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  • Concerned
    They are crossing the line. They cannot call you at your place of business.A collector may not call a debtor at inconvenient hours or places, including at work, unless the debtor agrees to it. However, the law also requires the debtor to notify collectors of their violation, either orally or in writing. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also outlines what a debt collector can do when dunning a debtor. A collector may not contact third parties, except to obtain a debtor's home address, phone number and place of employment, according to the FTC. THEY CANNOT SPEAK TO SUPERVISORS ETC about your personal business. This tactic is ILLEGAL.The law also bars a creditor from passing itself off as an attorney or representative of government agencies. Collectors may also not claim to be pursuing legal actions, such as seizing property or garnishing wages unless those processes are ALREADYunderway. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also prohibits a collector from engaging in unfair practices, according to the FTC. Examples include requesting post-dated checks for payment, or trying to collect ADDITIONAL fees and interest on top of the ORIGINAL debt. If harassment continues, the debtor can file a complaint with his state consumer agency, or the FTC. A debtor CAN sue the collection agency---and the creditor that hired them---for up to $1,000 in his local small claims court. IF these calls are coming to your home...record them, also if you want to pursue legal means against them for harassment..send a registered letter..ask debt collector for address but do not tell them what you will be doing. Also, remember if you owe the original creditors--NOT the debt collectors...never pay goes on your credit report...if you pay the creditors they have a legal obligation to report payment. If they don't contact Transunion, Equifax etc yourself and do a debt dispute and they will do investigation and they will remove if you provide information.  Read more: Laws Against Creditors Calling Your Place of Employment | ... l#ixzz2PbSBT8BS
  • Lisa C.
    What happened with that company?  I have been getting the same calls and they said that they were coming to my house and if I wasn't there then to my job and they were going to tell my HR Director why they were there.  I called them back and they were accusing me of fraud and telling me they couldn't help me if I already had a court date but of course low and behold I didn't have one yet.
  • Brenda I
    I received a call from this company stating that I owed a debt to a payday loan company and that the clients will be pursuing a court judgment against me for trying to defraud a lending company as well as other legal actions if a amount of 2,000 is not paid.  I said 2000.00 are you crazy! I did not borrow that amount..then she stated that it looked like you owe 800.00 and I said no I do not owe that amount and then she looks like this is the amount with interest.  I said what do you have me owing orginally because I did not borrow that from them.  She stated that I would know that, I stated that if you're calling about something would know all the details. Then she said that she has to proceed in some county with the matter by 5pm.  I don't have a clue what county it is in...I don't live there or ever heard of the county.  the worse part about it, when they called my home, my son answered the phone and she told him all my business.  He said "mom" a lady said they taking you to court for money you owe.  I was like what? This is when I called her and let her have it on the phone. why are you calling and speaking to a child on the phone?  She stated, she did not know it was a child and that she was trying to get in contact with me.  I said " so you think its appropriate to tell anyone you're speaking with about another person's business. AND he was a child! Why did you not just leave a message and that's all...she stated..we were trying to contact you before this matter went to the court system.  ..Well, anyway I let her know my feelings about calling and speaking with my child(I cannot say everything I said to her) but I think she WILL remember the conversation. and I said ok sue me if that is the case because I can get a lawyer. Boy! this upset me so much...(calling and speaking to one of my children and they asked for me(lady) and knew the person they was speaking to was a boy...she said she thought he knew me (??????) huh!
  • Almost Scammed
    This company is operating under several names and the debt that they tried to collect from me was not valid after contacting the original creditor who was Everest Cash Advance. They have only one collection agency and it is not these people. This company is running out of Amherst NY and going under several different names. Hartford Management Group, LLC/The Cambridge Group, Mariner & Associates, LLC, and Elite Payment Solutions, LLC. There address is 3840 East Robinson Road Suite 243, Amherst NY 14228. I am currently reporting them to the BBB, the FTC, the USPS inspection service and also contacting my attorney to seek legal advice on what rights I have to file a suit against these people.
  • mary
    I spoke to this Fabio guy today. HE refused to give me any information about the company Mariners Associates address phone or fax numbers. He said he didnt have this information that administration had it he couldnt mail it to me but he could email it to me..............still waiting!!!  I originally spoke to a Ms. Kingston, after I told her I needed their info including their debt collectors licence she transferred me to her supervisor Fabio.
  • E. Ritated Fed Officer
    I got woken up in California by a call from this number, who are currently Mariner Group, Amherst, NY; a debt collection agency for payday loans (unk. if company  name or generic category).  This was a misdial.  They had neither my tel number nor name in their list.  They do not use an auto dialer [computer].  Here's what irritated me more than their mistake and usual debt collector's aggression --  Their spiel starts with "we are calling about a judgment against you."   This is incorrect, bordering on fraud, for a debt collector to claim without an actual court judgment or order.   Their rep confirmed it is only a debt collection without court judgment.

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