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  • Jack of all trades
  • Jack of all trades
    this is a collection agency in Vancouver as well as other provinces in Candada,,  Don't let them scare of threaten you..  This moron Harpreet called me said she was the superivsor OF HEAD OFFICE ( vocie mails sys she is supervisor question is of what cats and dogs?) she is so dumb its funny, she pulls my credit bureau to see my old employer its 400km away and she threatens to call them,,,I havnt worked there for 6 years retard.  and even if I did, I would send a cease and desist, and they too are collections they wouldnt help you... duh!!!!  after receiving a cease / desit in writting   it makes  illegal for you to call my home or work, In BC as of apx May / June 2003? it was made illegal for collection agencies to call your work.  Also after 6 years from last payment date, it becomes stat barred, and wipes away, YOU NO LONGER OWE THE MONEY.  ITS CALLED BC STATUE OF LIMITATIONS, AB HAS TWO YEARS.  THESE DUMB UNDER EDUCATION PEOPLE WILL TRY ANY TATIC TO SCARE YOU, DON'T LET IT WORK.  THEY CAN'T DO NOTHING,  AND EVEN IF THEY WERE TO BE DUMB ENOUGH TO THREATEN LAW SUIT, THEY WOULD ONLY GET THE PROVINCIAL SET AMOUNT OF APX5% INTEREST COMPARED TO THE 28.9 % YOUR CREDITOR IS CHARGING YOU.  DEBT DOES GO AWAY.  IF YOU PAY IN THE FOURTH YEAR OF IT BEING IN COLLECTIONS// THAT IS DUMB TOO, BECAUSE NOW IT STAYS ON YOUR CREDIT FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS, WHEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WIPED AWAY AFTER 2 MORE YEARS AND WOULD HAVE COST YOU NOTHING,  CBV COLLECTORS ARE DUMB AND UNDER EDUCATED,,, AND ARE HOPING TO MAKE MONEY OF YOU PAYING YOUR DEBT THAT THEY JUST PURCHASED FOR .15 ON THE DOLLAR,, THEY ARE LOOKING TO MAKE A HUGE PROFIT... REMEMBER PLAY WITH THEM, DON'T LET THEM PLAY WITH YOU.... THEY CAN'T DO NOTHING BUT MAKE UP LIES AND TRY TO SCARE YOU INTO PAYING,  DON'T DO PYMNT PLANS IT WILL JUST SUCK UP MORE TIME AND CONTINUE TO RUIN YOUR CREDIT.  If you have any questions regarding collections and they rude behavior, call better business pracitces and your attorny general and they will help,,, don't forget to record all calls and save messages on your anwsering machine where they are lying/ threathing and misrepresing them selves,  after so many complaints with the attorny general, I do belive they lose their licence, if they are 3 rd party collcetins, its time to stand up to these losers, and let them know there job sucks!!!!!  and as you can see, Collectors make the biggest debtors...

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