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  • Luisa M.
    They called my work, identified themselves as the Mariner Group. My incoming calls are all recorded so I explained I had no idea why he was calling, when he started accusing me of fraud I definately wanted to know what it was about but I explained I wouldn't talk to him on my work line because I didn't like my personal calls recorded. I asked for a number to call him back on and told him not to call my work number again. He said if they didn't hear back from me they would contact me on whatever number they had. I once again told him that no he would not call me on this number. That was 2 days ago, I come into work this morning and get a call from them again. The guy tells me he just wants to make sure I am at work today because they are sending a processor between 11 and 12 with some documents I need to sign for a lawsuit they are filing against me. He starts asking for the name of someone in HR or my direct supervisor. I told him to just ask for me. Is this for real??? I have never been sued before but shouldn't I get a letter from a court in my county stating a lawsuit was filed against me?
  • Rick
    At Judy: What a helpful comment.It's a collection agency that specializes in defaulted payday loans. Mariner and Associates, formerly known as Cambridge.
  • Diane
    I have received several phones calls from them and then today I get a phone call from a process server warning me that they are going to serve me with papers at my job site in the next few days but that she was giving me a courtesy call so that I could have a chance to clear this up.  REALLY!!!  I am kind of torn on what to do next.  Could some one tell me if they have ever gotten papers from these people or if anything ever happens with the law suit.  
  • E. Ritated Fed Officer
    I got woken up in California by a call from this number, who are currently Mariner Group, Amherst, NY; a debt collection agency for payday loans (unk. if company  name or generic category).  This was a misdial.  They had neither my tel number nor name in their list.  They do not use an auto dialer [computer].  Here's what irritated me more than their mistake and usual debt collector's aggression --  Their spiel starts with "we are calling about a judgment against you."   This is incorrect, bordering on fraud, for a debt collector to claim without an actual court judgment or order.   Their rep confirmed it is only a debt collection without court judgment.
  • Lisa C.
    What happened with that company?  I have been getting the same calls and they said that they were coming to my house and if I wasn't there then to my job and they were going to tell my HR Director why they were there.  I called them back and they were accusing me of fraud and telling me they couldn't help me if I already had a court date but of course low and behold I didn't have one yet.
  • kickbutt33
    You are full of s*** ucg...upg...apr associates

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