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    If this company is harassing you please give our office a call for a free consultation.  We are investigating this type of debt harassment.  Find out what your rights are!  951-293-4187.
  • Rick
    At Judy: What a helpful comment.It's a collection agency that specializes in defaulted payday loans. Mariner and Associates, formerly known as Cambridge.
  • Concerned
    They are crossing the line. They cannot call you at your place of business.A collector may not call a debtor at inconvenient hours or places, including at work, unless the debtor agrees to it. However, the law also requires the debtor to notify collectors of their violation, either orally or in writing. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also outlines what a debt collector can do when dunning a debtor. A collector may not contact third parties, except to obtain a debtor's home address, phone number and place of employment, according to the FTC. THEY CANNOT SPEAK TO SUPERVISORS ETC about your personal business. This tactic is ILLEGAL.The law also bars a creditor from passing itself off as an attorney or representative of government agencies. Collectors may also not claim to be pursuing legal actions, such as seizing property or garnishing wages unless those processes are ALREADYunderway. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also prohibits a collector from engaging in unfair practices, according to the FTC. Examples include requesting post-dated checks for payment, or trying to collect ADDITIONAL fees and interest on top of the ORIGINAL debt. If harassment continues, the debtor can file a complaint with his state consumer agency, or the FTC. A debtor CAN sue the collection agency---and the creditor that hired them---for up to $1,000 in his local small claims court. IF these calls are coming to your home...record them, also if you want to pursue legal means against them for harassment..send a registered letter..ask debt collector for address but do not tell them what you will be doing. Also, remember if you owe the original creditors--NOT the debt collectors...never pay goes on your credit report...if you pay the creditors they have a legal obligation to report payment. If they don't contact Transunion, Equifax etc yourself and do a debt dispute and they will do investigation and they will remove if you provide information.  Read more: Laws Against Creditors Calling Your Place of Employment | ... l#ixzz2PbSBT8BS
  • Craigstillwaiting.
    I have received several calls from them and other so called collection agencies. Each time they said I owed a pay day loan they changed the date and year when I told them that the account was not even open when they stated the money was deposited into the bank account. Several times they called and said they were on their way to serve me papers, I told them to come on I would be home waiting for them ; guess what I have been served yet. Last week I received a call about a payday loan on a made up bank account from 2010. I told them stop calling, you keep saying you are going serve papers, serve the damn papers and don't call back we will settle this in court, I am ready for you. They hung up in my face. This nothing but a scam to get your bank info and clean out your account. I have waited 10 times or more to have papers served and have not gotten them yet. I reported them to MS State Attorney General Office, FTC and BBB. Every time it is a different company calling. I keep a written record with date, company, phone # and each time they say I made a payday loan; also make sure I write down the name of the person I am speaking to., OH, yes this is a good one they even accused my wife of doing it if I didn't do or it had to be one of my children that did it..Watch out for them, they just trying to get your money. SCAM, SCAM!! Then if they are not calling for me they are calling for one of my sons and even calls his mother's cell number. She told them my sons may give out my home phone but not my cell  and do not call it again, they got smart and told her they would call anytime they want. I will not give you her response because it was not pleasant at all. Don't pay any of them a copper penny unless they provide you proof that you owe this and please give no BANK info. You never receive any type of letter like you do from other companies you owe. Just think about that.
  • Samantha
    Did you ever get served with any papers?
  • Hope
    I received a message on my cell phone from this number and was told there was a judgment against me and they are going ahead with the lwsuit and i have to contact them right away or my lawyer can contact them. I get about ten calls from that number a day!!!!!

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