• PRA Pretend to be Revenue Canada!!
    March 8, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Same company called my cell with an unknown number (but could see PRA on the caller ID!) and ask for my former married name (1995!)in the USA when I was a teen back then I accumulated a few cc but paired them off. As of 1996 I was back to my middle name and had perfect credit since then. Now I move back to Canada and for some reasons they are asking for my former name. As I am curious but don't want to fall into their game I said that I was a friend of hers but she now lives abroad.

    They said that they where from Revenue Canada and that they tried to send her a check of $46 but it was returned and they needed the full address of the person they where asking for (my former married name from 1995!). I said well give me your phone number and I will have her call you back but as I said she lives abroad and we only Skype once in a while so that is all the info I have. She said that they only have call out numbers! As I was on the phone I googled Revenue Canada and told her I have the number and will call her back as my cell battery was dying. She said that her number was not associated with the revenue Canada phone number on the site!!?? WHAT??!!

    This viper argued with me, I played her game, I needed to know how far they would go, pretending to be a revenue Canada agent is fraud, isn't it??!!

    Before hanging up she again said, remember this is very important and I am from Revenue Canada, we have a check for her, I will call you back next week to give you time to get her info!!

    She gave me her name (can't remember) and I did call Revenue Canada, no one of that name, of course! I have told the RC of this situation, they toke the info down, I was told it is indeed very illegal to pretend to be a Gov agent in deceit to get money out of me no matter if we owe them money!!

    I usually don't post online much but I feel people needs to know, as she sounded very convincing and now with tax time around the corner it makes people believe it could be for real!
    Caller: PRA collection agency
  • Mikey
    September 23, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Pra group is trying to collect on ancient debts. Do not admit to any old debt and deny deny deny. These ppl are slime balls lol trying to collect on 15 year old debts in Ontario...good thing I read the laws nothing they can do if you don't admit to the debts.
    September 27, 2016
    Debt Collector
    Aktiv Kapital can NOT collect on anything that is against you when Statute of Limitations had expired from other companies that is when this parasite Akiiv Kapital tries to EXTORT money from people. DON'T WORRY JUST IGNORE THEM TELL THEM TO FK OFF!

    They are also breaking the law by obtaining people's personal information illegally without permission or consent like unlisted cell numbers and etc.
    Statute of Limitations on Canadian Debts
    The Federal and Provincial Governments have Limitation Acts which provide a limit on the time an unsecured debt can be perused by legal proceedings. If an unsecured debt is not collected, or payments are not made on the unsecured debt within these time limits, then legal action cannot be taken by the creditor or a collection agency. Only admitting to the debt in writing OR making payments of a debt resets the statute of limitations.

    British Columbia – Section 3 (5) of the BC Limitation Act sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    Alberta – The Alberta Limitations Act sets 2 years as the term which is extended to 10 years if there is a judgement.
    Manitoba – Limitation of Actions Act, C.C.S.M. c. L150, s. 2(1)(g) sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    New Brunswick – Limitation of Actions Act, S.N.B. 2009, c. L-8.5. sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    Newfoundland and Labrador – Limitations Act, S.N.L. 1995, c. L-16.1, ss. 5(b); 13; 14. sets 2 years as the limit for debt.
    Nanavut – Limitation of Actions Act, R.S.N.W.T. 1988, c.L-8, s. 2(e). sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    Nova Scotia – Limitation of Actions Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c.258, s. 2(1)(e). sets 6 years as the limited for debt. However, within 4 years of expiry of general limitation period, court may disallow the limitation period, having regard to circumstances of the case – Listed are enumerated factors to consider including date of “discovery” of claim.
    NWT – Limitation of Actions Act, R.S.N.W.T. 1988, c. L-8, s. 2(e). sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    Ontario – The Ontario Limitation Act of 2002 , came into force on January 1, 2004. It sets 2 years as the term (Section 4). However, this limitation will be reinstated where the debtor acknowledges the debt or makes a partial payment towards the debt. If the debt default occurred prior to January 1, 2004, the creditor will have 6 years to pursue the claim. However, if the default occurred after January 1, 2004 then the credit will just have the 2 year limit.
    P.E.I. – Statute of Limitations, R.S.P.E.I. 1988, c. S-7, s. 2(1)(g). sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    Quebec – Civil Code of Quebec, S.Q. 1991, c. 64, art. 2925. sets 3 years as the limit for debt.
    Saskatchewan – Limitations Act, S.S. 2004, c. L-16.1. sets 2 years as the limit for debt.
    Yukon – Limitation of Actions Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c. 139, s. 2(1)(e), (f). sets 6 years as the limit for debt.

    Federal – Section 32 of the Crown Liability and Proceedings Act sets 6 years as the limit for debt.
    September 27, 2016
    Debt Collector
    These leaches are the scum of the earth, they do no care who they are calling .even when they have the wrong person! the debts they are trying to collect are to old to collect but they keep trying.one lady told me she was going to call me every day for phone sex! I told her I was recording the call and was heading to the police dept as she was talking away, and she got spooked and hung up! Aktive capital is the company located in London Ontario. ad the number to auto reject list and simply do not answer any calls from them.
  • m y name
    September 7, 2016
    Debt Collector
    these are people who already got the debt paid through insurance claims when they let the money go . they are looking for extra cash to give to there off springs in the nest at home. if your being fooled by craps like these just go to your member of parliament and lodge a complaint let the government look into it more now
  • PRA Group an Aktiv Kapital company - These people are scum!
    September 2, 2016
    Debt Collector
    These people have been calling me daily for over five years now.

    When they first called me, I panicked! I was about to buy my first house in a few months and these guys wanted over $7800!

    I started to calm down after trying to find out exactly what debt they were trying to collect, 1995 through 1998 weren't great years for me, but they didn't seem to know really. First they said it was a Visa from 1995, I said prove it (I didn't even get a Visa card until 2010). Then they said it was from an overdraft, again I said prove it (I've never and still don't have overdraft on any of my accounts). Then they said it was from a bounced check, yet again I asked them to prove it (in 1995 I was pretty poor I'd remember depositing and having a check for such a high amount bounce). I ended up speaking to them in depth one day trying to quality the debt and got this crazy woman named Barb who literally screamed at me that I HAD TO PAY, I OWED THE MONEY, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE STAT BARRED, YOU STILL OWE IT!!! Turns out she was a Director! Hahaha!

    Hmm I thought to myself, what is this STAT BAR thing I wonder? So I look it up; even if I owed money from back then, they can't collect now. The only way they can collect is if I admit to the debt or make a payment to them against it (Ontario) which resets the cycle.

    Another thing to know is this. These people a sneaky AF. They skirt the laws by bouncing your debt around their group of companies. They are rude, deceitful and will try and trick you into re-instating your debt obligation if it has already passed the statute of limitations.

    My advice is to simply not speak to them, you're under absolutely no obligation to whatsoever.

    Better yet; I like to answer the call and just set the phone down. It's fun listening to them scream HELLO, HELLO, I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!

    F*ck these guys. F*ck them hard.
  • Frank W.
    June 13, 2016
    I have been harassed by them for more than a year!!! And I do not own anyone any money!!!

    I believe that this company works together with at least one other company called "CBD Collection Services" in BC to harass selected people in Canada, and they own a lot of phone numbers, like: (604) 296-3232, (778) 452-2506, (778) 330-2280, etc.

    Their best name should be " XXX Harassment Services Corp."

    I do not understand how could they make money by harassing people like this??????
  • not really tired of anything bring it on
    June 6, 2016
    be very careful of them these people are real cleaver fraudulent folks and they are looking to get money out of unsuspecting people they even send un identified letters to some folks but they say that they just get the post office to to return to the sender and its likely that the folks sending the letters back will never stop doing so and never answer the phone .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, good luck
  • EhDougie
    March 1, 2016
    Debt Collector
    PRA group. Risk management = financial loss investigators for companies trying to collect money. Shawn is one of the greasy little scabs.

    If you have a new phone simply add these clowns to reject list.

    I have a blocked number and call back 10 minutes later....and scream at top of lungs in their ear. Then hang up.
  • kathy
    January 21, 2015
    Debt Collector
    keep calling my son number and harassing him asking for people we don't even know
  • Janis
    November 6, 2014
    These people are crazy and break the laws of harrassment and others!
  • Craig
    September 22, 2014
    Debt Collector
    They have called before. Looking for somebody else. I have had my number for over 25 years. Hope they go away.
  • Michelle
    February 12, 2013
    Debt Collector
    Just wish they would stop calling!??!! Waste of my time their time, and I'm not even the person they are looking for? Taking up my voicemail space and costing me minutes?? Can't we stop this somehow???? It's crazy!!!
  • T
    February 7, 2013
    I am getting calls from these people at least twice daily and even though I have talked to them and explained I am not who they are looking for, they still keep calling - THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED
  • Sara
    January 15, 2013
    They called and are saying we owe them money from a company called eatons that was shut down in 2002 and they are super rude and i dont know what to do

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  • T
    I used to get calls from these people but then a new number appeared instead - the whole thing has started all over again - I have turned both numbers over to my phone carrier to handle as harassment calls.
  • Dear John
    this number will not stop calling my phone I have told them that it is my number and to stop but they continue several times per day
  • grandma8
    every day they call for someone new
  • Being bothered
  • Alison
    we are having the same issue. My husband cleared a debt created from his exwife 10 years ago. We had our bank fax proof that the debt was cleared and they still call everyday and harass us. They are rude and obnoxious.
  • Philip Rogers (kingcharly)
    Ditto how is it now? I take the phone and put it to my stereo speaker when it is hard rock or just kimmitchel! lol

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