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  • Susan
    April 19, 2013
    Ottawa, Canada
    I called back at my long distance expense, followed the voice prompts to leave a message - only to find out the mailbox is full "try again". Yeah, YOU try again and I'll answer and give your ears a blast of my boat airhorn!
  • Not 514-935-9864
    April 17, 2013
    Vancouver, Canada
    If you do not use robocalls - Then why is there dead air when I pick up the phone? Telemarketers pretending that their "surveys" don't have anything to do with selling something... BS
  • Me
    April 9, 2013
    Kamloops, Canada
    these guys are still at it, they are harassing my wife because she told them where to go.
  • TE
    November 15, 2012
    Lisle, United States
    Annie, you should really stop publishing the personal information of someone who works for a company with a similar name but nothing to do with this one. that trunova person works for a charity company. you should learn to use the internet better.
  • RevengeRUS
    October 8, 2012
    Montréal, Canada
    How about a little revenge on these people. I looked up the company and the person in charge of it is named Trunova. There is only two Trunovas in Toronto and I lucked on getting her father. I asked if he would like to participte in my survey on phone harassment. Her name is Alissa and she lives at 35 Cedarcroft Bl Toronto ON M2R 2Z4 the telephone number is 416-792-0637. I have told this company multiple times and even left messages with both my telephone mubers to not call me again. They have ignored it so I am about to post this woman's parents number all over the place until they get the message. What is more is I am convicned that they are linked to the Credit Card fraud companies that call as when I do not cooperate with them all of a sudden I get a flurry of "urgent calls" threatening me about my credit card. This is not a survey company. They phrase themselves as such but they are nothing but a telemarketing company.

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  • JOE V
    Once a day around 1300 i get the call.
  • M
    I am not impressed with the fact the survey companies are able to call and are excempt from the DO NOT CALL LIST in Canada. Below is the info I found at this website

    Other types of calls that are exempt from the National DNCL Rules:

    Calls from organizations conducting market research, surveys, or public opinion polls are also exempt from the National Do Not Call List Rules. These types of calls are not telemarketing calls because consumers are not being asked to purchase, lease or rent products or services. Market research and polling firms are not required to keep internal do not call lists.
  • pierre potvin
    wanted to talk to me, wasnT therecalled about 7 times more in last 3 days
  • Donald
    If  you are asked to put us on the list do not recall, why we still get calls. In addition you use different phone number to call us
    Who the f*** are these idiots, calling at all hours over and f****ng over to my cell phone, if i could kick them in the balls for everytime they call maybe they would stop harrassing me, sons-a-bi****s.
  • Julien Gunville-Vachon
    I got numerous calls from 514-935-9864 during the past 2 weeks, and others. They never left any messages.
    Finally they called back at 21:36 last night. I told them to never called back.
    I put my home phone on the DNCL (Do not call list) but it does not seems to matter.
    Telemarketers are sharing my phone number.

    I sarted to ask for their home phone number so I could call them when the time is more favorable for me. But they say that they don`t want to share that with me.
    I reply back: You got mine why can`t I get yours?
    Well if they hide behind laws to protect themself whatt law protects us the actual comsumer?
    I feel llike the DNCL is just a scam to shut us up while they sell our phone numbers to those company.

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