• norm
    October 29, 2014
    Oshawa, Canada
    got several calls from this number, not answered the call as i do not answer 1-800 type numbers i figured this was a telemarketer type call, looks like i was right . they can kiss my a@%
  • ...
    September 13, 2016
    Mount Pearl, Canada
    They don't call to tell you that you've gone over your data. They either text or you just get charged... I just got the call and I am not even close to going over my data 20Mb out of 2500 used....
  • E
    June 21, 2016
    Ajax, Canada
    It is Telus... advising that you have gone over your data.
  • Dana
    June 10, 2016
    Mission, Canada
    Called and spoke to someone named Vasa. She claims she is with the Telus Sales Team. She also informed me it would take 14 days to have this number put on the do not call list. She tried to tell me she could not put my cell number on their do not call list, I told her, if I ask to have it put on, you have to do it, please connect me to someone with authority, surprise....my number is now on the do not call list....I HOPE!
  • Panteep Shampoor
    May 6, 2016
    Whitby, Canada
    Hello from India! I am pleased to speak to you today and thank you for your time.

    This number is listed in India as a "Telephone Game Phone Number". This is a prank/joke/scam and can vary from people wasting your time to bad situations like identity requests to use for crimes.

    Telephone Game is not a game - I dont know why India's TeleRegister calls it such. This is how "Telephone Game" works: A person loses thwir simcard with the callwr information. Someone finds the phone and insyead of returning it to officials, they call to make joke, or uae for crime. Finally once thia process occurs 1 more time, from this 2nd time lost forward, it is now a "Telephone Game". We never know who has the access to the number and the message/purpose is always changing.

    Once I was manager at rhe call center for a support team. I peraonally can see that the common motivational/physical activity we do here is probably a way this occurs. "Musical Chairs" when we play bolluwood music and we get out of our chairs to promote ergonomic workplace - we run around the office and sit down fast upon the music going off. Its fun but when soneone is sutting at ur workstation they can steal ur terminal information. This is not good.
  • Not Happy
    August 11, 2015
    Chilliwack, Canada
    These a**holes called my phone number and asked for my husband, my husband is on his death bed as of this morning and I'm pissed that I have to deal with this right now. They never called before today. Not happy at all.
  • soon tonot be a telus customer
    September 3, 2013
    London, Canada
    This 866-369-9826 its a call center in India f*ck Telus those outsourcing a**holes
  • yes b'y
    August 17, 2013
    United States
    They call randomly and leave no mssg. Just figured it's a "everybody wants something that will take ur $$$$$$". Lol
  • Robert hopkins
    June 21, 2013
    London, Canada
    Don't call me please and thanks call your mama and mother her lolol
  • Bill
    March 12, 2013
    Ottawa, Canada
    866-369-9826 has called daily for some time, never leaves a message, and is just dead-air when answered.
    When calling it back a "welcome to Telus" message is played, but when calling Telus customer service they deny that 866-369-9826 belongs to them... "It is definitely not Telus" according to their investigations team. It's either a scam or a 3rd party telemarketer (possibly hired by Telus) looking for renewals, personal info...
  • Fedup
    August 21, 2012
    Saint Catharines, Canada
    I have been receiving these calls for about 6 months only answered once, no one there. It's a minor annoyance :( Wouldn't miss them if they choose to stop calling me.
  • JOHN
    August 17, 2012
    Etobicoke, Canada
  • Telus customer
    July 4, 2012
    Mississauga, Canada
    This number is indeed Telus Mobility, I called it back from a land line and requested that they remove my number from that list and they did, without fuss or anything. Unfortunately, I must inform those who think the do not call list is good...it was hacked recently and they got everyone's number that was on that list...
  • ron
    May 28, 2012
    Edmonton, Canada
    why not all file a complaint at the local police station , reporting it like it's a stalker.
    that 'll learn them...
    every report helps!!!!

Sample complaints we have found for 866-369-9826

  • Terry
    I get this call allmost every day at least once---yesterday some ask for me by name and tryed to sell me Telus cel ph.---i told them i have a phone from fido and don't want another one---well anyway i thought that that would end the calls ---but they keep phoning and not answering --i am feed up with them---i may cancel my telus accounts if this dosen't end.
  • Chris Kyle
    To the @holes and phony phucks using computer equipment to robocall (meaning harass people) at 1-866-369-9826."Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems" ~ Chris KyleGovern yourselves accordingly.
  • call phone call
    who is this and why are they callign my cell phone? last call: nov 30, 2007
  • Heads-up
    Hi All

    Im not with Telus.  I have a digitial phone through Cogeco and I also received a call from this number tonight at 8:30pm.  I didn't pick because the number was unfamiliar.  No message was left.

    When I went on line and googled this number - all your concerned messages came up.  Clearly this is not Telus and some other scam company trying to extract personal/confidential information on you/me.

    Therefore, as hard as it may seem...keep ignoring the call.  Set it in your phone to show "scam" -that way when they do call you'll know right away just to ignore it.

    You can also request that your number be removed from their call list.  However, your not guaranteed that it will be.  For that, you'll need to change your number (to a private one - yes, costly!)

    In addition, companies sell there call lists to other providers that request it.  Therefore, it could very well be your service provider that gave them your number.  Remember their all out for the same thing - profit!
  • MLML
    hey you all,its July 10th today,20088663699826 just called.im from Ottawa/Ont region.I called back its "TELUS" well....its not, i called REal telus from my mobile (*611) asked them if they have any Telus provider with the phone number of 866-369-9826. she did a quick search for me, couldnt find it.she said Sometimes Telus does call and sometimes they do hang up just to see if you cell phone works...which makes sense, but God...calling once a week is stupid. She said that you shouldnt tell them anything. At all. just hang up. or dont answer. i put it in my contact lest as "a*sholes pretend their telus" that way ill know next time they call just dont bother. hang up.everytime they call they ask for my dad(and they know his name) because my phone is under his name(im not old enough)i say hes not here and they say they will call back, they do...after a week or two. -If it was the Real Telus(i say real i mean your provider.)so they would email you if you have an online acount with them, or atleast send you a letter because they do know your adress.-if it was the real telus they would call back after a few days or atleast ask When your dad will be home.(when they ask for him)This is OBVIOUSLY a scam of some sort.not sure what they do, what they want, or who it is.But what i do know is that its not Telus, and they dont even know who or what it is.you can try call telus(*611 from your mobile) and ask them, but they dont know.i guess what we or one of us can all do is get a complain to your city?that there is some scam going on...because calling Telus and complaing wont work.The number that calls us all, is not even updated Telus.If you call (*611) they will tell you about the new plan going on about the texting that is 15 cent...but the fake telus thing wont even say it it goes straight to the menu.Seriously...its understandable, it is not telus.
  • Annoyed in St.Albert
    Same story here - they keep calling us in LATE evenings (around 9pm) and they never bother to leave a message.I called them back - it is Telus.  Funny thing, a while ago we put all our numbers on the Canadian "do not call" list, and we were very specific to include ALL of the listed telemarketers (that included Telus, Rogers, and basically all the other biggies), yet they continue to innundate us with their calls.  So what exactly is that 'effin' list worth?  Probably not much.I got a couple of numbers I could complain to:1) Telus Security: 1-800-567-0000 (you need a copy of your bill to talk to the agent), and2) 1-800-400-2598 (this one is for subscribers outside Alberta; not sure why she gave me this number), also Telus Security, just different area.Apparently, if you call their Security, you can not only make a complaint about their "privacy practices" (or lack of) but also get your number off their calling/mailing/emailing list.Going to address that tomorrow morning :)

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