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  • nmism
    Right, really useful post that is
  • MIKE
    I would just like to say that first of all not everything that is posted that has something negative to say about your so called business is posted by your competition ! Just because someone has a true and valid complaint does not automatically turn it into your competition trying to give you a bad name ! You have no problem doing that all on your own ! So don't try and make it look like someone is trying to make you look bad when your actions or should I say lack of actions (ie customer service) makes you look bad enough and you trying to cover up by saying your competition is out to get you makes you look all the worse ! As I have tried to contact you on many occasions and you have been rude and disrespecting I would not think that any one would have any need to slander you or your so called business as your reputation for the way you mistreat your customers speaks for itself !
  • Joules
    Admin Edit: "It's a FAKE comment!"_____________________________Hi there, my name is Joules.For a while now there have been on going factual statements all over the internet regarding the company Saga Canada, and Valley Motorsports located in Langley regarding various statements that say ? this is a terrible company,this is true. they are frauds, they are crooks, they are thief?s, they are criminals, they are * holes, cheats, liars ETC?..?. all true facts. These statements I can assure you they are completely and utterly true and the proof is in the courts hands now., testimonials that are being said by people customers and companies that use the real names and real profiles which are angry with the fact that Saga Canada and Valley Motorsports are indeed and in fact the worst competition worst suppliers and worst con artists out here..The owner of the shop Dan Laybourn is a very angry pathetic man that would spit in your coffee and then tell you are his friend. Then back stab you when you not looking.It is very fortunate that people out there feel the need to resort to posting true statements.But this is to protect the innocent victems. We all prove something when it actually helps those people and companies as non trust-worthy individuals (Dan Laybourn) that would do anything in their power to ruin someone?s name and hard striving business for their pleasure .Saga Canada and Valley motorsports are the worst scum bags ever ever.And Laybourn painting is the worst of them all.(Using Value Village reject paints)I assure you that all statements across the web regarding the company names ? Valley Motorspots, Saga Canada, Dan Laybourn Painting? are completely true just go see and all they do is slander all competition.. I personally would know due to the fact that I have worked for this guy for and quite a while until I was sick of him his smutty wife and his low life tactics.Asking me to do hideous things to every competitor and I can not live with the guilt.I have seen many countless facts showing that Dan Laybourn is a man you can indeed never ever trust ,he has no respect, I have had the worst dealings with him , and someone that you are afraid to have your family around. especially your children.He resorts to scummy tactics and asks employees to do hideous things to people he dislikes' will not repeat these bad things as I will put my self at risk of repercussions'.Dan has proven to be a tremendous burden to our society and dishonest friend to me. Using me and making false promises. I bent over backwards and every time he f***ed me over. Remember Don?t always believe what you hear or see on the internet but in this case this is the truth about these con artists.It?s a shame what people will do for a quick buck and Dan will f*** over any one in his way and cheat steal to get ahead as well as resort to the lowest of low tactics to intimidate and threaten any one in his way.But he is a pussy and is a coward and criminal.I will leave my personal email to re-assure you that I am not a random person posting like the last con man copying and posting.mrcoolgroovester @ gmail.comThanks Joules.
  • Ben
    WARNING ACID ATTACK ON WOMAN.PRIME SUSPECT ROBIN LAYBOURN.Does anyone recognize any of these men? (brutal acid attack in surrey) contact crime stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS with any information regarding this attack and the men who may be involved......we also believe that other men were involved in the planning of this targeted attack and we will be contacting them for questioning......DAN LAYBOURN OF VALLEY MOTORSPORTS AND SAGA CANADA HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AS A PRIME SUSPECT HIRED ON SON ROBIN LAYBOURN AND IS HE THE ONE BEHIND THIS ATTACK!!!!!! I THINK SO IN MY OPINION AND HEARING THEM PLAN IT OUT.LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS BOYS.Caller: Robin Laybourn PaintingCaller Type: Prank Call
  • Sarah
    Admin Edit: "It's a FAKE comment!"_____________________________I had a very negative experience with this company.Around twomonths ago I purchased a electric scooter from them,I payed with acredit card and also purchased the extended warranty.What happens nextis unbelievable,the following day I get a call from my credit cardcompany asking me about some unauthorized purchases,I told the CCcompany I was currently at work and not out shopping,it turns out,thesales person that I dealt with that day,she double swiped my creditcard.I was informed by my CC company,the person tried to make a largepurchase on some goods that seemed odd,so it set off a red flag to theCC company.It was determined that it was valley motorsports thatdouble swiped my credit card(there is video footage of the person Idealt with caught on camera in the store trying to make thepurchase),due to the fact I did not use my credit card after mypurchase with them,so it could not have been any other establishmentthat did this.They are currently being investigated by my CC company for fraud and Ihave also filed a complaint on them to the BBB.I cannot stop anyone from dealing with them,but I can surely warnothers about this very shady business.Also the painting company is really shaddy.
  • Peter
    Eggs make ducksAnd ducks make eggsSo ducklings can quack quack!The chicks go peepEmerged from sleep,Resurfacing out back.

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