassing call as far as I am concerned. Why they choose to keep repeat calling when they are not able to talk to whom they are looking for is beyond me. I do not know what they get out of it.  And to just listen and say nothing either makes no sense.  Then after all that if they were expecting to make a sale or anything else do they really think they are going to find anyone willing to co-operate with them? I think not.
  • Susan Dauphinais
    They are called me twice and once I could not answer but they did not leave a message second time they just hung up....

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