• Had it
    October 5, 2016
    Who are they, they call all the time but I do not answer?

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  • Oh UW
    While I didn't work at this call center during my studies there I know lots of people who did and I worked at a different call center doing research- not soliciting donations. Just be admit- not rude- that you want off the list. Its not like these students are singling you out. They are just given names and numbers to get through during their shift. Turnover is quite high because it is a crappy job and people make you feel like scum for doing it- but it pays the bills. There aren't many places that will hire for 4months at a time to accommodate co-op. Most don't want to be there. They have to. And it isn't the same kid calling you every time, its just the lucky one who happens to be on shift.Would you really yell and swear at people soliciting donations for cancer? or natural disaster victims? so please don't yell at these students. They can only ask you for money because technically the school is a not-for-profit like a religious institution, a hospital or any other charity.But just hanging up won't stop them. You do need to talk to whoever is on the other end if you want the calls to stop.
  • 7777777777
    Bunch of c**** need to get real jobs I stop harassing people
  • Eunah
    We got a call at 9:17pm and we were trying to put our 21 month old to sleep.  It's rude to call after 9pm if it's not a personal call to a family.  We need our rest.  Please be respectful.  Also, if these are students, they should be studying at this time, not calling us to make some money here and there.  Their own future (& marks) are at stake!
  • Jimbo
    This is precisely why anything 519-888-* we let it go to the machine.  If it's someone calling from UW with actual business (as has happened with my wife in the past), they will leave a message.
  • Rick Scoville
    I'm a pedophile...why do they keep calling me?? I don't like college boys...I like them younger, like in their early teens
  • Roxxxx
    Yes, it is from University of Waterloo. She calls me at 8:30pm. I am a 2007 UW grad and my father had donated a little amount of money from 2003 to 2008.

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