• Tess
    July 15, 2017
    Barrie, Canada
    I did answer and they asked for Aaron. I do not know an Aaron, now or ever in my past. I do not have an American Express. I asked them to remove my number and the said no. That "this number is associated with Aaron's file." They demanded to know where Aaron was (which how the hell am I suppose to know) basically called me a lier and continue to call. I am a hard working, 50 + woman with all my bills in order, yet I'm being accused of knowing this Aaon & continue to be harassed. So what do you suggest??
  • Dave
    January 4, 2017
    Debt Collector
    Toronto, Canada
    Everyday I keep getting a call from this number indicating that they are Gatestone on behalf of American Express and telling me that I owe money. I do not owe money as I do not have American Express, they probably got the wrong number or person and they are still calling. Either F***ing Gaystone stops calling me or I am going to complaint against them, hoping they face bankruptcy.

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  • Tom
    Honest....you comment comes back via your ip to a collection agency. Get a life.
  • Bear
  • Tom
    Until they leave a message they can F off. Next to nobody has my mobile and I've never used my mobile for anything other than family. It's soliciting and it's an automated machine calling. Like I said, if it doesn't leave a message they can F off.
  • rfe
    Totally scam, they have no idea who they are looking for.
  • n/a
    this number belong to a collections agency, to all you people out there that think that ignoring the calls or screening them will make them stop.........IT WONT! DONT BE AN IDIOT! ive worked at agencies before, all ur doing is making ur life worse and keep getting calls! if u finally do answer and scream at them for calling so much...its ur own fault for either A)not paying your bills OR B)not telling them they have the wrong number! if its the wrong number simply answer or return their call and tell them, by law they HAVE to remove it. dont being a d-bag and sort ur s*** out!
  • John Doe
    Ok. Ignore what honest just said. Don't answer the calls and if you do and they catch you just tell them that pursuant to the fair trading act you dispute the debt and if their client has further issue they should take it to court and not to contact you any further. 9/10 times it won't go to court as they just send it to a collection agency, and if they do worst thing that can happen is that you have to pay them. Under the fair trading act they are required to stop calling. I had perfect credit, never missed a payment, then all of a sudden a certain credit card company called and said 'we are calling your credit card and line of credit due, please pay within 5 days' I couldn't come up with $80,000 overnight and so I let it go, then since I had bad credit already I let everything else go DON'T FEEL AN OUNCE OF GUILT. These guys don't take it personally and you are just a number to them, so treat them the exact same way!!

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