• MihaiP
    March 31, 2016
    Event Reminder
    Pierrefonds, Canada
    This number is legitimate (as mars 2016), being new Credit Card Automated Alerts service. However beware: others may fraudulent fake their ID to be the same as RBC number! RBC NOT asks you for personal info!
    I receive more calls from this number and I always hang-up. Make some research, the call is legitimate automatic call from RBC visa, as it figure in their official site RBC.COM (here http://www.rbc.com/privacysecurity/ca/alert-automated-call-faq.html#b1)
    There are many numbers: for credit cards:
    "Our number will be displayed as
    or RBC"
    for debit cards:
    "Our number will be displayed as
    It is a new way to reduce RBC personnel, but also to speed-up fixing account problems, as all process is automatic. The machine just wants to deliver a message, sometimes important. If any doubt, hang-up and call RBC yourself at your usual RBC number. The only problem is, if you don't listen the message, that you don't know if it is urgent to contact RBC or not, as, for example, a blocked card may bounce some of your payments (that was happen to me). You may always identify the department using the caller ID (for instant the current number 1-877-214-5948 is for VISA department), so call them at your well-known number.
  • Heather
    September 11, 2015
    Debt Collector
    I just dealt with this as well. I was four days late on my credit card payment.
  • Jack
    May 17, 2015
    Regina, Canada
    it's eASY to fake an outgoing call display but the echo/router of the phone companiy isn't accessible so.....when I get these calls it says it's coming from the USA........the scammers can copy and paste a legitimate rbc number to fake a call display but lose the game when the echo pattern says its from the usa....i call rbc in canada they wont use a usa originating phone service.

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  • Nope
    Because you're lying and the "lady" didn't tell you anything of the sort. The RBC website shows the list of numbers you will receive a call from. This number is not on the list. They will also not ask you for personal information, other than your name and postal code, which this number does.This autodialer asked for my name, client card number and then SIN.
  • heatmatt
    I got this call as well. I have yet to call back but I do find it interesting that the message they left said it was for my husbands name and my name. How did they get both of our names? I am going to call RBC....
  • toma dege
    call came from 877-216-5027- auto message says thatt RBC  calling about important banking matter  answer machine says  saysto rather call this number back  877-214-5948then they want lots of informationI hang up
  • Hanna
    Keep getting calls from 877-214-5948, seems an automated message saying it's an important call from RBC, please call us back and "this is not a telemarketing call." They call every day, many times a day.... One time last week I picked up and the voice said "this is an important message from RBC" then it said "if you are _xyz_ name, please press 1 now" saying my name.. I didn't press 1, just hung up. Sounded super sketchy... why would any bank try to get a hold of anyone like a damn stalker, calling sooo much, with an automated message asking what your name is? Total SCAM
  • JM
    It appears to be fraudulent, and boy are they ever persistent.  The RBC website suggests their number is something else.
  • Lou
    Seems right to me.

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