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  • WanttoKnow
    Has anything happened to you since then? are you currently in debt?
  • Veteran
    Thanks for the info on the yellow post card.  I think this is one of the lowest forms that a Debt Collector has stooped too.   I understand a Debt Collector can only contact you via a call between reasonable hours or via mail.If they don't like not getting a response via whats legal then they need to move on.  I have a very old debt for NSF at Wells Fargo that the teller created.  I have tried numerous times to get this resolved because of a bank error.   Wells Fargo is the worse when it comes to helping their customers.Also this bank error occured over seven years ago and it has come up again.  Why doesn't the bank spend this time on providing customer service verses chasing a debt they caused.
  • Smarter Than Avg.
    I got the yellow card today, but these people are vicious and determined to contact me about a debt that has been settled! When I saw the stamp, I knew it had to be them, They've been leaving threatening messages for the last few months, but I never answer because I googled them from the very first call, and did my research and found out that they have no rights as a third party collector. That's why they try so hard and make all those threats to try and collect debt that they have purchased! Your original debt owed has more than likely been written off......they can call and send mail as much as the like, their numbers are blocked, and I toss the mail in file 13!
  • m1lf0f3
  • Beckers
    I was going to call the number on the yellow card that I received the other day. I actually thought I missed a delivery but thank goodness I checked first. This post card had a legit 33 cent stamp and it was postmarked from Denver, CO.
  • fedup41
    Just so everyone knows. At least in the state of Ohio, it is COMPLETELY illegal for a debt collector to contact you by postcard. Each offense as such, as well ad when they call and leave a nasty message or make a threat...every time they contact you at work, or contact a relative and leave details other than to locate worth $1,000.00. They are further required to identify themselves AND their company. Any threat to take you to jail, file a police report, garnish wages, or visit you in person is a direct violation of your consumer rights.Go check the consumer protection laws for your state.

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