• psb
    April 9, 2013
    To pay your bills. Problem solved. I hope you are kidding, otherwise you're an idiot.
    These guys are calling my cell phone, harassing my wife over some account she never had.
  • anonymous
    September 21, 2012
    Debt Collector
    Would love to know how cbv collection got my cell number when it ain't even in my name

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  • Halifax
    I received a call from these scum bags as well.  They wouldn't identify themselves, but wanted me to have someone contact them, and if I didn't they would keep calling.  I asked who they were and they hung up on me.  They threatened the wrong guy on this one, as I have contacted the Toronto Fraud Division, the Minister of Consumer Complaints for Ontario.  Was informed by the Government Rep, they are aware of this so called registered collection agency, they they wouldn't do anything, as they don't have enough complaints against them.  I would think one complaint should be enough.  So fellow Canadians who have a problem with them call (416) 327-8300 to register your complaint with the Ontario Consumer Complaint Dept. I was also informed by the agent in the government that Michael Irwin was the Director of Operations for the company and for me to send him a fax telling them to stop harrassing and threatening me.  What kind of government does Ontario have them gives these scum bads a license to scam and harrass people for their personal information, and expect me to take care of the problem.  I contact a reputable collection agency in Manitoba, and they informed me there is a Collection Law, that states they have to let you know who they are and if they are registered in the province you reside.  So Icalled them back and asked them the questions, they told me it was none of my business, laughed and hung up the phone.  You can also contact the RCMP Phone Busters 1-+1 888-495-8501 and if they get enough complaints, they will pass them forward.  Let's shut the [***] down, so they can't pry on anymore innocent victims. Cheers
  • shanz
    its defiantly a collection agency...after they called at 730am today and then again at 830 n again at 930am I finally answered *after wksss of them calling* they want me to pay a $500 bill from over 3 yrs ago even after I told the im on assistance n have my money budgeted just right to feed my self, my kids n to pay rent n shes started getting rude with me so I told her to take me to court then cuz im not dealin with them n their 730am calls! but ya if ur getting a call from these ppl if u listen to the automated message they give, it give u the option to get removed from their list...but I may have to BS them if they r actually lookin for u just tell them its not who they want n u want removed from their call list..its option 3 :)
  • Y Me?
    I would like to know how these people get our phone numbers. They just called my cell & I've had my new number for a couple weeks. I am being harassed about a issue that was settled 2 years ago. I got letters & paper work to confirm that. Everyone was happy & out of the blue about 1 month ago these dumb a**es started to harass me. Considering... I'm wondering if someone is trying to rip me off. ~ Concerned & Very Annoyed Citizen
  • Stephanie
    this number is repedately calling my home, distrupting us... we want this number blocked permanently.
  • Pissed
    I also get calls from these idiots......They claim I owe Rogers money.....I do not even deal with Rogers....I asked them to send me an invoice confirming what they claim......They say they do not have to verify anything.......They also stated to me, to send the amount they asked for.....not what is apparently owed.....
  • Saris
    Pay your bills. Problem solved. Also, collection laws state that they can call from 7am - 9pm in most provinces, everyday.

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