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  • Max
    February 1, 2013
    Toronto, Canada
    Idiots from GFK Customer Research Division
  • Jenn
    July 3, 2013
    Saskatoon, Canada
    I never pick up calls that smell of a telemarketer. However, my daughter picked up the phone and she handed off to me.
    When I politely told the man I was not interested, he started spewing off obscenities.
  • Gordon
    June 28, 2013
    Thornhill, Canada
    They called me and I politely told them they should not call me again. After politely explaining as politely as possible to them they became enraged and threatened physical harm to me! I'm astonished at these people they are horrible and very evil and MUST be stopped!
  • Pat
    October 25, 2012
    Calgary, Canada
    I have had several calls from this number, I do not answer any call that I do not know the number,but it is still very annoying, there should be a law,10 years hard labour for the employer,the one calling likely needs the job.
  • paul w
    August 31, 2012
    Campbell River, Canada
    find there place or there car and shut them down, this is a pile of crap people being woken up all night elderly people whom can barly get up to the phone, f*ck off people that do this

Sample complaints we have found for 866-690-2396

  • scumbuster
    Never, never, never, never, never respond to an 866 number. Don't pick up. Don't give any info. Inevitably these are scams.
  • chul woo lee
    do not call me again...please
  • Norman J.
    I always look @ caller ID & if I don't recognise the # I don't answer... However, this 866-690-2396 is very persistent, they call every day & I don't answer. I was going to call them back but, decided to go to Canada 411 first so, thank you for identifying the so & so...
  • Mr. Secrecy
    haha reported for what gathering information within the Canadian banking system with the goal of enhancing customer relations, there is no proof within your statement that they are scammers, the reason why they are not on any Canadian do not call list is because they are not solicitors they do not try and sell you anything and they do not ask for money it is just purely opinion based customer satisfaction surveys only which are 100% confidential, so if you call the police and report them, the police may very well arrest you for just being really stupid :)
  • michell
    naah, these are criminals, who have no conscience, report them to police, so they'll be busted and jailed. the police should track these criminals and bust them. beware!
  • kevin
    hey everyone,Your bank (most likely bank of nova scotia) has hired these people to find out your attitude towards who ever you bank with. Then they compile all the answers and use it to figure out wether or not they can charge higher fees with out losing an unacceptable amount of customers (they expect to lose some but the higher fees they charge will make up for the ones that they lose)oh it does not stop there!Based on your answers someone from your financial institution will 'contact you' in the following  weeks to either insure to retain you as a customer if your dissatisfied or try and "sell" you more products if your satisfied.If they called you and you don't bank with The bank of nova scotia, they use your answers to find out how they can get you as a customer!THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA USEES THIS INFORMATION TO SUCK MORE MONEY OUT OF YOU AND TO 'MAXIMIZE PROFITS' AS THAT IS THERE GOAL.The easiest way to have them stop calling in the long term is to intentionally answer the questions in a way that would make the data they collect useless, a good example would be "your totally dissatisfied  with the bank, but you would refer all your friends" it makes no sense and you would only do that if your an a***ole like me :)have a great day - and i hope this has enlightened youkevin

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