• Anonymous
    May 19, 2018
    how to stop robo calls? scam calls? debt collector calls? answering the calls and there is no one there! never leave messages! can't call back as #'s are discontinued??????????
  • Who Cares
    August 16, 2012
    Debt Collector
    This telephone number belongs to:
    814 Richards Street. Vancouver, B.C.

    CBV is a debt collection agency.  They perform debt collection services for many different companies, including TELUS.

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  • if anyone knows who this Collection agency works for/with please post
  • Who Cares
    PER:  infoguyDATE: 10 May 2012Just so everyone knows, & this will-piss off the collection agents: by Federal Law, a collection agency has the power to "Ask You to pay your bill and offer assistance in setting up a payment schedule" That is all. 1) they are never allowed to call you at your place of employment for any reason.2) they can not, under any circumstances, harrass you into payment, by phone, mail or in person & they may not threaten you or your credit standing in any way.3) You do not have to deal with a collection agency at any time. You are only obligated to deal with the original creditor, even if the agency has bought the account from them. You do not have to deal with them. 4) a collection agency can not put negative information on your credit file.5) so in short... all they can do is "nicely" ask you to pay your bill. But we all know that they generally go way beyond that.If you are having a problem with an agency, call the consumer bureau and report them and if it is a serious harassment issue, or call at your place of employment, contact the police and file charges. These are federal laws that they must follow, but most offen do not and will push it to the limit. Yes, several collectors have been fired and / or charged under these laws. Some even jailed. Their employers usually get a fine & tell the authorities they never asked the employee to do that, thus leaving the employee on their own to take the blame. True sharks in every way.If you are having financial issues, & most people do at one point or another in their lives, call a credit counselling service in your area. They are a free service in every province and will assist you. Do not deal with collectors on your own. If you can not afford to pay, the service will understand & work with you, without any judgement toward you, and no credit bruising. The calls stop immediately.
  • MissUnderstood
    CRV collections - they collect for TELUS
  • Alvin Brockhoff
    Please have them stop calling
  • jack
    It was just silent.
  • Had Enough
    Received a voicemail yesterday on my primary line looking for Greg, then a call today on my secondary line at 8:45 am. I called back and without giving my name asked for both numbers to be removed. She said they were looking for Greg and didn't like it when I informed her I've had both numbers for over 12 years and there had never been a Greg here. She then got pissy and hung up. I then called Telus and they have a "Call Screen" feature, but only includes 12 numbers. I said with the number of harassing telemarketers and the fact I'm paying for my service, it's time for the telcom companies to give customers back control of their phone and provide unlimited call screening or call blocking, whatever you want to call it.

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