• AB
    April 10, 2015
    Any 'research' company that makes unsolicited cold calls and keeps calling unanswered numbers is either incredibly incompetent or has a sideline selling vacuum cleaners. My wife learned this while working for them a long time ago. Seriously, can you imagine how much time it would waste having to call those numbers plus wait for the answering machine over and over and over and over... Real marketing companies want answers quickly and just skip the no-answer numbers. In the (extremely) rare case where a client insists on including no-answers they _WILL_ leave a message and hope for a call-back since harassment is hardly going to provide a willing victim-er-subject. Even telemarketers hesitate to keep pushing those numbers, and either discard them or reserve them for their most desperate callers.

    There is also a federal "Do not call" list, but not all companies are honest enough to bother with obeying the laws. If you are registered on the list feel free to visit this link to file a complaint: h??ps://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/plt-cmp-eng That will also give you links for registering if you aren't.

    Btw, although there are exceptions to the law, they are still not allowed to harass subjects by constantly re-calling no-answers.

    Hopefully this will help someone.

  • Jim
    May 4, 2016
    I googled the number I get lots of these---thanks to these type of boards it stops people from phoning back
  • Rod
    February 14, 2016
    Boy, they must have a VERY BORING LIFE if all they can do is spend their time on these ridiculous calls. I answered, no response, yelled Hello a second time and then hung up.
  • JJ
    November 22, 2015
    2nd call from "ICBC" this week. First caller was speaking English and we responded in English and advised that we were not interested in any survey. Then Sunday morning, get a caller speaking Chinese advising he is calling on behalf of ICBC. So much for the being polite and advising them that we are not interested. Now it makes me wonder if it's not a scam because after all, everyone in BC must deal with ICBC so a survey from ICBC will have relevance to everyone. In this day and age of scams, Internet phone numbers can be spoofed to look like they are from legit businesses and government agencies. Since this number has been advertised as being from a legit survey company, I'm sure any scammer will figure that out and use it as well.
  • Learning the rules
    March 16, 2013
    RE: Joe,
    Your phone number is not shared with anyone for the ICBC survey; but once the request is made to not be called for this survey it can take up to 30 days to go into effect. If you got called again by NRG for the ICBC survey more than once in a few days it was probably by mistake, not by design (ASSUMING you told them the first time they called that YOU wanted to opt out of the survey -you can't opt out for somebody else if you're not the person being surveyed- and presuming you made the request in an UNambigious manner - There's no benefit to them calling you any more than they have to, and as long as you make a clear request for yourself, NRG and other reputable research companies are only too happy to comply. If your number was disclosed by ICBC, your number can only be used to contact you from NRG Research on behalf of ICBC for that survey. Don't believe me? Then ask ICBC themselves - Survey research is not telemarketing - they cannot and do not sell your number- but ICBC does want to get your feedback IF you want to give them feedback on the service ICBC provided when you dealt with them, or bought their Autoplan insurance products.
  • spilly
    March 6, 2013
    these f*ckers are wack, burn the building
  • Joe
    February 9, 2013
    I am disappointed that ICBC has released personal information for data mining companies. I do believe the analyst at NRG and NRG is paid a commission for each completed survey. The questions are quite personal and when I refuse to answer I am given 'strong feedback backtalk' by the analyst. Note, that I did request to be removed from their solicitation list and requested no further calls. NRG has called several times since. Following my request to be deleted from the call list, a subsequent call was made to our telephone number and answered by a member of our family, without asking for permission to conduct the survey, questions regarding ICBC were asked, my family member replied in French and this frustrated the NRG analyst, who subsequently hung up.The ICBC claim to follow Privacy Act provisions and not to release information appears to be bogus.
    I do believe the 'call lists' have been 'marketed' to other telemarketers and as recently as the call today, shortly thereafter I receive a telemarketing call for a 'cruise' and another call later in the day for Airmiles. During the past week, we have also been called for WestJet promotions. We have not flown WestJet in the past 2 years. Do I believe it is a scam, yes. I do believe ICBC should stop this practice of 'outsourced telemarketing' as I strongly believe this is a waste of ICBC revenue. Rather than waste revenue, ICBC should use the regular media, advice they have stopped this practice, and waste of money, with money saved to reduce the insurance premium. I also believe ICBC had the monopoly on insurance and that the insurance market should be open to all other insurance underwriters.
  • Mary the Saint
    January 14, 2013
    I've got them already on my 'blocked caller' list, they phone even on sundays. scumbags. told them already twice to get lost and not phone here anymore since I am working graveyards. My response to such disturbing calls is extremely unpleasant. In these times with all the spams, scams, phishings, frauds...NO ONE will give any info away to unknown phone numbers. they can say whatever they want 'who they are'. No proof. The only thing I found about this number are complaints all over the internet.
  • Concerned
    January 12, 2013
    I along with many others are leary of unsolicited phone calls. They are a niusance and I for one do not answer them. The unsolicited numbers are easy enough to google so why don't these companies just say who they are. They are a PAIN.
  • Mrs. Santa Claus
    December 12, 2012
    Same as above. No one there yet they keep phoning!
    Who is this person?

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  • Jade
    I'm a member of NRG Research and I have them calling me for surveys.  If you do surveys online, this is one company that calls you for a survey.  They don't leave messages and they call you at specific times that you requested.  If you've never done surveys and can call 1-(778) 373-0447 and wait for an agent.  If you go to Voice Mail, just call back when you can get someone on the line and tell them you don't know who this organization is.  If you google NRG Research Group they are legit.  So before you all get crazy with this number just deal with it and stop bitching about it.
  • Spam
    I keep getting called from this number. I never pick up.Next time though:Answer call + air horn = f*** them!
  • Girl
    8:30 pm this number calls a few times but leaves no message.  I find it weird...Turns out from looking online , I am not the only one who is receiving phone calls from this number
  • letta
    I check with ICBC regarding a phone call from (778) 373-0447. They said yes, ICBC has contracted this company to conduct surveys and it is totally voluntary and up to you to be surveyed. If you don't want, just say so.
  • Biker
    Person calling from this number said that they were confirming a credit card transaction from Jan 25th on a credit card with which I have no account.The word survey was only mentioned later.Be very careful with this group, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO !!!I believe that they have behaved illegaly in my case, and I will be taking this further.
  • suzi ellis
    they keep calling and dont leave a message

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