• nick
    May 11, 2016
    Boisbriand, Canada
    it's a scram
  • N J
    August 8, 2017
    Québec, Canada
    TD Bank
  • Andrea
    May 3, 2017
    Montréal, Canada
    Fraud!!! Called TD - this number is not affiliated with them in any shape or form! Those who said it's a legit call from TD are either stupid imbeciles or part of the scam. Do NOT give them any of your information! They're asking for address and date of birth.
  • TD collection swine
    March 4, 2017
    Debt Collector
    La Prairie, Canada
    I can assure you that they are affiliated with TD bank.
    long story short. a mistake at TD was made by depositing checks to wrong. account that left a no payment on one card. Shortly after persistent call proceeded wanting to speak to my spouse. They would not tell me anything and would call several times a day and no one would speak on the line. When my wife got back and called them, we informed TD bank of the problem. bank refunded interest and transferred funds to the appropriate cards. I have no problem with the mistake they made but the way they went about it was barbaric.I will be canceling my card and all the money i have in my account. Will keep you posted if the hounds continue calling and not saying anything on the other line.Trust me these are the goons affiliated with TD. we have never been late with a payment. What a coincidence that the calls started soon after the error with payment. good luck everyone
  • Mark
    February 14, 2017
    Québec, Canada
    It's TD Canada trust
  • Amir
    January 31, 2017
    Saint-jérôme, Canada
    I kept getting a call from
    1 877-234-1602 past 2 weeks many times a day, called back on it says welcome to TD bank and if u r that person press 1 so someone picks up..
    So I hanged up and called number behind my card, the lady said she will send that number to the fraud department since they don't know it after she verified for 20 min with different colleagues.
  • John
    November 24, 2016
    Montréal, Canada
    Then you are part of the scammers because I called bothTD Canada Trust and TD VISA and they confirmed that this number IS NOT one of theirs. TD Canada Trust forwarded that number to their security service
  • Andy
    August 23, 2016
    Greenfield Park, Canada
    This is a scam. I check online and my account is paid. Anyway, the first thing a bank does when you are late paying is letting you know in your next statement. Unless you have receive several statement stating that you have dues, a bank will NEVER call.

    I suspect that that state in this forum that it is a legit number to be part of the scam, or ti simply write what they have read somewhere else.
  • A Nonymous
    January 7, 2016
    Ottawa, Canada
    Received a cell call voice mail message. Message was a bit garbled in saying who it was. I googled the number. The site I went to had 75% comments saying it was scammers, 25% saying it was legit. I called just for fun. Interestingly, there was a response recording saying that I had reached TD Bank. The woman who answered asked for my number, and I gave them the one that they had called (they had it anyway). She said that they had no cards with that number on file. I said that, since that was the number you called me at, if you didn't have a card on file for it, you were clearly scamming. I hung up, phoned the number on the back of my Visa card and spoke to a woman there. She put me on hold and called the number. When she came back on line, she said that the person who answered was not able to answer basic questions that any real TD employee would know and that it was a scam.
  • Isabelle
    November 6, 2015
    Vaudreuil-dorion, Canada
    Its not spam , its a collection agency calling for TD bank. I had forgotten to make a payment on a credit card , which was true, and informed me of it and asked when i would pay.
  • Frank
    February 3, 2015
    Carleton Place, Canada
    Call your bank directly with the phone number on the back of your card
    I did
    TD Bank confirmed that they are scammers.

Sample complaints we have found for 877-234-1602

  • Richard
    I got the same thing. They have been calling for the last 3 days, 5 or 6 times a day. Twice, a live person left a message saying to call them back. Other times, it is a recording asking to call them. One time, it said please hold on, a representative will be with you shortly, and it hung up.I called TD Canada Trust, and it is not onr of their numbers. They said it was probably some kind of scam because they would arrass their customers like that.Don't call to this number...
  • JoeCanuck
    Not according to TD Canada Trust it's not... I call TD to check. Use the number on the back of your card, NOT the number these scammers leave you.
  • Robert P
    Sorry, but people who things this a TD Canada Trust phone number for collection department,  I can assure you it is not you are all wrong, was just in line with the fraud department at TD and they say this phone number was not own by TD Canada Trust, and people should call the phone nu,ber in the back of their card to report it right away.
  • Robert-P2
    Sebastian this is not TD Canada Trust, I am also a TD customer reead my post below
  • Gabriel
    I decided to call them back (scammers) and asked them who the hell they were and why they were calling me repeatedly, to which they simply answered they worked for TD late fees and that the employee I spoke to perhaps wasn't aware of them. I then asked what the name of their company was and he said it was confidential. What a load of bull. As if TD kept its own employees in the dark about their partners and even the superiors wouldn't be aware. I'm just so pissed off, they keep harassing me with they f****ng incessant calls and every god damn time I decide to answer there is no one on the other side. Yet, they leave 20+ messages in my voicemail. This is even worse than internet spam..
  • anonymous
    They call us at least 5 times per day since 3 weeks. I called my rep at td and she said that this numbers doest appear in their internal phone number. This must be a scam. Do not give any information of your personnal acoounts to this number. BE AWARE !

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