• Tired of This
    March 9, 2017
    Halifax, Canada
    I was getting a lot of calls from another phone number which was a scam. When I stopped answering the phone they stopped. Now I think they are calling from this number.

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  • Fake Name
    Bizarre. Wierd that Virgin Mobile would be calling me at my home phone since I did not give them that information. the only dealings I've had with virgin are with a pay as you go phone which they actually owe me minutes on as I did not use any except 2 minutes of the $25 bucks I bought. I did not use them by the deadline, in my mind they still owe me those minutes. I paid $25 for like 2 minutes of phone calls - I don't use my cell except in emergencies, and I have not used it in months yet my minutes I paid for expired. NOT COOL.
  • Kelly
    I've been getting calls from this number too -- pretty sure it's not actually Virgin.  It's very easy for scammers to register a phone number under a fake name.  I'm with Virgin and every single dealing I've ever had with them has been pleasant and professional.  Far and away the best provider I've ever dealt with. Highly doubt it's actually them calling.
  • getting ticked off
    i keep getting calls from this number and i always get a spanish guy saying something first and then he says in english for met say on the line and wait for a representitive to come on the line to talk to me and when they do there is never any indication that it is virgin mobile so i just hang up they've called me 6-7 times a day for the last two weeks and its starting to really piss me off.... i've already spoken to virgin mobile and all i owe them is $50 and since the weather where i live has been really sh*tty for the last few days i haven't been able to make my payment yet but usally with VMthey callme from the same 1800 number that i call them on and its not this annoying number
  • Jayme
    hey have been calling me non stop for over a month because some mike guy changed his phone number and when i told them that clearly im a girl and not a guy she still refused to pull up the file unless i gave them a cell number and the guys last name and its like ok well i dont know the guy this isnt his phone number and if idont know the guy how should i know his cellphone number they are just [***] in the head and the packies need to learn how to speak english, even when i finally got a manager (it took a false suicide attepmt before they would let me speak to the manager) they still kept calling me for some mike guy so i called them for 2 and a half hours non stop yellign at them asking if it wa fun being harassed for no reason, try to end it before they start calling u at 8 in the morning like they do to me
  • me
    quit calling very annoying!!
  • Ilsoapfan
    It is Virgin Mobile in Canada. I didn't realize my husband's phone was through VM. When they called yesterday, I said hello once, but heard no response. That usually tells me it's an automated telemarketing call where a real person will only get the call after the second time you say something. This time when they called, I got frustrated and said hello several times and finally got to a real person. They asked for my husband and I asked who they were. They said VM; I told them we don't use VM (oops on my part). He'll be calling them back and hopefully changing his main contact number to his cell phone so they won't be calling the house anymore and bothering the kids and me.

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