• Jesn
    September 26, 2017
    Miami Beach, United States
    The caller rings daily claimi i g to be mohammed crom bell canada

    Cllwd bell myelf and told itz a scam
    March 2, 2017
    La Prairie, Canada
  • SK, Toronto
    January 12, 2017
    United States
    Received call from 1-866-680-1804 and the Caller ID from this number shows up as "Bell C C Scam" on my phone. Caller asked me to confirm my complete address and he provided his name and employee ID when I enquired who was asking. He would not reveal the purpose of the call until I confirmed my address on their file. I confirmed a bit of the address information and left out the postal code. Caller opted to confirm who I am via birth date but I refused, so he requested that I call back once I have the postal code. He provided 1-866-680-1801 as the callback number. He still would not release the purpose of the call. I let him know I'd check online about the number he provided before I'd call back. I won't be calling back.

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  • Steve
    Have received three messages so far from 1-866-680-1801 with a file number and a request for me to call them.  When I call the number, it sounds like a call center with lots of noise in the background.  They say they are from Bell Canada collections department.  The first thing they want is some info on me, my name, address and date of birth to "confirm my identity".  Of course, I refuse to give it.  So they get excited and rude.    They say I owe them $300 but won't give me any information because my identity has not been confirmed - problem is - I don't even have a phone with Bell Canada, and the other services I have with them are all paid and up to date.  I believe it's a scam and they are phishing.  When I call the real Bell, they say it's not a Bell phone number so they don't know who it is.I said if they think I owe them money, send a bill to the address they have on file!  At that point, they hung up.  Funny way to try and collect a debt!  So we are at an impasse - I won't confirm my identity because they won't confirm theirs.  
  • na
  • Jeff
    I have received two of these calls. The person on the other end knew my name (but screwed it up).

    The first was a voicemail, which was hard to understand. A very thick accent.

    I called multiple Bell numbers, and talked to a few different Bell personnel. That call was definitely a scam. I reported the incident to someone at Bell who was going to investigate it in further depth.

    I received a second call more recently. The person on the other end (who claimed to be from Bell's Credit and Collections department) was much easier to understand this time. They asked me to confirm some personal information. I would not. I challenged them twice with questions that a real Bell representative told me to ask (if they called again). That person on the other end of the phone hung up.

    Tip: if you ever want to confirm a call, contact Bell using their REAL phone number, which is pretty easy to find. Cheers
  • Brian
    My brother has been getting calls from that number but they have my name. The last one came with a reference number. I have no account with Bell so this I believe is definitely a scam.
  • Toronto
    I received a similar call today - definite scam but they have upped their game, as they had a "welcome to Bell collections" message and hold music when they didn't answer right away.
  • Tammy
    I call Bell myself and they also told me that they this is not from them. I was told directly by Bell that its a scam.

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