• Debbi
    April 5, 2017
    Brampton, Canada
    Just don't answer your phone, they will stop for a while then start again, and you do the same again don't answer. Did that over a year now don't hear them anymore.
  • Josie
    May 10, 2012
    Toronto, Canada
    Got a call from this number threatenting me with a non-compliance issue. No other informaton.
  • Woody
    May 25, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Toronto, Canada
    Simple: block the number
  • Frances
    April 19, 2017
    Oshawa, Canada
    I received my first message, saying they had called numerous times and they never even had my name right but they still call.
  • Daren
    March 10, 2017
    Moose Jaw, Canada
    How can we get this to stop. I answered it once and I gave them my lawyers number and told them to deal with him. They still keep calling and I have gone on the National do not call list and still get these calls.
    What do you do with these losers.
  • Cj
    January 31, 2017
    Port Alberni, Canada
    They call constantly starting at 5:30am
  • Sandy
    June 28, 2016
    Brampton, Canada
    I yelled out loud to F..O.. I know you are scamers! and they hung up very quickly.
  • yawyd
    August 21, 2015
    Warman, Canada
    All of the above. Constant messages saying ' important message requiring your immediate attention ' , not saying for whom, just leaving a phone number and reference number. No answer when you try to contact them.
  • fruswtrated
    May 3, 2015
    Thunder Bay, Canada
    how they have kept this same number since 2012 is a puzzle since complaints are all over the internet...block it if possible or ID it as scam and ignore it..these rudeboys deserve their fingers broken for harrassing my elderly mother..she dont owe no-one nothing and is to kind to tell them to eat shyte and die..lol
  • Denie
    December 2, 2014
    Innisfail, Canada
    They continue to call my number too! They have the wrong number. We have told them to stop calling as they had the wrong number but they continue to call!!!!
  • Some guy
    November 25, 2014
    Peterborough, Canada
    They call me up to 10 times a day giving no information and keep insisting I'm someone I'm not. All attempts to get a name and address of the caller fails cause they hang up when I ask questions. Spam or scam probably
  • john
    November 20, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Toronto, Canada
    got calls from this number for years tried to block the number but they change their number more frequently now and hard to block them all..
    is there a way we can sue the company and make them stop calling?
  • Financial Debt Recovery
    November 20, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Hamilton, Canada
    FDR is the company that calls. In most provinces in Canada you can pick up and request to only be dealt with by mail. If they don't comply they can face heavy fines.

    If they're calling for the person whom previously had the number then still request to be contacted by mail and the rightful person should receive the information if they haven't moved as well.
  • BRI
    November 19, 2014
    Markham, Canada
    i get the call 3 times everyday
  • Dolly
    November 10, 2014
    Debt Collector
    Victoria, Canada
    I am receiving the same harassing calls from this number. This is absolutely harassment. It started this morning and all day Ladt call was just a few minutes ago.
  • My Name
    November 28, 2013
    Prank Call
    Toronto, Canada
    This is abusive and harrassing. Garbled text and undeciferable message - computer-generated voice.
    Simply a nuisance. I don't answer these, but they leave voice mails.
  • Same Here
    July 24, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Halifax, Canada
    Called me too. Left a voice mail. Said they were the Justice FDR Department and that if they weren't called by 9:55 am tomorrow then serious action would be taken.
  • Evelyn
    October 30, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Calgary, Canada
    This company keeps calling from multiple numbers. Cannot leave messages so calls several times a day answered only twice once they threatened my ex another time someone I didn't know. They don't even give their name or anything. Their hunting 7 + yr old debts hoping people get scared and acknowledge so they can get payment past legislated cut off! My suggestion call block their number.
  • Douglas
    June 21, 2012
    Edmonton, Canada
    Same for me, and there's NO reason I should be getting this type of call.

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  • jp
    have been calling my hm for two weeks now. No one at other end when u pick up, but they want u to call them?
  • dB
    Short ring, then hangs up before you can answer.  Must be their defective auto-dialers. These collection companies tend to be lame and stupid, driven by a self-righteous vigil-anti form of commission funded greed ...  Of course they get get scammed when they buy equipment, its Karma ...
  • dave smith
    call me 10 times a day for the last two weeks no one answers when you pick up
  • Benjamin
    No its probably not im 13 and i get calls sayin i have 72 hours or else and i checked ob google and im not the only one its a scam
  • kc
    this company called looking for john ,then they called back looking for someone else, then called again same number asking for me, now they know my name.
  • AJ
    This number belongs to Financial Debt Recovery

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