• Urs
    October 21, 2016
    Mississauga, Canada
    They keep calling me from differnet numbers and leave messages with the wrong last name. We should take these crooks to court!!!!
    August 2, 2017
    Bedford, Canada
    This number 1-866-274-8496 has just contacted me, asked where i have lived for the last 10 years, i asked who they were, they could not tell me, does anybody know the name of this company, please any feed back would help........!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yuesheng
    November 8, 2016
    San Francisco, United States
    I got a record phone call from 705-999-0810 and asked me to call this number. I called and nobody answered. I feel it is a spam. As many people complain here, I adds my two cents. 866-274-8496, it must be a crook.
  • James
    October 31, 2016
    Richmond Hill, Canada
    I had encountered them a few months back and everything is clear with me. They would not release any details to me and I asked to speak with a supervisor. Now they are back at it again. We need to launch a class action lawsuit to bankrupt this company. They are located at 1490 Dennison St, Markham Ontario Canada.
  • Janet wayne
    February 3, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Windsor, Canada
    These people say they are a collect agency they are nothing but a bunch of crooks first of all I have no debts I owe nothing to anybody they can go to hell and get of my private phone number.i am calling my attorney and file a lawsuit against these crooks.

Sample complaints we have found for 866-274-8496

  • john in iowa
    never heard of them claimed non compliance with a "contact agreement", or possibly a "contract agreement".returned call from answering machine, his voice mail said global credit.not global credit union who is apparently a legit bank somewhere that people try to emulate to perpetuate fraud.
  • file a complaint form
    Phone Co. said to fill out consumer complaint form at your state's office of attorney general website.
  • COCO
    The collection agency I mention was Global not M.J.R. still get that call blocker Panasonic phone the only company that sell that type of phone is TIGER.CA   on the internet.
  • Neal
  • annoyed
    I especially love the long, loud, annoying beep they leave at the end of the message!

    calls come from:
  • John in Texas
    I recently moved to Texas from California-I am a RETIRED LOS ANGELES POLICE OFFICER! I was given my new telephone number by my local telephone Co-op in Cumby, TX. WITHIN 60 DAYS of getting this new number, I beagn getting numerous calls saying I need to call and "I was in NON-compliance" (whatever that is!!). Two days ago, I got another call from 866-274-8495 (I have been getting the same type of calls from the 1-800 number also). They left a message, and I called back within minutes. A man picked up the phone. I told him that this was a new telephone number and I was not the person they were looking for. I then asked to be removed from their data bank-he asked my number; I gave it to them (I have a NON published number). I then asked for his name; he refused to give it to me. I insisted on his name or to speak to HIS supervisor; again he refused to give it to me and said, "you have been removed from the call list". I asked for the type of business he was in and he refused to tell me and hung up (I suspect it maybe a collection company but I am not sure). Today, I have had 2 more calls from the 1-800 number! I would be happy to talk with anyone investigating this telephone number- I moved to Texas to get away from crap like this which is all over in CALIF! I just bought this home so it stands to reason that if I had bad credit or debt I would not have been able to buy my new home in Texas! Not to mention I did alot of Fruad type investigation and thats what thies call smells like to me!

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