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  • Roger
    Repeated calls from this outfit.  I report it to the Do Not Call  Registry every time they do.  And will continue.  Let's all flood the DNCR with complaints, Next stop--local Congress person.
  • Harassed by e-telequote 's pushy  telemarketers called so many times about Medicare insurance. This unconscionable business made a fraudulent claim that they were requested to call. They'll call over and over and over and hang up on my answering machine every time and when I answer, its the same annoying telemarketing call. My peace is disturbed and I feel harassed by the frequency and persistence of their call.Clearly they're obtaining information on their prey somehow. They call over and over, and claim they're responding to a request you didn't make. This company has presence of just about every social media outlets. If they have actually hassled you, or your family members were hassled, my suggestion is to rip on them on social media. Share your actual experience with the world, with the possible future investors. Post on their Facebook if they claim you made a request that you actually didn't. make a post for each and every call they make after you ask them NOT to call you. Mention and blast them on Twitter @eTelequote for their relentless telemarketing for MediCare sales. Share with the whole world and possible investors that they repeatedly call you many times a day, day after day like a collection agency  bothering you and affecting your quality of life, your parents or grand parents  possible future investor. There isn't much activity on their Facebook or Twitter, but I think that's because the demographic of people they target for their menacing, persistent, repeated, high pressure sales calls of predatory and harassing nature are elderly people generally disconnected from social media. Tweet them and blast them on Twitter and Facebook. All is fair game, as long as what you say is truthful. For example."Some prick @eTelequote keeps calling and harassing my aunt". "My baby daughter woke up cuz @eTelequote calls my grandpa's house phone none stop!" If your setup has settings to do selective call forwarding, you could also try setting income calls from them right over to their office line.855-844-0155 is the number shown on their official page. Yelp:'s  List ... ews-8070205.htmFacebook: @eTeleQuote TRG (The Resource Group) lists them as an equity partner.'s some interesting discussion here:;wap2
    Literally a YEAR LATER and this SCAM is STILL ONGOING.  HOW can this BE?  They are OBVIOUSLY VIOLATING the DNC LIST rules.  WHO in the GOVERNMENT is being PAID OFF to look the other way and let this go on?  This is a VIOLATION of our PRIVACY, our PEACE and our RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE.TIME TO TRACE this to the FILTHY RICH AMERICAN SCUMBAGS who are behind this and HUNT THEM DOWN like the DISEASED VERMIN that they are.
  • larry hurley
    why are they calling me 4=5 times daily.  no messages are left.  who are they?
  • Lee
    Call two to three times per day, will call and recall 30sec to 7 minutes later. PITA
  • john
    Go to and search for CALL BLOCKER. Read the reviews for the products. Make a decision, and buy one. Be happy.

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