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  • Aware Bear
    A computer dials your phone automatically and the computer does not know how to take hints. Their computer dialer will continually dial your number faithfully without any sense of guilt (or any feelings) until they tell the computer program to take you off the dial list. It's aggravating for all of us who do not want these calls. Sad to say that the only to stop them is to add CALL BLOCK with your phone company or purchase a call blocking device.
  • Hal
    Telemarketers that don't care about the DNC list. As others have said their name seems to be E-TeleQuote and they are looking to selling something related to insurance.My phone rep was nice and I don't think they understand how a phone call can be annoying or illegal. Don't waste your time being nasty to them, report the call to the FTC at 1-888-382-1222. It only takes a few minutes to report the call and when enough people complain something will be done and the calls will stop - for everyone. Post about junk calls on sites like this and report them to the FTC and you are doing a LOT to fight this abuse of our telephone system. :-)
  • gp
    These people call me everyday, 1 or 2 times a day. I made the mistake of going to esurance web site and  filled out online form to have insurance quotes sent to me. Next thing I know, have 8 different insurance companies blowing up my phone. This seems to be the last company that just wont give up even though i have purchased insurance through another company. Do no call  list does not really apply in my case, as i pretty much  gave them  permission to call when i was online with esurance, though i  was thinking the companies were going to contact me by emails, not phone calls. I told them to stop calling but they just keep calling. Of  course i a sure its a computer that is dialing and connect to a sales person if you answer.
  • D. Tidd
    Repeated calls every day, 2-3 a day, since mid-Dec 2013.  No messages left but the calls keep coming.  After reading all the other reports I would never pick up on this.  We are also on every "Do Not Call" list that we can sign up for ........ obviously does no good.
  • emma
    They called me 3 times in one hour. They even have my real and correct name and keep leaving it on the call list here also, which does not stop them.
  • Donna
    Term life insurance. We are on the no call list and still get this Junk

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