• Bryan
    May 9, 2015
    Delhi, Canada
    I hate RBC, if its them and your being pestered on your cell phone simply block them!
  • wayne
    June 17, 2016
    Comox, Canada
    poor people know we have bills and we know we are poor we do not need to be called from 8am to 8pm. maybe if they weren't paying 3000 people make calls all day we would pay less interest and get the bills paid.
  • mandy
    May 4, 2017
    Hamilton, Canada
    They call me at least six times a day up till 9 pm, not a customer and don't owe anything this scam is starting to make me very unhappy.
  • Mark B
    April 27, 2016
    Toronto, Canada
    started right after I had Rogers home phone line installed...Claim to be RBC saying I have an overdrawn account. Uh, no I don't. I asked them if they had my SIN, after claiming that my credit could be affected, and couldn't tell me. I hung up, but they still call every day, my girlfriend tells them to call me on the phone line that they have on file, then she's told that I MUST contact them.....I don't receive any phone calls on my cell, nor am I getting any messages from RBC online....I say absolute hoax.
    May 28, 2015
    Debt Collector
    Windsor, Canada
  • Eric
    May 25, 2015
    Kentville, Canada
    We are not RBC costumers.
    Yet we keep getting calls from them (from another, also reported number) for about a year now.
    An automated "important message" for someone named "Kane" and requesting to call back blablabla.
    By now we receive 3 to 4 calls a day.
    Tonight, in addition to the "usual" number, two others called, this one 855-560-1406, being the latest one.
    I am having our phone number changed tomorrow.
  • Sharon
    April 30, 2015
    Moncton, Canada
    I just got by 1st cell phone and the # 1-855-560-1406 calls me at least 3x a day - I am sick of it - I am an RBC customer and believe me, they are getting a call from me tomorrow. Enough is enough

Sample complaints we have found for 855-560-1406

  • Tim L
    Called about 8 times today, never any messages left.  Never bother picking up.
  • ST
    Started getting calls from this number a couple of weeks ago, but didn't answer at first as didn't recognize the number. Then got tired of it so answered. A woman asked for someone else and I explained she had the wrong number. She asked how long I'd had this number, I said a few years, she thanked me and hung up. Then started getting 4-6 calls a day, at all hours, but whenever I answered was just empty line! Got fed up and called the number tonight; seems legit RBC collections dept call centre. Agent told me she would make sure I wasn't called anymore. We'll see.
  • dave gold
    It is RBC, i kept getting called from the number.  It would beep and hang up, or there would just be no sound from that end of the line.  I bacame rather irritated, so I looked up the number on a crisscross, found it was RBC. So I called them back on the same number. It was RBC i was a few days late on a visa payment.  I let them know that their calls are not leaving any messages, and kept calling my phone leaving no info.At that point I explained how %$%$%@#!#  irritating that was, and they should get their sh^% together.
    If it is the Royal Bank, why are they contacting non-customers? As well, my bank knows I do not answer 800 numbers, as I have made them fully aware of this policy of mine. In fact, I have stated that a local number, or email would get much better response from me, a long time customer. Most of my communication with my bank is through my email account. I find this convenient for both myself and my financial institution.
  • Brenda McDonald
    RBC VISA NUMBER: HAVE YOUR INFORMATION ON YOUR ACCOUNT.  THIS IS OUTSOURCED.  It's one of their bait and switch programs.  RBC collections- make you feel guilty because you are overdrawn and then try to sell you more products to become more overdrawn.  C- customers owe them a little money, and they harass them incessantly to purchase more of their highjacking products.  B- Customers don't owe them any money, so they want you to purchase more products so you do owe them more money.  A- perferred customers are into hock up to their eyebrows in large sums and they own the bank.  The bank cannot afford to foreclose on these customers because they will LOSE MONEY.
  • Stacie
    This number called me 5 times in 2 days. I couldn't answer even if I wanted to, my cell is broken. So I called the number on my landline, and I got ahold of someone claiming to be from RBC Collections, but the directory only has "contact someone for products, contact someone for other product information, blah blah blah". Although it sounds legit, I asked them why they were calling my number, I gave the lady my cell number, she said I wasn't on file. Of course I'm not, I don't do banking with RBC wse! She then asked for my name... I only gave her a first name, said I wouldn't give my last name and she asked for an account number... I dunno, I've never had a bank randomly call me like that. They are either trying to sell s**t or it is a scam because they have no reason to contact non-custumers for collections. I wouldn't give out any info to these people. Banks should know better....

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