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  • pricey
    this number is a BC area code and i live in ontario. everyday we get calls but they're not all the same. sometimes its a man asking for Barb or Barbara (no one in my household with that name), or its a pre-recorded voice. one time i answered and it was an automated voice and it was like "press 1, etc" and it said "press 3 to have your number erased from our list" so i did and it said they were going to put me on the line to their operators, so i just hung up. we usually just never pick up but today i got fed up and answered it. it was a lady with a very thick middle eastern accent and she was asking for someone and when she said "may i speak to" and then the name sounded like she was speaking her language. so i told her to speak english and she got all rude and insisted that she was but it was NOT english. i told her that no one by that name lives here and to stop harassing my family and after a few seconds of silence she hung up. 3 minutes later a 416 (toronto) area code calls and ITS THE SAME LADY!!! how the hell can they do that?! i was so utterly pissed off i gave her a piece of my mind and really bi****s her out and fought with her til she went silent, then she hung up and didnt call back. they usually call at noon or 6pm right on the dot. my family is getting really sick of it. my dad thinks Bell has something to do with it because he got a new phone from Bell a few days ago, new number and everything and he's been getting weird calls. whoever these people are need to get a life and stop harassing people. im actually really pissed off by these people and i hope we get rid of our home phone altogether.
  • Penelope Persophone Persnickity -Calgary
    1-(778) 328-9993 = must be a collection agency - they left me on hold (a blank space of about 2 minutes) and I hung up. WTF? Mayhaps it's an automated dialer and if there aren't any people in the call centre (because they are all watching the Flames trying to win the 7th game of the series tonight!!!???)= then you get nothing after the message that asked you to wait for someone....??? VERY ANNOYING!!
  • pee'ed off!
    do you really really think mr computer voice and bobby brown songs are going to keep us on the line? really?
  • pissed
    these guys call me 2 or 3 times a day.  twice answered and got live persons... who identified themselves as CBB Collections, and immediately requested my date of birth to verify MY identity before they could reveal the subject of their call.  i refused.  seems like a scam...  i tried texting the number and got a sucessful 'text-to-landline' message back, so it's a landline, apparently in vancouver.
  • bill
    ya i think it is the agency telus uses. thay left me a message of some strange techno song, than about a minute of very creepy heavy breathing...what the hell?
  • Annoyed
    I just got a call from this number (839PM) Says an "urgent business matter" I've had collections call me before and its NEVER a 778 number they are all TOLL FREE... Im almost certain this is a scam

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