• Andrea
    April 27, 2016
    We get calls from this number 3-4 times a day. They leave no message. If I pick it up there is dead air, so I don't wait for the robo-call to initiate. Nobody at this number has any debt.
  • Kate
    May 18, 2017
    Very annoying calls
  • Tired of the hang ups
    April 25, 2017
    CBV collection agency. They call, leave no message hang up.
  • RJP
    April 12, 2017
    They gave me 5 different names, that I didnt know. Hopefully they do what they say and take me off there list of numbers to call. So annoying. CBV collections services ltd... apparently ...
  • Debbie Sandberg
    April 11, 2017
    Call my home & cell phone numerous times throughout the day including weekends! No one on phone the one or two times I've answered. Quit calling losers
  • D.R.
    May 31, 2016
    Always call.Never on line .I just ignore them
  • Annoyed
    March 11, 2014
  • Who Cares
    August 17, 2012
    Debt Collector
    This telephone number belongs to:
    814 Richards Street. Vancouver, B.C.

    CBV is a debt collection agency.  They perform debt collection services for many different companies, including TELUS.

    In view of their office being located in the business-centre of Vancouver, they pay very high rent, therefore do not concern yourself with their threats to take you to court, as they do not sue anyone, they can't afford the upfront court costs, and they certainly can not afford to lose their court-case should the Judge side with the defendant.
    Also if you are not employed, then you are not suable, but you do not have to tell them that.  In fact you do not have to tell them anything, and you do not have to call them back if you choose not to.  Also there is nothing they can or will do if you put the telephone down on them.
    If they are serious about suing you, they would do so.

Sample complaints we have found for (778) 330-2270

  • Gross incompetence at best
    I have been receiving at least 4 calls a day for weeks from these people. After the first call, I googled the number and read that it might be some kind of scam: I decided to ignore them since I know I don't owe anyone money. Today, they left a message, using my name, about a sensitive file that they would like to close, saying I should have received a letter from them, and with an extension and name to call back. Being completely fed up with these ridiculous calls, I called back, ready to not take any bs.I talked to Michelle at extension 15025: before she would even tell me what it was about, she wanted my personal information to verify my identity. I told her I wasn't comfortable giving that, since I had no idea what this was about and didn't know anything about her company. She asked me to at least verify that I lived in Redcliff, which I do not. I told her this and she was all surprised- "oh we might have the wrong file" blah blah blah. She said she could access the file if I could give her my birthday- I told her I would only give her my birth year (didn't trust her one bit). She said that was way off from her file, and asked if I lived in Ontario. Nope! Maybe she figured if she guessed right I would trust her and give her my personal info. Anyway, my opinion is that it is some kind of scam. At best, they are completely incompetent and I wouldn't trust them with any personal information, since they can't seem to keep their files organized. Also, I don't know of any company that I deal with that would use a collection agency- I'll be calling around to find out who sold my number and name.
  • kevinnem
    phoned me like 5 times in the last few days, ... no idea who they are .. today I let the "music" play, it is interupted every min with a voice about a "urgent bussiness mater".I talked to no person, was on hold from robo dialer for 7 mins, then they disconected.
  • Angry
    Why do they phone people in other provinces who have no debt - especially handicapped people who don't even look after their own finances?

    Unbelievable  -  a call every second day and they will not leave it alone......
  • exspousebuggedbycaller
    my ex keeps being called by this # at my house and I know he's been taken to collections
  • Linda Findlay
    These people are calling every hour.  Most of the time there is nobody on the other end.  Once I connected and they put me on hold for 9 minutes then the call got disconnected.  They call on weekends as well, Saturday morning and the calls started at 715!  I need to make it stop, any suggestions?
  • Hates wrong #
    Looking for someone

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