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  • tiredofthis$#!+
    The card is now blue. Still has real stamp, Denver postmark, and that I have unclaimed property. Call the #, punch in this ref code....yeah, right!
    Watch out cards ARE GREEN. COLLECTIONS!
  • thisbearknowsbetter
    Thanks everyone for letting me know that this is a scam. I received a legitimate post card from the US Postal Service recently indicating that they attempted to delivery me a registered letter and that I could pick it up at my local post office and it listed the post office address and office hours. This yellow postcard showed up a couple of days later and I thought maybe I had another letter to pick up, only I knew right away that this yellow postcard seemed to be an imposter. So thankful that I looked up the 800 number and read everyone's messages! We have to protect each other from scams like this. I'm going to send this to the Oregon Attorney General so they can pursue these people and put a stop to this scam. I recommend that if you received a yellow postcard that you send it to your state attorney general's office so they can investigate the matter further.
  • Senior smart
    Received a yellow card and thanks for the comments. I will file it in circle 13.
  • Veteran
    Thanks for the info on the yellow post card.  I think this is one of the lowest forms that a Debt Collector has stooped too.   I understand a Debt Collector can only contact you via a call between reasonable hours or via mail.If they don't like not getting a response via whats legal then they need to move on.  I have a very old debt for NSF at Wells Fargo that the teller created.  I have tried numerous times to get this resolved because of a bank error.   Wells Fargo is the worse when it comes to helping their customers.Also this bank error occured over seven years ago and it has come up again.  Why doesn't the bank spend this time on providing customer service verses chasing a debt they caused.
  • tom
    almost brilliant, I knew it was fake when I saw it had a stamp. The just want to verify the address to make sure the info is right before they sue.

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