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  • Amanda
    Thank you for the info about ohio. I also received this post card, and when I called and entered my reference #, it was only an ad for Unfortunately I'm at my parents house and used their house phone, so if this is for them to capture a phone number, they're now going to be harassing my parents. I don't have any debt but medical debt so I'm not sure what this is about, my old charge acct debt for a retail store was already charged off as bad debt, this is a bunch of B.S.!
  • Scam Weary
    Received a neon yellow postcard sized mailing, 33 cent stamp, posted from Denver, CO (other info such as zip# badly smudged so I can't hazard a guess). Attempted to call through the Internet using  phone app that creates a random # (didn't want even more shysters getting my real #). Kept getting a message that I needed to call from a digital phone & use a valid reference #. Didn't make sense to me so before dialing thru my phone I Google the # & thank goodness. I was suspicious anyway bc I didn't order anything I haven't received!
  • Moody
    Just received a neon green card also, into the trash it goes!
  • tiredofthis$#!+
    The card is now blue. Still has real stamp, Denver postmark, and that I have unclaimed property. Call the #, punch in this ref code....yeah, right!
    Watch out cards ARE GREEN. COLLECTIONS!
  • thisbearknowsbetter
    Thanks everyone for letting me know that this is a scam. I received a legitimate post card from the US Postal Service recently indicating that they attempted to delivery me a registered letter and that I could pick it up at my local post office and it listed the post office address and office hours. This yellow postcard showed up a couple of days later and I thought maybe I had another letter to pick up, only I knew right away that this yellow postcard seemed to be an imposter. So thankful that I looked up the 800 number and read everyone's messages! We have to protect each other from scams like this. I'm going to send this to the Oregon Attorney General so they can pursue these people and put a stop to this scam. I recommend that if you received a yellow postcard that you send it to your state attorney general's office so they can investigate the matter further.

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